The naming process can be quite a task, especially when you are looking for the best Turkish names to christen your child with. It is said that names have a powerful effect on what or who a child would become in the future so you want to make it a point of necessity to give your child very good  names.

Also, a name is said to play a huge role on a child’s self esteem as well as how such a child would be treated in the society. For instance, if you give your child a funny name, it is most likely that your  child would be teased right from childhood to adulthood especially by class mates. Therefore you want to simply avoid certain names that seem to be more of a burden than a blessing.

However, if you are finding it quite hard to get the names that is appropriate for your kid, not to worry because we have selected 100 of the best Turkish names on the planet  that are simply amazing. Good luck!

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Turkish Names For BoysTurkish names

1. Bariş: “Peace.”

2. Adnan: “Two heavens.”

3. Vuslat: “Union (with one’s beloved).”

4. Türker: “Turkish man.”

5. Abdullah: “One who worships God, a slave to God.”

6. Bahtiyar: “Lucky, fortunate; happy.”

7. Ünyay: “Spread your good reputation.”

8. Acelya: “Azelea.”

9. Türkay: “Turkish moon.”

10. Ünver – Give fame, good reputation.”

11. Agah: “Informed, aware.”

12. Vecihi: “Beautiful face.”

13. Mustafa: “Chosen one; one of names of Prophet Muhammed.”

14. Tezcan: “Impetuous, precipitate.”

15. Lütfü: “Good and nice behaving man.”

16. Abidin: “One who worships religion, a slave to religion.”

17. Volkan: “Volcano.”

18. Tolunay: “Full moon.”

19. Lokman: “A wise man well-known with his short stories.”

20. Kutlu: “Lucky, blessed.”

21. Kutsi: “Sacred, holly.”

22. Ümit: “Hope.”

23. Tümay: “Full moon.”

24. Levent: “Navy soldier; tall and big; handsome, quick, agile, rough fellow.”

25. Kumsal: “Sandy beach.”

Turkish Names For Cool BoysTurkish names

26. Orhan: “Great ruler or Khan.”

27. Münir: “Man made of light, radiating.”

28. Adil: “Just fair person.”

29. Taylan: “Tall and well-set-up.”

30. Baki: “Everlasting.”

31. Tufan: “Torrential rain.”

32. Adam: “Prophet Adam.”

33. Muzaffer: “Victorious, triumphant.”

34. İsmail: “Prophet Samuel.”

35. Koksal: “Take a root.”

36. Bala: Child, baby.”

37. Toros: “Toros mountains.”

38. Mümtaz: “Select, distinguished.”

39. Korkmaz: “Never scares.”

40. Müjdat: “Good news; Jupiter.”

41. Koray: “Ember-moon.”

42. İskender: Alexander the Great.”

43. Tayyar: “Flying; vaporizing.”

44. Kıvanç: “Pride; joy.”

45. Mümin: “Believer, Muslim.”

46. İzzettin: “Brought glory.”

47. Kudret: “Power, strain, might.”

48. Tarık: “Road; occupation, job; a way to reach God.”

49. Mücahit: “Fighter.”

50. Osman: “The founder of Ottoman Empire.”

 Turkish Names For Gorgeous Girls Turkish names

51. Aergul: “a bunch of blooming roses.”

52. Ebru “the art of marbling.”

53. Rüya: “Dream.”

54. Şükriye: “Gratitud.”

55. Ahu: “bright and beautiful.”

56. Vicdan: Conscience.”

57. Tuğba: “A tree in heaven; healthy; beauty; goodness.”

58. Reyyan: “Person been contented with water.”

59. Şeyd: “Love crazed, mad, insane.”

60. Piraye: “Illuminating, decorating.”

61. Adalet: “Justice.”

62. Şeyma: “Foster sister of Prophet Muhammed.”

63. Rana: “Beautiful; nice looking.”

64. Verda: “Roses.”

65. Alev: “Flame.”

66. Pιrιltι: “Gleam, Glitter.”

67. Tanyeli: “Early morning wind.”

68. Ajda: “Sprouting.”

69. Ülkü: “Ideal.”

70. Duygu: “emotion.”

71. Şenay: “Merry moon.”

72. Nurseli: “Flood of light.”

73. Pembe: “Pink.”

74. Leyla: “Very dark night.”

75. Nurgül: “Brilliant rose.”

Lovely Turkish Female NamesTurkish names

76. Ece: “Queen.”

77. Şefika: “Tender, kind, compassionate.”

78. Ulviye: “Exalted, high woman.”

79. Leman: “Sparkling woman; glittering woman.”

80. Oya: “Embroidery.”

81. Aliye: “Exalted, high; lofty.”

82. Vildan: “New born babies; slaves.”

83. Tülay: “Moon covered with tulle.”

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84. Özge: “Different, distinctive, unusual.”

85. Arzu: “Desire.”

86. Tayyibe: “Good, pleasant, nice.”

87. Renan: “Person giving out a tinkling sound.”

88. Süheyla: “Bright stars.”

89. Aiyla: “Moonlight or moon halo, A beautiful girl who is strong a fighter and is so easy to fall in love with.”

90. Vahide: “Unique, the only, sole.”

91. Ekin: ” Harvest.”

92. Suzan: “Burning.”

93. Özlem: “Longing, yearning.”

94. Rengin: “Colored, painted.”

95. Tezer: “Given to babies born early.”

96. Ünseli: “Flood of fame.”

97. Turna: “Crane.”

98. Elif: “Thin from top to bottom.”

99. Ümmühan: “Sister of Hz. Ali.”

100. Fatma: “Daughter of the prophet.”