A name can be powerful, it can be sacred, it can be spiritual, it can be cool; names can also be sexy. Whatever you are looking for in a name you can find; whatever you need a name to be, you are likely to get. If you are looking for French names to give your child, for instance, there are over 100 Trendy French Names and their Meanings to choose from.

Names are very important; what would we do without them? How would we have individual or collective identity without them? The World over, there are a variety of names given at birth, with parents christening their precious kids with names that they feel would suit them.

Trendy French Names and their Meanings

Many parents chose names for different reasons. Some give names with religious or spiritual meanings, some choose names as a way of remembering someone dead that was dearly loved, some give their children names of a popular celebrity or personality that are highly influential, while others may give names because they just like how it sounds, without even knowing what they mean.

Whatever your reason is, as a parent or guardian, you want to choose names that are cool, trendy and meaningful that is why we have taken the time to put together a list of 100 Trendy French Names and their Meanings just for you.

Trendy Female French Names and their Meanings

1.  ABELL: French form of Spanish Abella, meaning “Bee.”

2. ADELINE: Feminine form of Norman French Acelin, meaning “Little noble one.”

3. ADÈLE: Short form of Old French meaning “Noble sort.”

4. ADELPHI: French form of Latin Adelphia, meaning “Born of the same womb; Sibling.”

5. CAPUCINE: From the French flower name, meaning “Nasturtium.” This name was borne by the French actress who
played Inspector Clouseau’s wife in “The Pink Panther.”

6. ADRIENNE: Feminine form of French Adrien, meaning “From Hadria.”

7. AGNÈS: French form of Greek Hagne, meaning “Chaste; Holy.”

8. AGRIPPINA: French form of Russian Agrippina, meaning “Wild horse.”

9. AIMÉE: French name, derived from the French word aimée, meaning “Much loved.”

10. ALAINA: Feminine form of French Alain, possibly meaning “Little rock.”

11. ALBERTINE: Feminine form of French Albert, meaning “Bright nobility.”

12. ALEXANDRE: Feminine form of French Alexandre, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

13. CORINE: Variant spelling of French Corinne, meaning “Maiden.”

14. ALEXANDRINE: French form of Latin Alexandrina, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

15. ALIÉNOR: Name of Germanic origin, derived from the element ali, meaning “Foreign, the other.”

16. AMALIE: Old Norman French form of German Emmeline, meaning “Work.”

17. AMBRE: French form of English Amber, meaning “Amber.”

18. ARNAUD: Feminine form of French Arnaud, meaning “Eagle power.”

19. ANTOINETTE: Feminine diminutive form of French Antoine, possibly meaning “Invaluable.”

20. ANNETTE: Diminutive form of French Anne, meaning “Favor; Grace.”

21. ANGELIQUE: French feminine form of Latin Angelicus, meaning “Angelic.”

22. ARABELLE: French form of Italian Arabella, meaning “Answered prayer.”

23. ARIANNE: French form of Latin Ariadne, meaning “Utterly pure.”

24. ARMELLE: Feminine form of French Armel, meaning “Stone prince.”

25. ANGELINE: Diminutive form of French Angèle, meaning “Angel, messenger.”

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Trendy French Names and their Meanings

26. ATHENAIS: French name derived from Latin Athena, meaning “of Athena.”

27. AUDE: French form of Swedish Öda, meaning “Deeply rich.”

28. AURORE: French form of Roman Latin Aurora, meaning “Dawn.”

29. AVRIL: French form of English April, meaning “To open.”

30. AXELLE: French feminine form of Scandinavian Axel, meaning “Father of peace.”

31. BATILDE: French form of Old High German Bathilda, meaning “Fight-battle.”

32. BÉATRICE: French form of Latin Viatrix, meaning “Voyager (through life).”

33. BÉNÉDICTE: Feminine form of French Bénédict, meaning “Blessed.”

34. BENOÎTE: Feminine form of French Benoît, meaning “Blessed.”

35. BERDINE: Contracted form of French Bernardine, meaning “Bold as a bear.”

36. BÉRÉNICE: French form of Latin Berenice, meaning “Bringer of victory.”

37. BERNADETTE: Contracted form of French Bernardette, meaning “Bold as a bear.”

38. BERNADINE: Contracted form of French Bernardine, meaning “Bold as a bear.”

39. BRIGITTE: French and German form of Irish Gaelic Bríghid, meaning “Exalted one.”

40. CHANTAL: French surname transferred to forename use, meaning “Stony place.”

41. COLETTE: Short form of French Nicolette, meaning “Victor of the people.”

42. CAROLE: French form of Latin Carola, meaning “Man.”

43. CATHERINE: Later spelling of Old French Caterine, meaning “Pure.”

44. CÉCILE: French form of Latin Cæcilia, meaning “Blind.”

45. CÉLESTE: French feminine form of Latin unisex Cælestis, meaning “Heavenly.”

46. CÉLESTINE: Feminine form of French Célestin, meaning “Heavenly.”

47. CÉLINE: French feminine form of Roman Cælinus, meaning “Heaven.”

48. CHARLOTTE: Feminine form of French Charlot, meaning “man.”

49.CHRISTINE: French form of Latin Christina, meaning “Believer” or “Follower of Christ.”

50. CHLOÉ: French form of Latin Chloe, meaning “Green shoot.”

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Trendy French Names For Boys

Trendy French Names and their Meanings

51. ABÉLARD: French form of German Abelard, meaning “Noble strength.”

52. ABSOLON: French form of Hebrew Abiyshalowm, meaning “Father of peace.”

53. ADELARD: Variant spelling of Norman French Adalard, meaning “Noble strength.”

54. ADOLPHE: French form of Latin Adolphus, meaning “Noble wolf.”

55. ALAIN: French form of Celtic Alan, meaning “Little rock.”

56. ALBAIN: Perhaps a French form of Gaelic Ailpein, meaning “White.”

57. ALBERT: French name derived from Latin Albertus, meaning “Bright nobility.” Compare with other forms of Albert.

58. ALEXANDRE: French and Galician-Portuguese form of Latin Alexandrus, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

59. AUDRIC: French form of German Aldrich, meaning “Old ruler; Long-time ruler.”

60. AUGUSTE: French form of Latin Augustus, meaning “Venerable.”

61. Kylian: Frenchified version of the Irish name Cillian, you’re unlikely to find another on the playground.

62. BAUDOIN: Old French form of Old High German Baldawin, meaning “Brave friend.”

63. BAPTISTE: French equivalent of Italian Battista, meaning “Baptist.”

64. BARTHÉLMY: French form of Latin Bartholomaeus, meaning “Son of Talmai.”

65. BASILE: French form of Latin Basilius, meaning “King.”

66. BASTIEN: Short form of French Sébastien, meaning “From Sebaste.”

67. CONSTANTIN: French and Romanian form of Latin Constantinus, meaning “Steadfast.”

68. DAMIEN: French form of Latin Damianus, meaning “To tame, To subdue” and euphemistically “To kill.”

69. DION: French name derived from Latin Dio, a short form of longer names of Greek origin beginning with Dio-,
meaning “Zeus.”

70. DOMINIQUE: French unisex form of Latin Dominicus, meaning “Belongs to the lord.”

71. DION: French name derived from Latin Dio, a short form of longer names of Greek origin beginning with Dio-,
meaning “Zeus.”

72. FABIEN: French form of Latin Fabianus, meaning “Like Fabius.”

73. GASTON: Later form of French Gascon, meaning “From Gascony.”

74. GODEFREI: Norman French form of Old High German Godafrid, meaning “God’s peace.”

75.JÉRÔME: French form of Latin Hieronymus, meaning “Holy name.”

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Trendy French Names and their Meanings

76. HENRI: French form of Latin Henricus, meaning “Home-ruler.” Compare with another form of Henri.

77. JOËL: French form of Greek Ioel (Hebrew Yowel), meaning “Jehovah is God” or “To whom Jehovah is God.”

78. JORI: French Provençal form of Latin Georgius, meaning “Earth-worker, farmer.”

79. JOURDAIN: French form of Hebrew Yarden, meaning “Flowing down.”

80. LOUIS: Middle French form of Old French Louis, meaning “Famous warrior.”

81. LOUVEL: Old Norman French byname derived from a diminutive form of the word lou “Wolf,” hence “Little wolf.”

82. LUC: Norman French form of Latin Lucas, meaning “From Lucania.”

83. LUCIEN: French form of Roman Latin Lucianus, meaning “Light.”

84. MACAIRE: French form of Latin Macarius, meaning “Blessed.”

85. MAINARD: Norman French form of German Meinhard, meaning “Strong and hardy.”

86. MAINFRED: Norman French form of German Manfred, meaning “Strong peace.”

87. MALGIER: Norman French form of German Malger, meaning “Work-spear.”

88. MARCEAU: French form of Latin Marcus, meaning “Defense” or “Of the sea.”

89. MARCEL: French form of Roman Latin Marcellus, meaning “Defense” or “Of the sea.”

90. MARTIN: French form of Roman Latin Martinus, meaning “Of/like Mars.” Compare with another form of Martin.

91. MAURICE: Contracted form of Roman Latin Mauricius, meaning “Dark-skinned; Moor.” Introduced to Britain by
the Normans. Infrequently used by the French and English.

92. MAXIME: French form of Latin Maximus, meaning “The greatest.”

93. MICHEL: French form of Greek Michaēl, meaning “Who is like God?”

94. NARCISSE: French form of Latin Narcissus, possibly meaning “Numbness; Sleep.”

95. PÉPIN: Old French name, possibly derived from the word pepin/pipin, meaning “Seed of a fruit.”

96. PERRIN: Pet form of French Pierre, meaning “Rock, Stone.”

97. PHILIPPE: French form of Latin Philippus, meaning “Lover of horses.”

98. QUENTIN: Old French form of Latin Quintinus, meaning “Fifth.”

99. RAPHAËL: French form of Hebrew Rephael, meaning “Healed of God” or “Whom God has healed.”

100. RENÉ: French form of Latin Renatus, meaning “Reborn.”

In conclusion, some say that the name you give a child has a spiritual or psychological effect on the child. For instance, if you christen a child with the name “success,” it is said that such a child is likely to be successful. If you name a child “joy”, such a child will be jolly and happy all the time.

Nevertheless, whether this is true or not, as a parent, you may want to be on the safe side by choosing names for your children that are both good and cool. If you find yourself in the French community or simply just fascinated by French names, we have put together these 100 Trendy French Names and their Meanings just for you to chose from if you are intending giving your child a  cool French name. Happy naming.

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