Take advantage of our trivia quiz for kids to educate your kids about life events both present and past. It covers most of the major subjects and ranges from  easy to hard followed by their answers.

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Trivia Quiz For Kids With Answers

1. True or false? The fastest land animal in the world is the zebra.False (it is the cheetah)

2. How many bones do sharks have in their bodies?0

3. True or false? Yogurt is produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. True

4. What is the name of the part of the human skeleton which protects our brain?The skull

5. Is the compound ‘HCl’ an acid or base?An acid (hydrochloric acid)

6. What country has a maple leaf on their national flag? Canada

7. What country is home to the Great Barrier Reef? ustralia

8. Tapas and paella are dishes that originated in what country?Spain

9. What famous scientist was awarded the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on theoretical physics? Albert Einstein

10. The fear of what animal is known as ‘arachnophobia’? Spiders

11. Pure water has a pH level of a around? 7

12.The molten rock that comes from a volcano after it has erupted is known as what? Lava

13.  What country was the first to land a man on the moon?USA

14. What is the largest country (by size and population) in South America?Brazil

15. In what country is the Yangtze River found? China

16. What is the name of the long pipe that shifts food from the back of your throat down to your stomach? The esophagus

17. True or false? Your ears are important when it comes to staying balanced. True

18. The outside layer of skin on the human body is called the? Epidermis

19. What is the name of the largest ocean on earth? The Pacific Ocean

20. 2What are the two main metals in the earth’s core? Iron and nickel

21. Which is hotter, the center of the earth or surface of the sun? The center of the earthWhat country has the second largest population in the world? India

22. In what country would you find the cities Glasgow and Edinburgh? Scotland

23. The shape of DNA is known as? A double helix

24. The flow of blood through your heart and around your body is called? Circulation

25. The bones around your chest that protect organs such as the heart are called what?Ribs

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trivia quiz for kids with Answers1

26. What do you call molten rock before it has erupted? Magma

27. What do you call it after it has erupted? Lava

28. The Great Barrier Reef is found off the coast of which country? Australia

29. What type of animal is the largest primate in the world? The Gorilla

30. Is a shark a fish or a mammal? A fish

31. What is the most recognizable feature of a hedgehog’s appearance? Their spines of spiky hair.

32. True of false? Snakes have slimy skin.False – Snake skin is smooth and dry.

33. What food makes up nearly all (around 99%) of a Giant Panda’s diet? Bamboo

34. True or false? Mice live for up to 10 years.False – Captive mice live for up to 2 and a half years while wild mice only live for an average of around 4 months.

35. In terms of land area, what is the largest country in the world? Russia

36. What country was known as Ceylon until 1972? Sri Lanka

37. In what country would you find the cities Ankara and Istanbul? Turkey

38. Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in what country? Japan

39. What is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild? Africa

40. How many pairs of wings does a bee have? 2

41. How many lungs does the human body have? 2

42. Another name for your voice box is the? Larynx

43. The two holes in your nose are called? Nostrils

44. True or false? Owls are far-sighted, meaning that anything within a few inches of their eyes can’t be seen properly.True

45. What is the human body’s biggest organ? The skin

46. The innermost part of bones contains what? Bone marrow

47. True or false? An adult human body has over 500 bones. False (there are 206)

48. True or false? Rabbits are born blind.True

49. What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion? Its mane

50. What is the name of an adult female horse? A mar

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More Trivia Quiz For kids with Answers

51. What are baby goats called? Kids

52. What is the name of the long appendage that hangs from an elephants face? A trunk

53. True or false? DNA is the shortened form of the term ‘Deoxyribonucleic acid’? True

54. The highest mountain on earth is? Mount Everest

55. Adidas and Volkswagen are companies from what country?Germany

56. Zurich is the largest city in what country? Switzerland

57. In what country is the Great Pyramid of Giza found? Egypt

58. What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders?Arachnophobia

59. What is the largest type of ‘big cat’ in the world?The tiger, weighing up to 300 kilograms (660 pounds).

60. True or false? Crocodiles have no sweat glands so they use their mouths to release heat.True – They often sleep with their mouth open to cool down.

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trivia quiz for kids with Answers2

61. True or false? Dogs are herbivores. False – They are omnivores

62. What is the 7th element on the periodic table of elements? Nitrogen

63. In what country would you find the cities Lyon and Marseille? France

64. Leonardo da Vinci was born in what country? Italy

65. What is the tallest animal in the world?The giraffe – The average height is around 5 metres (16ft) and the tallest on record stood nearly 6 metres (20 ft) tall.

66. The muscles found in the front of your thighs are known as what? Quadriceps

67. True or false? The two chambers at the bottom of your heart are called ventricles. True

68. Is a dolphin a mammal? Yes

69. What is the largest land animal in the world?The elephant – The largest on record weighed around 12,000 kilograms! (26,000 lb).

70. Your tongue is home to special structures that allow you to experience tastes such as sour, sweet, bitter and salty, what is their name? Taste buds

71. The bones that make up your spine are called what? Vertebrae

72. What do you call a person who studies rocks? A geologist

73. Name the three time periods of the dinosaurs.Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous

74. A ‘doe’ is what kind of animal?A female deer.

75. True or false? Cougar’s are herbivores.False – They are carnivores.

76. Groups of lions are known as what? Prides

77. True or false? The Grand Canyon is around 10000 feet (3000 meters) deep. False – 5000 feet (1500 meters)

78. What is the name of the deepest location in the world’s oceans? Mariana Trench

79. Over a long period of time while under extreme heat and pressure, graphite turns into which precious mineral? Diamond

80. Are butterflies insects?True – Yes

81. What are female elephants called? Cows

82. True or false? Bats are mammals. True

83. Do stalactites rise from the floor or hang from the ceiling of limestone caves? Hang from the ceiling
Cascade’, ‘horsetail’, ‘plunge’ and ‘tiered’ are types of what? Waterfall

84. Someone who studies earthquakes is known as a what? Seismologist

85. What substance are nails made of? Keratin

86. How many legs does a spider have? 8

87. The crocodile species is believed to have been around for how long? 2 million years or 200 million years? 200 million years

88. What is the name of the biggest part of the human brain? The cerebrum

89. The colored part of the human eye that controls how much light passes through the pupil is called the?Iris

90. What is the name of the layer of earth’s atmosphere that absorbs the majority of the potentially damaging ultraviolet light from the sun?The ozone layer

trivia questions for kids with Answers3

91. What is the name of the closest star to the earth? The sun

92. True or false? Frogs are cold blooded animals. True

93. What is the name of the element with the chemical symbol ‘He’? Helium

94. The kiwi is a flightless bird that lives in what country? New Zealand

95. In what country would you find the islands Santorini and Mykonos? Greece

96. In what country was Nelson Mandela born?South Africa

97. The mass of the earth is made up mostly of which two elements? Iron (32%) and oxygen (30%)

98. What is the second most common gas found in the air we breathe? Oxygen (21%)

99. What is the biggest planet in our solar system? Jupiter

100. What is the chemical symbol for the element oxygen?

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