Debadish Mridha once said, ”Spoken words have power beyond measure.” In a romantic relationship, getting nice things to say to your girlfriend can be quite daunting. Candle-lit dinners, flowers and jewellery are romantic but saying beautiful things that make her smile, blush and chuckle could work magic in your girlfriend–it might be the bridge between you and walking her down the aisle.

Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

1. If I come back to this world again, I would search for you just to continue loving you. You were made for me.

2. I want to hold your hands and swing them and forget about my worries.

3. When I am with you, I enjoy every moment; when I miss you, I relive the moments.

4. I can’t say how much I love you because words will fail me.

5. I need you so badly. You have become as important as oxygen to me.

Nice Things to say to your Girlfriend

6. I guess my life would have been miserable without you in my life.

7. All my life, I have waited and ached for someone like you.

8. My favorite music is listening to your heartbeat.

9. I love cuddling you so much I can be on it till I am carried to my grave.

10. The joy of loving you is that it doesn’t fade. Each time I look into your eyes, I fall in love again.

11. I love you not only for who you are but for who I am whenever I am with you.

12. You don’t know how happy I am since you came into my life. Perhaps a little happier than your parents when you came into their lives.

13. I am more in love with you than yesterday. My promise for tomorrow is to love you more.

14. I am growing not just older but stronger in love with you.

15. Money cannot buy the amount of happiness you brought into my life since you came into my life.

16. It was about you; it is about you; it will always be about you.

17. The thought of losing you alone is the biggest fear of my life.

18. What would I not give to make you smile?

19. You have the smile I long for, I cherish and I can die for.

20. Your presence energizes me and brings out the best in me.

21. My number one addiction is thinking about you.

22. Before I met you, I didn’t believe in Angels. Now I do.

23. I have never felt so loved. It makes me feel like living in space.

24. The only downside of loving you is that my cheeks hurt so much from smiling when I think about you.

25. You are more than just my woman, you are my home the place I return to and feel safe.

26. Every single thing reminds me of you. Even the sun has a way of making me think of you.

27. If happiness can be seen and felt, I will gather all the happiness on earth and lay them at your feet.

28. I have been loving you for quite some time now, yet, whenever I see you I get butterflies.

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29. You are that one thing I am most grateful for having in my life.

30. No flower, no monument, no artwork on earth can match your beauty.

31. You are the answer to my prayer.

32. When you are asleep you are a beauty queen, when you wake up, you shower the world with sunshine.

33. You are not perfect, you have your flaws but the way you make me feel is perfect.

34. If you end up in hell, I will choose hell over heaven. I can’t just live eternity without you.

35. It hurts me more when you are sad.

36. Spending time with you is the climax of my day.

37. I have no regrets in my life; you came into my life and I regret no more.

38. I am surprised blood still circulates in me because I am sure you have my heart.

39. I think God was in a great mood when he created you. Never had God used many materials in one person.

Amazingly Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

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40. You are the only person I can spend the rest of my life with.

41. I want to be with you till the end of time.

42. My love for you has an expiry date, quarter past forever.

43. I want to kiss every inch of you, even your footprint.

44. You look so awesome when you laugh.

45. The sound of your laughter is soothing music to my heart.

46. How do you manage to look beautiful all the time, even when you’re pooping.

47. You make me feel so loved when I am around you.

48. I have fallen in love a lot of times, each time it was with you!

49. The first time my eyes fell on you, my heart began a journey.

50. My love for you is so much that you have become my addiction.

51. You are so sweet, I am afraid for diabetes.

52. My breath is controlled by your presence. You walk in, I am breathless, you walk out and I can’t breathe for want of you.

53. You have a voice of honey.

54. I am not just happier but better and healthier since you became mine.

55. You are my dictionary; you gave me a life of meaning.

56. You are my dream expect that I ain’t waking up.

57. You are a thief; yes, you stole my heart.

58. Watching you makes my heart warm.

59. May I ask for permission, can I grow up with you?

60. I am going to be there, for you, always. I promise.

61. I just want badly to kiss you, right now.

62. Would you share some of your beautiful memories with me? Mine starts and ends with you.

63. If I am lost, I would love to be found in your heart.

64. I stay up late at night, thinking for how best to express my feelings for you.

65. I can’t wait to see you. I can’t.

66. I fear to lose you more than I fear losing my life.

67. Life is meaningless without you.

68. If you want to understand the meaning of forever, look into my eyes.

69. My life is a mirror of how much you mean to me.

70. I can go weeks and weeks without water, but not a minute without vitamin you.

71. Those who say life is unfair never met you.

72. Our love is like coffee, hot, sweet and full of aroma.

73. I like the way you smell.

74. Get a mirror, look into it and you will be standing face to face with two of the most beautiful women on earth.

75. I can’t describe my day without you.

76. I can’t even spell my name without you.

More Nice Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Sweet Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

77. You understand me so much, you might have studied me in college.

78. Your eyes outshine the stars in the sky.

79. Don’t ever contest for a beauty pageant. Your eyes alone give you an undue advantage.

80. I believe in destiny; that is the only way to explain your coming into my life.

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81. When we are old and grey we’ll still be rocking in our chairs and holding hands.

82. You deserve so much, my dear. Sometimes I fear I might not be able to give you enough.

83. Today is a special day for me because you love me.

84. I have searched the earth and I found nothing more to give you than my word: I promise to love and stand by you forever.

85. I want one thing from you, just one, your smile.

86. My love for you is like daybreak, it bursts out and waxes stronger with light.

87. When you are upset the flowers start dying, the stars begin to fade and I start dying inside.

88. The day I stop loving you is the day I die. Trust me, I am not into suicide.

89. I was I until you came and I am now a part of ”we”.

90. You once told me, “If you ever made me cry, make sure you’re there to wipe them.” Here I am dear.

91. I don’t worry about losing you. Whatever happens between us, if there is a one percent chance we’ll be together, we will be!

92. The world is more beautiful because of you.

93. I am incomplete. You complete me.

94. I must have lived a great life in my other life for me to get this prize.

95. I belong to you and you belong to me, two bodies, two souls uniting into one.

96. The first time I discovered I can leave without my heart was the first day I met you.

97. I know right in my heart that you are way out of my league, but you chose to love me. For that, I love you more.

98. My imagination stops where you are, never beyond where you are no longer in my life.

99. You are the light at the end of my tunnel.

100. You are the dream I live.

101. You make me smile even in my tears because your love conquers all.

102. No scientist or novelist can describe what happens inside me when you hold me tight and kiss me.

103. I love everything about you. Everything.

104. Whenever I am with you, I just wish I could pause time.

105. There is one word not in my dictionary, it’s goodbye.

There is never a period at the end of any list of what to say to your girlfriend; there is just an ellipsis, the list continues in proportion with the imagination, onward, without end.

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