100 Old Man Names That Have Survived Many Generations

A lot of old man names have survived many generations as a result of many factors. Many survived because of the way it sounds, many survived because of the ease of pronunciation, some because of popularity, while others survived because of their unique meaning.

In truth, many names have fizzled out of existence as eras change and civilization catches on. In recent times, many parents tend to select names that are more edgy, trendy or cool. Others tend to go for names with great meanings, be it spiritual, social or inspirational because they understand the impact names have on a child’s development.

More so, modernization has seen the rise in made up names. These names are highly unique and personal to the creators. This is a  trend that is growing among celebrities who want their kids to have unique names that are not overtly popular. Some celebrities even go as far as patenting the names so that no other entity can make use of it without their consent or permission.

However, this article pays credence to those names that have stood the test of time by continually being relevant even in modern times. Thus, here are 100 old man names that have survived many generations.

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Old Man Names That Have Survived Many GenerationsOld man names

1. William

2. Christopher

3. Julian

4. Ezra

5. Mathew

6. Christian

7. Luke

8. Bryan

9. Ambrose

10. Ferdinand

11. Hobart

12. Clement

13. Jeremiah

14. Jackson

15. Spencer

16. Elias

17.  Isaiah

18. Paul

19. Lucius

20. Joshua

21. Dwight

22. Porter

23. Garland

24. Jefferson

25. Walker

Sauve Old Man NamesOld man names

26. Taylor  

27.  Clarence

28. Andrew

29. Benjamin

30. Charles

31. Harry

32. Ray

33. Samuel

34. Claude

35. Henry

36. Edwin

37. Frederick

38. Harold

39. Charlie

40. Martin

41. Wilbur

42. Clyde

43. Leroy

44. Edgar

45. Willard

46. Jack

47. Leo

48. Lloyd

49. Everet

50. Herman

vintage Old Man NamesOld man names

51. Pedro

52. Arthur

53. Frank

54. Lewis

55. Raymond

56. Walter

57. Leon

58. Albert

59. Floyd

60. Milton

61. Cecil

62. Victor

63. Bernard

64. Stanley

65. Vernon

66. Chester

67. Alvin

68. Vincent

69. Arnold

70. Warren

71. Herbert

72. Carlton

73. Carlos

74. Marvin

75. Earl

More Old Man NameOld man names

76. Ralph 

77. Ellsworth

78. Irwin

79. Lemuel

80. Dean

81. Morgan

82. Elliott

83. Sterling

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84. Dudley

85. Reginald

86. Noble

87. Aloysius

88. Basil

89. Ted

90. Russel

91. Gustav

92. Harris

93. Ronald

94. Freddie

95. Francisco

96. Ramon

97. Steven

98. Houston

99. Coleman

100. Benjamin

In conclusion, change is one thing that is constant, and names are subject to change as well. Though many names have become extinct and rarely used, there are names that are still very much in existence even though they are centuries old. Therefore, this article on 100 old man names that have survived many generations, gives you an idea of some of those names.

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