Take a good look at our list of cute and unique dog names and meanings for both male and female dogs and choose a perfect name for your little puppy. Dogs too deserve a beautiful name, take advantage of this list.

200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female

Female  Dog Names and Meanings – Girl Dog Names

1. Rio:  Spanish for “river”

2. Sabine:  Female name of Latin origin

3. Tass: To play with

4. Termite:  An insect that feeds on wood

5. Sabre:  A very sharp bladeDuplex Something made up of two parts

6. Daze:  A dog who gets people in a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment

7. Fargo:  Does your dog love the snow? This is a great name for a snow dog.

8. Gasper:  Slang for cigarette

9. Gazelle:  Small, slender, and dainty, like the antelope

10. Lilac:  A dainty flower of pale pinkish-violet color

11. Miko:  A female shaman or priestess

12. Spirit;  Otherwise known as the “soul”

13. Sprinkles:  Another sweet name for a sweet dog. Perhaps your pup has unusual spots.

14. Sprite:  An elf or fairy

15. Desert:  Worthiness or entitlement to reward or punishment

16. Dino:  Short for “dinosaur”

17. Isis:  Greek goddess of fertility

18. Ivory:  An off-white color that resembles the material of the same name

19. Jade:  Bad-tempered or disreputable female

20. Flint:  Cold-hearted

21. Fudgey:  Soft and sweet

22. Funky:  The 60s term for “cool”

23. Pudding:  I think of chocolate pudding and a chocolate colored dog.

24. Reiko:  Female name that means “courteous child” in Japanese

25. Sharpie:  Cunning and sly

26. Solomon:  Very wise

27. Spencer:  Means “someone who gives out goods”

28. Spigs:  Something that is very big

29. Gadget:  Go Go Gadget.

30. Jayla:  American name for a girl

31. Genevieve:  Means “woman of the people” (rather, “woman of the dogs”)

32. Gertrude:  Means “spear maiden”

33. Millie:  German for “labor” or “strength”

34. Mya:  Greek for “mother” or “great one”

35. Nike:  Not the shoe company, the Greek goddess of victory!

36. Nikita:  Greek name for “unconquered”

37. Ishtar:  Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of love and war

38. Jello:  Jelly-like and sweet

39. Dylan:  A Welsh male name

40. Eagle:  Possessing keen senses

41. Jezebel: This could be a naughty doggie.

42. Juniper:  An evergreen shrub or tree

43. Juno:  The most important goddess of the Roman state, wife of Jupiter

44. Taz:  As in the Tazmanian Devil.

45. Teddy:  Means “gift of God” amy also refer to anything soft and fluffy, like the Teddy Bear

46. Kai: rejoice

47. Karma:  Destiny or fate

48. Starlight:  The light that is emitted by stars

49. Cricket:  That little insect that makes a characteristic rhythmical chirping sound

50. Dahlia:  If your pup has a flowery personality, this is a great name.

51. Dakota:  Great and unbeatable fighter

52. Dragon:  A fire-breathing mythical monster

53. Dumpster:  Trash receptacle

54. Eskimo:  Inhabitants of the circumpolar region

55. Exodus:  Mass departure

56. Donatella:  The first name of a very successful Italian fashion designer

57. Dozer:  A dog who bulldozes everything (or anything)

58. Stavos:  Name for an elegant male dog

59. Xerxes:  Persian king; also known as Xerxes the Great

60. Yonder:  Refers to the far distance

61. Cupcake:  Small, colorful, and sweet cakes

62. Cusp:  An end where two curves meet

63. Zulu:  A member of a South African people

64. Gia:  Short for “Giana”, “Giada”, “Gian”

65. Giselle:  German for “hostage” or “pledge”

66. Zypher:  A soft or gentle breeze

67. Gideon:  Hebrew for “mighty warrior”

68. Mojo:  Magical charm or spell

69. Jet:  Quick and swift, just like a jet

70. Jewell:  Variation of “jewel”, a precious stone

71. Kira:  Male name that means “dark” in Gaelic

72. Koi:  There is something fishy about this name, but I just can’t put my finger on it.

73. Komet:  Variation of “comet”, celestial object

74. Monster:  Of extraordinary and daunting size

75. Suede:  For a dog with unusual coloring.

76. Lime:  Can be a white caustic alkaline substance or a rounded citrus fruit

77. Loki:  A mischievous and sometimes evil god

78. Pup:  Young dog; short for “puppy”

79. Quark:  A dog that is able to roll into a tiny ball

80. Granite:  Something very hard and impenetrable

81. Guinevere:  The beautiful wife of King Arthur and mistress of Lancelot

82. Hershey:  Sweet and Brown, just like the chocolate

83. Dandelion:  A pesky weed of the daisy family

84. Dauntless:  Brave, fearless, and bold

85. Iris:  Another name for a dog with a flowery personality.

86. Rayne:  Female name that means “queen” in French

87. Reba:  Hebrew for “to tie”

88. Dandy:  Stylish, neat, and fashionable in appearance

89. Dante: ’ Latin for “enduring” or “obstinate”

90. Maple:  A popular tree; flavor of maple syrup or maple sugar

91. Marshmellow:  The white puffy confection roasted over a campfire

92. Opal:  A gemstone of varying colors

93. Ophelia:  Greek for “help” or “aid”

94. Pink: A feminine color between red and white

95. Pique:  Stimulates interest or curiosity

96. Suki:  Female name which means “to like” in Japanese

97. Taffy:  Chewy candy that is similar to toffee

98. Tick:  A small parasite that sucks blood

99. Prophet:  Speaker for God or a deity

100. Matthias:  This is the name of the Disciple who replaced Judas Iscariot.

101. Kiesha:  Means “aliv e and well”

102. Ticker:  Anything or something that ticks, like a watch or the heart

103. Tobiah:  Hebrew word for “God is good”

104. Papaya:  A tropical fruit shaped like an elongated melon

105. Parable:  A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson

106. Phoenix:  A dog that is uniquely remarkable in some respect

107. Shell:  Can be short for “Shelly” or “Shelley”

108. Shiloh:  The historic site of a major Civil War battle in Tennessee

109. Skye:  Female name of Norse origin meaning “cloud”

110. Topaz:  For a dog with dark yellow fur, just like the precious stone

111. Tyle:  Means “tile maker”

112. Eden:  The beautiful garden where Adam and Eve first lived in

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Male Dog Names and Meanings

113. Cordite:  A smokeless explosive used in ammunition

114. Cosette:  Means “a little thing”

115. Crave:  A dog that is asled or desired

116. Bumper:  Exceptionally fine, large, or successful

117. Burley:  Tobacco of a light-colored variety primarily grown in Kentucky

118. Buzz:  A low and continuous humming sound, mostly made by a bee or mosquito

119. Autmun:  The third season of the year, between summer and winter

120. Avalon:  The place to where King Arthur was conveyed after death

121. Boo:  Either a term of endearment or something that a ghost says

122. Booger:  Either a term of endearment or a piece of dried nasal mucus (I know, it’s gross, but it’s a cute name for a dog)

123. Abilene:  Everything is big in Texas, right? If you have a large dog breed, why not name him after this town in Texas.

124. Adze:  Tool used to smooth and carve rough wood

125. Aja:  Means “a little goat” in Hebrew

126. Ambrose:  Name of Greek origin that means “immortal” or “divine”

127. Boss:  The one in charge; the master, head, manager

128. Boxer:  Someone who takes part in boxing

129. Amp:  Great name for a perky pup.

130. Bootsy:  Sounds a little like a cat name, but that’s why I added it to the unusual dog names list.

131. Borat:  The popular fictional character from Kazakhstan

132. Azore:  An archipelago in the North Atlantic Ocean

133. Cadbury:  For a very sweet and unusual dog.

134. Cadence:  The rhythm of the beat

135. Baratza:  For coffee lovers, this is the brand name of a coffee grinder.

136. Baroque:  An artistic style that displays exaggerated drama, exuberance, and grandeur

137. Bashful:  Very shy to strangers

138. Cipher:  A secret

139. Clapton:  This made the unusual dog names list because I love Eric Clapton music. Especially his “Unplugged” album.

140. Clippy:  Nickname for Clippit, an animated character in Microsoft Office

141. Cocoa:  With smooth and brown fur

142. Beaner:  a baseball deliberately thrown at the batter’s head

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Cute Dog Names – Cool Dog Names

143: Anise:  Anise is the spice that tastes a bit like licorice. This is a very good name for a black dog (if you like black licorice).

144: Anya:  A feminine given name; may be short for “Anastacia”

145: Apex:  If your dog has a very pointy tail or another pointy feature, Apex is a great name.

146: Apogee:  The climax or culmination of something

147: Archie:  Short for “Archibalt”‘ also a popular character in a comic series of the same name

148: Ardor:  Full of enthusiasm or passion

149: Arizona:  A state in south USA that borders Mexico

150: Athena:  I added this to the unusual dog names list for a good famale watchdog. Do you have a famale Rottweiler or German Shepherd? Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare.

151: Atticus:  Gregory Peck played the character Atticus Finch in the 1962 movie, To Kill a Mockingbird.

152: Bach:  For the classic music lover.

153: Armin:  Short for “Arminium”, a German war hero

154: Arrow:  A very precise hunying weapon

155: Aruba:  A beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea

156: Baden:  Small toen outside Pittsburgh

157: Badge:  Great name for a guard dog.

158: Baffle:  A dog that leaves anyone bewildered or perplexed

159: Banana:  A long and curved (mostly yellow) fruit, if you must know

160: Biloxi:  A city in southeastern Mississippi

161: Binky:  Something that children feel is very warm to them; childish comfort

162: Bixby:  As in Bill Bixby of Incredible Hulk fame. Great name for a horse, too.

163: Blaze:  Dog with a white spot or stripe on the face

164: Banjo:  A stringed musical instrument, smaller than a guitar

165: Bronson:  As in the great movie actor, Charles Bronson.

166: Canyon:  A depp gorge

167: Chance:  A possiblity of something happening

168: Chaos:  With an unpredictable or even random behavior

169: Bee Gee:  Hats off to Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy.

170: Beige:  Perfect name for a dog with a pale sandy yellowish-brown

171: Benz:  For Mercedes lovers (Mercedes should probably be on the unusual dog names list, too!)

172: Beowulf:  Name of the legendary Scandinavian hero

173: Berkley:  A variation of the city in California, Berkeley

174: Bert:  A Sesame Street character, bestfriend of Ernie

175: Bianca:  Means “white” in Italy

176: Biker:  A motorcyclist or a member of a motorcycle gang

177: Blazer:  Someone who glows, burns, or flares — figuratively, of course

178: Blizzard:  I love this name for a Siberian Husky.

179: Blogger:  Purely a 21st Century name.

180: Branson:  A city in southwestern Missouri, noted as a resort based on country music

181: Bronx:  Great name for a Bulldog. Can’t you just see your Bulldog strutting through New York streets?

182: Bullet:  The projectile that comes from firearms

183: Cadillac:  Large, luxury vehicles; sometimes refered to as Caddys

184: Caiya:  Cute name for a female dog

185: Cameo:  A lovely piece of jewelry, mostly shaped oval

186: Candy:  Small and sweet

187: Brickle Brittle:  easily cracked or snapped

188: Bristles:  Having short and stiff hair, just like a toothbrush

189: Britches:  Southern slang for “jeans” or “pants”

190: Charlemagne:  One of Europe’s most successful monarchs

191: Charm Charming:  full of charm

192: Cayden:  American name for “fighter”

193: Century:  Equal to 100 years; perfect name for an old dog, or a dog that you think (or hope) will live long

194: Chicken:  A scaredy cat (or dog, rather); coward

195: Chief:  The leader, king, manager, boss, etc.

196. Beanie:  Brightly colored knitted cap worn by children.

197. Donatella: Given by God (Italian).

198. Leslie:  Garden of holly (Scottish).

199. Myra:  Village (Japanese).

200. Muse:  Goddess that inspires the creation of art and poetry.

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