100 Beautiful Italian Girl Names With Their Meanings

Looking for the best Italian girl names with their meanings may not be as difficult as you think especially with the vast information on the internet. If you are a new parent, it can be a quite exciting time of your life, so is the naming process.  When naming your child, you want to give him or her the best names as possible.

Most times, parents name their children without knowing the meaning of the name. It is said that names are powerful and can influence how your child behaves. Thus you want to choose the best and good meaning name there is.

If you are finding a hard time getting the best Italian names for baby girls, you are just in luck because this article gives you 100 beautiful Italian girl names with their meanings. Check them out!

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Beautiful Italian Girl Names

Italian girl names

1. ANNALISA: Which means “favor; grace,” and Lisa “God is my oath.”

2. ALDA: Which means “noble.”

3. ALBA: Which means “dawn.”

4. ALLEGRA: Which means “cheerful and lively.”

5. AMBRA: Which means “amber.”

6. ANGELICA: Which means “angelic.”

7. ADONA: Which means “my lord.”

8. ALESSA: Which means “defender of mankind.”

9. BETTINA: Which means “blessed.”

10. BIANCA: Which means “white.”

11. BENIGNA: Which means “kind.”

12. BENEDETTA: Which means “blessed.”

13. BERTINA: Which means “bright nobility.”

14. BEATRICE: Which means “voyager.”

15. CAPRICIA: Which means “impulsive; ruled by whim.”

16. CARLITA: Which means “man.”

17. CALANDRA: Which means “skylark, or someone with a good singing voice.”

18. CATERINA: Italian form of Greek Aikaterine, meaning “pure.”

19. CALOGERA: Which means “beautiful elder.”

20. CARLA: Which means “man.”

Cute Italian Girl Names 

Italian girl name

21. DAFNE: Which means “laurel.”

22. DEBORA: Which means “bee.”

23. DANIELA: Which means “God is my judge.”

24. DELFINA: Which means “woman from Delphi.”

25. DOROTEA: Which means “gift of God.”

26. DONA: Short form of Italian Adona, meaning “my lord.”

27. DRINA: Which means “from Hadria.”

28. EDVIGE:  Which means “contending battle.”

29. ELDA: Which means “battle.”

30. EUFEMIA: Which means “Well I speak.”

31. EDDA: Which means “contending battle.”

32. ELENA: Which means “torch.”

33. ENRICA: Which means “home-ruler.”

34. FEDERICA: Which means “peaceful ruler.”

35. FIAMMETTA: Which means “fire” and a diminutive suffix, meaning “little fire.”

36. FELÌCITA: Which means “fortune; good luck.”

37. FELISA: Which means “happy” or “lucky.”

38. FABRIZIA: Which means “craftsman.”

39. FERDINANDA: Which means “ardent for peace.”

40.FIORE: Which means “flower.”

Italian Names For Beautiful Girls

41. GIACINTA: Which means “hyacinth flower.”

42. GABRIELLA: Which means “warrior of God.”

43. GENOVEFFA: Which means “race of women.”

44. GEMMA: Which means “precious stone.”

45. GIADA: Which means “jade.”

46. GILDA: Which means “sacrifice.”

47. GINA: Which means “earth-worker, farmer.”

48. GIULIETTA: Which means “descended from Jupiter (Jove).”

49. GUIDITTA: Which means “Jewess” or “praised.”

50. GIUSTINA: Which means “fair, just.”

51. GIUSEPPINA: Which means “(God) shall add (another son).”

52. GRAZIA: Which means “pleasing, agreeable.”

53. GRAZIELLA: Which means “pleasing, agreeable.”

54. ILARIA: Which means “joyful; happy.”

55. ITALIA: Which means “calf.”

56. INES: Which means “chaste; holy.”

57. IMMACOLATA: Which means “immaculate.”

58. IMELDA: Which means “all warrior.”

59. JEMMA: Which means “precious stone.”

60. JOLANDA: Which means “violet flower.”

Good Italian Girl Names 

Italian girl names

61. LAURETTA: Which means “little laurel tree.”

62. LALIA: Which means “well-spoken.”

63. LIA: Which means “weary.”

64. LETIZIA: Which means “happiness.”

65. LEONORA: Which means “foreign.”

66. LORENZA: Which means “of Laurentum.”

67. LISA: Which means “God is my oath.” Compare with another form of Lisa.

68. LOREDANA: Which means “laurel grove.”

69. LORETO: Which means “laurel wood.”

70. LUCIANA: Feminine form of Italian Luciano, meaning “light.”

71. LUIGIA: Which means “famous warrior.”

72. LUDOVICA: Which means “famous warrior.”

73. LUCREZIA: Which means “wealthy.”

74. LUISA: Which means “famous warrior.”

75. MARIELLA: Which means “obstinacy, rebelliousness” or “their rebellion.”

76. MELANIA: Which means “black, dark.”

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77. NATALE: Which means “birthday,” or in Church Latin “Christmas day.”

78. NICOLETTA: Pet form of Italian Nicola, meaning “victor of the people.”

79. ORNELLA: Which means “flowering ash tree.”

80. ORABELLA:  Which means “golden beautiful.”

More  Italian Girl Names 

Italian girl names

81. PERLITA: Which means “pearl.”

82. PATRIZIA: Which means “patrician; of noble birth.”

83. RAVENNA: Which means “raven (the bird).”

84. RAIMONDA: Which means “wise protector.”

85. SANDRA: Which means “defender of mankind.”

86. SUSANA: Which means “lily.”

87. TONIA: Which means “invaluable.”

88. TATIANA : Which means “father.”

89. TECLA: Which means “glory of God.”

90. VALERIA: Which means “to be healthy, to be strong.”

91. VANDA: Which means “a wanderer,”

92. VANNA: Which means “God is gracious.”

93. VELIA: Which means “concealed.”

94. VIOLETTA: Which means “violet color, or violet flower.”

95. VITTORIA: Which means “conqueror or victory.”

96. VITALIA: Which means “of life; vital.”

97. VINCENZA: Which means “conquering.”

98. XAVIERA: Which means “a new house.”

99. ZITA: Which means “little girl.”

100. ZETA: Which means “little girl.”

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