Test your sport trivia knowledge with these 100 carefully selected sports trivia questions and answers, this is actually one of the largest collection of sports trivia quizzes you can find. Sports trivia is a great way to exercise your brain, keep your mind sharp and learn a few things about sports you never knew before.

For all sports lovers out there, these are questions that you should be able to answer before embarking on your own personal journey to stardom, no matter the kind of sports you like, we hope you’l find these ones interesting.

100 Carefully Selected Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

1. Which country’s first ever home football international was played at the Racecourse Ground in 1877? Wales

2. Frankie Fredericks represented which African country in athletics? Namibia

3. In a famous 2006 newspaper article, the then British Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was photographed playing what sport? Croquet

4. In inches, how big is the diameter of a basketball hoop? 18

5. Which sporting great was dubbed ‘the boy from Bowral’? Sir Donald Bradman

6. What is an NBA player deemed to be if he has received the Maurice Podoloff Trophy? The most valuable player (MVP)

7. Who was the first U.S. volleyball player to win three Olympic gold medals? Karch Kiraly

8. How many world records did swimmer Mark Spitz set when he won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics? Seven―one in each of the races in which he competed.

9. What sport used the term ‘home run’ long before baseball? Cricket

10. What was the first sport in which women were invited to compete at the Olympics? Tennis, at the 1900 games in Paris. Charlotte Cooper of Great Britain was the first gold medalist.

11. In cross-country bike racing, what do the initials BMX represent? Bicycle moto x (cross)

12. Which team is as well-known for their comic antics as for their on-court skills? Harlem Globetrotters

13. Which country dominates Olympics basketball like no one else? USA has won the gold 14 times out of 18 editions

14. Which type of ball was basketball played with until 1929? Soccer ball

15. What’s the second event on day one of a men’s decathlon? Long Jump

16. The Borg-Warner Trophy is awarded to the winner of which race? Indianapolis 500

17. In American Football which famous Miami Dolphins quarterback retired in 2000?Dan Marino

18. What number lies between 5 and 9 on a British dart board?12

19. Name the England rugby league forward that joined Bath rugby union club in 2014?Sam Burgess

20. Britain’s Desmond Douglas was world number seven in which sport during the 1980s?Table tennis

21. Which 100/1 outsider won the 2009 Grand National?Mon Mome

22. The San Siro Stadium is in which Italian city?Milan

23. Why did the year 1994 see no baseball World Series? Player’s strike

24. Who beat Ivan Lendl in a French Open final using underhand serves? Michael Chang

25. Who is the only wild card entrant to have won Wimbledon? Goran Ivanišević: 2001

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

26. Who is the youngest winner of a Ladies Singles title in the Open Era? Martina Hingis: Winner in 1997 at 16 years of age

27. Which is the only country to have played in each and every World Cup? Brazil

28. The creator of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, was the first keeper for which English football club? AFC Portsmouth

29. Which was the first African country to qualify for a World Cup? Egypt: 1934

30. Which country won the first World Cup held in 1930? Uruguay

31. In which year was the first Wimbledon tournament held? 1877

32. The Eclipse Stakes is run at which racecourse?Sandown

33. Sixways Stadium is the home ground of which English Premiership rugby union team?Worcester Warriors

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34. In which athletic event did Bruce Jenner win the gold medal in the 1976 Summer Olympics?The Decathlon

35. Who won the men’s single at Wimbledon in 1985 at the age of just 17?Boris Becker

36. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played 20 seasons in which sport?Basketball

37. How many players are on the field for each team in an Australian rules football match?

38. Which club did rugby legend Martin Johnson play for? Leicester

39. In horse racing, which is the last of the five classics to be run each year, and its distance is also the longest? St Leger

40. In sport, what is black, 1 inch thick, 3 inches in diameter, and weighs between 5.5 and 6 ounces? Ice Hockey Puck

41. In rugby, which country will the British and Irish Lions tour in 2017? New Zealand

42. Who is the only coach to win both a Super Bowl and a Rose Bowl? Dick Vermeil

43. Before the NFL mandated the use of helmets in 1943, who was the last player not to use one? Chicago Bears lineman Dick Plasman

44. Who is the only tennis player to have won each of the four grand slam events at least four times? Steffi Graf

45. What is ‘El Clásico’? A game between club giants Real Madrid and Barcelona

46. How many World Cups have been won by Australian? Four: 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007

47. Which 2 counties did umpiring legend Dickie Bird play for? Yorkshire and Leicestershire

48. Which cricketer was even offered the throne of Albania? C.B. Fry

49. Which is the coldest game in NFL history? 1967 NFL Championship game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers: -13 degrees

50. Which was the first televised game of the NFL?Oct 22, 1939: The Brooklyn Dodgers Vs. Philadelphia Eagles (broadcast by NBC to 500 TV sets)

More Interesting Sports Trivia Questions and Answers

51. In the 1995–96 season, who scored 114 goals in 29 games for Everton’s under-10s and 11s? Wayne Rooney

52. How many players, including the goaltender, make up an ice hockey team?Six

53. Wladimir Klitschko is a champion boxer from which country? Ukraine

54. Which was the only team to win two World Series in the 1980s?The Los Angeles Dodgers

55. How many home runs did baseball great Ty Cobb hit in the three world series in which he played? None

56. After retiring as a player, with which team did baseball great Babe Ruth spend one year as a coach? The Brooklyn Dodgers: 1938

57. Who is the only player to have blasted 100 international centuries? Sachin Tendulkar

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58. What was banned from 1967 to 1976? Slam dunk

59. Which NFL team is known as the ‘ain’ts’ when on a losing streak? The New Orleans Saints

60.In golf, who won his first major at the Masters in 2015 and also won the 2015 U.S. Open? Jordan Spieth

61. In feet, how high is a basketball hoop? 10 feet

62. What nationality is tennis player Novak Djokovic? Serbian

63. In 1971, what team did Kevin Keegan joined Liverpool from? Scunthorpe United

64. Jan-Ove Waldner, Zhang Jike and Deng Yaping have been noteable players in which sport? Table tennis

65. Which jockey won the Investec Derby in 2015 on Golden Horn? Frankie Dettori

66. For which county does cricketer Joe Root play? Yorkshire

67. Which British Paralympic wheelchair athlete has won the London Marathon six times? David Weir

68. Who won The World Highland Games Championships a record six times? Geoff Capes

69. What jobs did Mike ‘Fluff’ Cowan, Jim ‘Bones’ Mackay and Fanny Sunesson do? Golf caddies

70. The groundbreaking Stoke Mandeville Games for the Paralyzed in 1948, featured 14 male and 2 female competitors in which sport? Archery

Sports Trivia Questions and Answers2

71. Which former rugby player once called the English RFU committee ‘Old Farts’? Will Carling

72. The test cricket ground Sabina Park is in which country?Jamaica

73. What three movements are required for an athlete to successfully complete a triple jump? Hop, step, and jump

74. Which boxer was an underdog with odds of 42:1 when he stunned Mike Tyson? Buster Douglas: 1990

75. Who was the first athlete to fail an Olympic drug test? Pentathlete Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall in 1968

76. In which sport are the terms ‘stale fish’ and ‘mulekick’ used? Snowboarding

77. Name the only major team sport in the USA with no game clock? Baseball

78. Which British female won two gold medals at the 2008 Olympic Games? Rebecca Adlington

79. Who did boxer Frank Bruno beat to become WBC world champion in 1995? Oliver McCall

80. On which racecourse is the St Leger horse race run?Doncaster

81. Who won the 2013 Tour de France? Chris Froome

82. Who was the first European post-war golfer to win three different majors? Rory McIlroy

83. Who competed in the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing, winning two swimming gold medals for Great Britain, despite being only 13?Ellie Simmonds

84. The American basketball team ‘The Bulls’, represent which city?Chicago

85. Which major did golfer Rory McIlroy win at the age of 22, in 2011?U.S. Open

86. Which sport is played on the biggest pitch in terms of area? Polo

87. What is the highest possible break in snooker? 155

88. Which sport did George Washington play with his troops? Cricket

89. Who was the 1st non-European to win the Tour de France? Greg Lemond from the US

90. In horse racing, what is a Yankee? 11 individual bets

91. What is the maximum time limit allowed to look for a lost ball in golf? 5 minutes

92. Name the European club David Beckham ended his career with?Paris Saint-Germain

93. In golf, over how many holes is The Open Championship contested?72 (4 rounds of 18)

94. In cricket, how many matches generally make up an Ashes Test series?Five

95. On Feb. 25, 1964, brash, overconfident phenomenon Cassius Clay gained his first heavyweight boxing title when he knocked out which champion? Sonny Liston

96. On November 13, 2000, the Michigan State basketball team broke what team’s 1,270 game winning streak?Harlem Globetrotters

97. Which NFL team is the first to win 3 Super Bowls?The Pittsburgh Steelers. They won Super Bowls IX, X, and XIII.

98. What city of Asia hosted the Summer Olympics in 2008?Beijing

99. Which Australian was selected by the Milwaukee Bucks with the first overall pick in the 2005 National Basketball Association (NBA) Draft? Andrew Bogut

100. Which golfer won the 2013 Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia? Adam Scott

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