100 Beautiful Scottish Last Names With Their Meanings

Just like other countries of the world, Scottish last names do have their own distinctive meanings. If you are Scottish but do not know the meaning of some last names or you are simply looking to learn more about the meanings of Some Scottish last names, we bring you 100 beautiful Scottish last names with their meanings to help you out. Take a look.

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Beautiful Scottish  Last Names

Scottish last names

1. ADAMSON: It means “son of ADAM.”

2. ACHESON: It means “sword.”

3. ALLAWAY: It means “wild field.”

4. ARMSTRONG: It means “strong arm.”

5. ALLEN: It means “harmony stone, or noble.”

6. AIKEN: It means “little Adam.”

7. BAIRD: It means a singer-poet.”

8. BRODIE: It means “second son.”

9. BRUCE: It means “practical, systematic, and thorough.”

10. BURNS: It means “stream.”

11. BRECKENRIDGE: It means “place name in Lanarkshire.”

12. BUCHANAN: It means “house of the canon.”

13. BOYD: It means “Scottish island of Bute.”

14. CAMERON: It means “crooked nose.”

15. CARSON: It means “unknown.”

16. CAMPBELL: It means “wry or crooked mouth.”

17. CALHOUN: It means “from the narrow forest.”

18. CARR: It means “marsh.”

19. CRAIG: It means “rocks.”

20. CLACHER: It means “stonemason.”

21. DONNE: It means “brown.”

22. DOUGLAS: It means “dark river.”

23. DAVIS: It means “son of DAVID.”

24. DUFF: It means “dark.”

25. DRUMMOND: It means “ridge.”

Scottish Last Names

Scottish last names

26. GRIEVE: It means “farm manager.”

27. EWART: It means “river enclosure.”

28. FERGUS: It means “force.”

29. FERGUSON: It means “son of Fergus.”

30. FAIRBAIRN: It means “beautiful child.”

31. FRASER: It means “unknown.”

32. FORNEY: It means “enclosure.”

33. GREER: It means “Derived from the given name Gregor.”.

34. DUNBAR: It means “castle headland.”

35.GRIER: It means “alert.”

36. GRAHAM: It means “gravelly homestead.”

37. GLENN: It means “spacious fort.”

38. GRANT: It means “grand, tall, large, great.”

39. HOLME: It means “someone living by an island in a fen.”

40. HEPBURN: It means “high burial mound.”

41. HAMILTON: It means “crooked, mutilated” and dun “hill.”

42. HUNTER: It means “occupational name.”

43. HAMBLEDON: It means “from the Beautiful Mountain.”

44. HUME: It means “variant of HOLME.”

45. Hughes: It means “son of Hugh or fire.”

46. IRVINE: It means “beautiful.”

47. IRVING: It means “beautiful green water.”

48. JARDINE: It means “garden.”

49. JOHNSTON: It means “John’s town”.

50. JACK: It means “man.”

Popular Scottish Last Names

Scottish last names
51. KYLES: It means “narrow channel.”

52. KINNAIRD: It means “high end or head.”

53. KIDD: It means “young goat, kid.”

54. KELLY: It means “coille “grove”.

55. KERR: It means “rough wet ground.”

56. KEITH: It means “wood.”

57. LUSK: It means “cave.”

58. LYNE: It means “Ayrshire.”

59. LITHGOW: It means “pool, damp, hollow.”

60. LINDSEY: It means “From the island of the lime tree.”

61. LISTER: It means “son of the arrow maker.”

62. LOWE: It means “Don’t bother, forget it” – don’t thank us.”

63. LOGAN: It means “little hollow.”

64. MACCALLUM: It means “son of COLUMBA.”

65. MACBETH: It means “son of life.”

66. MACDONALD:  It means “son of DONALD.”

67. MACKENZIE: It means “son of COINNEACH.”

68. MAGEE: It means “Fire.”

69. MASTERS: It means “son of the master.”

70. MCINTYRE: It means “son of the carpenter.”

71. MOFFETT: It means “long field.”

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72. NIEL: It means “champion” or “cloud.”

73. NEVIN: It means “holy.”

74. NORRIS: It means “from the north.”

75. NESS: It means “headland.”

More Scottish Last Names

Scottish last names
76.  READY: It means “a person from Reedie, Scotland.

77. Oliver: It means “The olive tree.”

78. PATERSON: It means “son of PATRICK.”

79. RAMSEY: It means “garlic island.”

80. PATTON: It means “fighter’s town.”

81. PAYNE: It means “villager, rustic.”

82. PATTERSON: It means “son of PATRICK.”

83. “NIVEN: It means “holy.”

84. RUSKIN: It means “tanner.”

85. ROWE: It means “dweller by a row of hedges or houses.”

86. REID: It means “Redheaded.”

87. ROSE: It means “rose.”

88. SANGSTER: It means “song-maker or singer.”

89. SUTHERLAND: It means “southern island.”

90. STROUD: It means “thicket, marsh, marshy ground overgrown with brushwood.”

91. STEWART: It means “guard.”

92. SAUNDERS: It means “amazing God.”

93. SCHOOL: It means “to protect.”

94. STARRETT: It means “a person from Stairaird.”

95. THORBURN: It means “bear, or warrior.”

96. TAGGART: It means “priest.”

97. URQUHART: It means “thicket.”

98. UNDERWOOD: It means “a man who lived at the edge of the woods.”

99. WOODS: It means “one who lived in or worked in a wood or forest.”

100. WALLACE: It means “foreigner, stranger.”

In conclusion, Scottish last names are cool and have deep meanings to them. Discover the unique meanings of  some Scottish names in this article about the “100 beautiful Scottish last names with their meanings.” Cheers!

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