Scottish names are not like the ordinary names you hear every day. Still in doubt? We’ll tell you why.

Scotland is not just a country of over 5.3 million people, it is part of the United Kingdom. The Scots are quite an interesting people, and it’s not just because they make the best whisky you’ll ever taste, or even the fact that they invented the telephone, the television and the penicillin. Their culture is one of the major things that sets them a notch higher on the list of awesome people. And one way their culture shines is in their names.

Below is a list of unique Scottish names you can consider for your next child. And don’t worry, you don’t have to be Scottish to give your child one of these beautiful Scottish names.

Unique Scottish Names For Boys And Girls

Scottish Names

1. Adair means “From the oak tree ford”.

2. Aila means “From the strong place”

3. Ailbert means “Bright with nobility”.

4. Ailean means “Handsome”.

5. Aileana/Aileen means “Light-bearer”.

6. Ailein means “From the green meadow”.

7. Aili means “Truthful”.

8. Ailsa means “Island dweller”.

9. Alasdair/Alastair means “Defender of mankind”.

10. Alec/Aleck means “Defender of mankind”.

11. Alison means “Kind or Noble”.

12. Angus means “Unique choice” or “Exceptional”.

16. Artair means “Bear”.

15. Balfour means “Pasture land”.

17. Balmoral means “Majestic village”.

18. Banner means “Flag bearer”.

19. Bearnard means “Strong as a bear”.

20. Beathan means “Life”.

21. Bhaltair means “Ruler of the army”.

22. Birk means “Birch tree”.

13.  Blair/Blaire means “Dweller on the plain”.

14. . Bonny/Bonnie/Bonni means “Pleasant”.

15. Brochan means “Broken”.

16. Broden means “Castle Brodie in Scotland”.

17. Brodie means “A ditch”.

18. Buchanan means “From the cannon’s seat”.

19. Busby means “Village in the thicket”.

20. Buzz means “Village in the thicket”.

21. Caelan means “Victorious people”.

22. Cailean means “Dove”.

23. Camden means “From the winding valley”.

24. Camp means “Crooked mouth”.

25. Catriona means “Pure”.

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Scottish Names

26. Cauley means “Relic”.

27. Callum means “Bald dove”.

28. Cam means “Crooked mouth”.

29. Cameron means “Crooked nose”.

30. Chalmer means “Son of the lord”.

31. Christel means “Follower of Christ”.

32. Cumina means “From Comines”.

33. Dallas means “Waterfall near the field”.

34. Donald means “World ruler”.

35. Douglas means “Dark river”.

36. Duff means “Dark”.

37. Duncan means “Brown warrior”.

38. Dunlop means “Muddy hilltop”.

39. Dunham means “Brown”.

40. Durell means “King’s doorkeeper”.

41. Eanruig means “Ruler of an enclosure”.

42. Edina means “From Edinburg”.

43. Eiric/Eirica “Means ruler of all”.

44. Erskine means “High cliff”.

45. Fenella means “White shouldered”.

46. Fergus means “Strong and manly”.

47. Ferguson means “Son of the brave”.

48. Forba/Forbia means “A field”.

49. Fyfa/Fyfe means “From Fifeshire”.

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Beautiful Scottish Names

Scottish Names

50. Geneen means Geneen means “God is gracious”.

51. Gilleabart means “Illustrous people”.

52. Ginnifer means “Fair lady”.

53. Gordian/Gordona means “Hill near the meadow”.

54. Graeme means “Grand home”.

55. Gregor means “Vigilant watchman”.

56. Grier means “Vigilant”.

57. Griorgair means “Vigilant watchman”.

58. Hamish means “Supplant”.

59. Hearn means “Lord of the horses”.

60. Henderson means “Son of Henry”.

61. Ian means “God is gracious”.

62. Isla means “In honor of the Isla River in North-East Scotland.

63. Isobel means “Consecrated to God”.

64. Jinny means “White wave”.

65. Keith means “Of the forest”.

66. Kam means “Crooked nose”.

67. Kendrick means “Royal ruler”.

68. Kennon means “Little Ken”.

69. Kenzy/Kenzie Means “the fair one”.

70. Laird means “Wealthy landowner”.

71. Lennox means “Means with many elms tree”.

72. Leslie means “From the gray fortress”.

73. Lydel/Lybell means “Loyal”.

74. Mac means “Son”.

75. Malcolm means “Servant”.

76. Murdoch/Murdock means “Mariner”.

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77. Murray means “Lord of the sea”.

78. Neirne means “From the alder tree river”.

79. Ness means “From the headland”.

80. Parlan means “Farmer”.

81. Reed means “Red-headed”.

82. Reid means “Red-headed”.

83. Rae means “Grace”.

84. Raoghnailt means “Ewe”.

85. Rhona means “Powerful”.

86. Robena means “Bright fame”.

87. Robina means “Bright fame”.

88. Ronald means “Rules with good judgment”.

89. Rossalyn means “Promontory”.

90. Sandy means “Defender of man”.

91. Saundra means “Defender of mankind”.

92. Seumas means “Supplanter”.

93. Sim means “Listener”.

94. Tamnais means “Twin”.

95. Taveon means “Twin”.

96. Tavey means “Twin”.

97. Tavis/Tavish/Tevis means “Twin”.

98. Tearlach means “Full grown”.

99. Tramaine means “House of stone”.

100. Tyree means “Island dweller”.

There are hundreds of more Scottish names out there but this list contains the most unique 100 and we hope it has added to your quiver of names.

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