Did you know Mexican names for boys and girls have their own unique meanings? Best believe they do. As new parents to wonderful and cute babies, you want to give your child the best name there is. Apart from the best sounding names or cool names, it is important you know the meanings of the name you intend giving your child.

Research has shown that names have a great role to play in how a child would be perceived, and how that child perceives him or herself in the society.

Something as trivial as a name, could either have a making effect or marring effect to a child’s development in future, so be careful to choose wisely.

However, if you need a little help finding the coolest and most appropriate names for your kid, we got you covered. Here are 150 common Mexican names for boys and girls with their meanings you can choose form. Good luck!

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Mexican Names For Boys

Mexican names

1. Mario:  This name is thought to be a variation of the feminine name Mary, referring to the Virgin Mary. It also refers to the Roman God of war.

2. Sergio: It means “attendant.”

3. Ademar: It means “noble.”

4. Facundo: It means “fertile.”

5. David: It means “beloved.”

6. Jose: It means “may God give increase.”

7. Bruno: It means “brown in complexion.”

8. Alan: It means “the one who is noble, handsome, and fair.”

9. Oscar: It means “means a dear friend.”

10. Simon: It means “he who has heard.”

11. Gael: It means “someone who is jovial.”

12. Dylan: It means “born near the sea or influenced by the sea.”

13. Isaac: It means “the one who laughs or is always happy.”

14. Ian: It means “gift of God.

15. Josue: It means “It is a Hebrew name which means God is salvation.”

16. Christopher: It means “one who bears Christ.”

17. Esteban: It means “crowned in victory.”

18. Abelardo: It means “the one who is solid and generous.”

19. Vicente: It means “one who conquers.”

20. Pablo: It means “small.”

21. Jeronimo: It means “saved.

22. Anthony: It means “worthy of praise.

23. Rodrigo: It means “famous ruler.”

24. Ignacio: It means “fiery.”

25. Leonardo: It means “brave as a lion.”

26. Aaron: It means “exalted.”

27. Felipe: It means “the one who loves horses.”

28. Benjamin: It means “the son of the right hand.”

29. Kevin: It means “one who is handsome.”

30. Lautaro: It stands for daring in Spanish.”

31. Fabiano: It means “bean farmer.”

32. Augustin: It means “venerable.”

33. Camilo: It means “one who is born free and is noble.”

34. Bautista: It means “John the Baptist.”

35. Samuel: It means “”God has heard” or ‘the name of God.”

36. Lucas: It means “the one who comes from Lucania.”

37. Sebastian: The name comes from the Latin name Sebastianus, coming from Sebaste, a town.”

38. Adrian: It means “the one who comes from the Adriatic sea region.”

Cute Mexican Names For Boys

Mexican names

39. Hector: It means “restrain.”

40. Mauricio: It means staying on the moor and dark complexioned.”

41. Santino: It means “little saint.”

42. Maximo: It means “greatest.”

43. Alexander: It means “defender of mankind.”

44. Nicolas: It means “victory of people.”

45. Emiliano: It means “a rival.”

46. Jonathan: It means “yahweh has given.

47. Tomas: It means “a twin.”

48. Santiago: It means “Saint James.”

49. Andres: It means “manly.”

50. Emmanuel: It means “God is with us.”

51. Joaquin: It means “lifted by Yahweh.”

52. Marcos: It means “the God of fertility.”

53. Diego: It means “one who is a famous bearer.”

54. Alonso: It means “one who is eager to go to war.”

55. Charro: It was originally used as a nickname for cowboys.

56. Bonifacio: It means “one who will have a good fate.”

57. Amistad: It means “friendship.”

58. Buinton: It means “fifth born child.”

59. Blanco: It means “white hair and is fair in complexion.”

60. Chayo: It comes from the Chinese culture and is actually used as an abbreviation.

61. Aba: It means “one who is born on Thursday.”

62. Casimiro: It means “peaceful.”

63. Blas: It means “stuttering.”

64. Amador: It means “one who loves.”

65. Cedro: It means “gift.”

66. Matias: It means “the one who is a gift of God.”

67. Luciano: It means “full of light.”

68. Chale: It means “one who is strong and manly.”

69. Bernardo: It means “strong and brave as a bear.”

70. Abelino: It means “son of Adam and Eve.”

71. Abun: It means “baby boy and girl.”

72. Benedicto: It means “blessed.”

73. Chan: It means “snow.”

74. Valentino: It means “brave and strong.”

75. Ramiro: It means “the one who is the supreme judge and is very powerful in battles.

Mexican Names For Gorgeous Girls

Mexican names

76. Belicia: It means “beautiful.”

78.Alma: It means “kind and nourishing.”

77.Loretta: It means “worthy of praise.”

79.Lavina: This Latin name is derived from King Latinus’ daughter. She later became the wife of Aneas, who was touted as the hero of the Trojan war.

80.Laura: It means “honor and victory.”

81. Irene: It means “peace.”

82. Anika: It means a collection or group.”

83. Kimberly: It means “one who is from the woods of 5th royal forest.”

84. Salome: It means “peace.”

85. Adonia: It means “lord is my God.”

86. Paloma: It means “dove.”

87. Fiorella: It means “like a flower.”

88. Romina: It means “one who is from the land of the Christians.”

89. Candela: It means “candle.”

90. Josefa: It means “God will add.”

91. Fatima: It means “to abstain.”

92. Milagros: It means “miracle.”

93. Fabiana: It means ” beans farmer.”

94. Mariangel: It is a combination of two different names, Maria, which is a form of the Mother Mary, and Angel.”

95. Paula: It means “small.”

96. Olivia: It means “olive.”

97. Lola: It means “sorrow.”

98. Rocio: It means “dew drops.”

99. Gracia: It means “graceful and ready to go to battle.”

100. Aitana: It means “as strong as a mountain.”

101.Michelle: It means “like God.”

102. Carolina: It means the “one who is strong.”

103. Alexa: Mexican girl name is the shorter version of the name Alexander or Alexandria.”

104. Ivanna: It means “a gift from God.”

105. Guadalupe: It means “river of the wolf.”

106. Juana: It means “God is gracious.”

107. Delfina: It means “the one who is a native of Delphi.”

108. Margarita: It means “daisy flower.”

109. Luisa: It means “renowned warrior.”

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110. Maite: It means “one who is loved dearly.”

111. Fiona: It means “fair.”

112. Adelita: It means “nobility.”

113. Katia: It means “pure.”

Lovely Mexican Girl Names

114. Jazmin: It means “jasmine flower.”

115. Carla: It means “little and feminine.”

116. Amara: It means “one who will never fade.”

117. Genesis: It means “beginning or birth.”

118. Abril: It means “season of spring.”

119. Gloria: It means “one who brings glory.”

120. Martha: It means “lady or mistress.”

121. Yolanda: It means “violet.”

122. Amanda: It means “love.”

123. Elizabeth: It means “the oath of God, and ‘God is satisfaction.”

124. Leticia: It means “one who is full of happiness and joy.”

125. Gabriela: It means “God is my strength.”

126. Paulina: It means “small.”

127.Francisca: It means “liberated and free.”

128. Angelina: It means “like an angel.”

129. Adriana: It means “dark.”

130. Earlena: It means “shield.”

131. Josefina: It means “God shall add.”

132. Elbertina: It means “noble.”

133. Alejandra: It means “the brave and fearless and protector of mankind.”

134. Isabel: It means “my God is bountiful,” “God’s promise,” and “devoted to God.”

135. Ana: It means “grace.”

136. Veronica: It means “true image.”

137. Rosamaria: It means “one who is bitter.”

138. Araceli: It means “altar and sky.”

139. Enrica: It means “the one who rules her household.”

140. Maria de Jesus: It means “one who will watch over mankind and discover the world.”

141.Faustina: It means “lucky.”

142. Esmeralda: It means “a bright green gem.”

143. Angelina: It means “one who is like an angel.”

144.Elena: It means “one who is like a bright and shining light and will gain fame and popularity.”

145. Teresa: It means “the one who reaps.”

146. Maria: It means “sea of bitterness or a sea of sorrow.”

147. Eleanora:It It means “shining light.

148. Eldora: It means “Blond, Gift of the sun.”

123. Rosa: It means “flower.”

149. Miranda: It means “admired.”

150. Silvia: It means “one who is from the woods.”