Truth or dare questions is a very popular and interesting game. It is always best when played among close friends and a sure way of getting to know your friends more and what they have been up to lately. Also it is a great way to know more about a new friend you just met. This game can be played by anyone though it has a version made for kids and one made for adults. This game will surely spice up your party and make it more fun. Here is a huge list of good truth or dare questions, mostly for adults.

Good Truth or Dare Questions For The Strong Minded


1. Describe your worst date ever?

2. If there was no such thing as money, what would you do with your life?

3. What is your favourite food?

4. What are your three favourite colours, and why?

5. What is your dream job?

6. If you were trapped on an island for 3 days, what would you take with you?

7. Who is your favourite person and why?

8. Do you prefer apple or android?

9. How do you put your toilet paper on the roll?

10. What is your best talent?

11. Do you believe in love at first sight?

12. Do you believe in love at all?

13. What is your dream wedding?

14. Would you ever consider being a nudist?

15. How do you feel about end pieces of a loaf of bread?

16. Can you touch your tongue to your nose?

17. If you could take away one bad thing in the world, what would it be?

18. What is your guilty pleasure?

19. What is the most exotic food that you have ever eaten?

20. What is your biggest fear in a relationship?

21. What was your funniest first date ever?

22. What is your biggest turn off in a partner?

23. What is your weirdest habit?

24. How many kids would you like to have?

25. What is the perfect first day?

26. What is one embarrassing fact I should know about you?

27. What was your childhood nickname?

28. What is your favourite movie?

29. What country would like to live in if you had the chance?

30. If you could change one thing on your body, what would it be?

31. What do you daydream about the most?

32. Describe the weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

33. Can you lick your elbow?

34. Is the dress Black and Blue or Gold and White?

35. How do you feel about social media?

36. What is your favourite season of the year?

37. Could you go a week without junk food?

38. How was your first kiss?

39. Describe your worst kiss ever?

40. Do you like to exercise?

Truth or dare questions 1

41. What was your best sexual experience?

42. What is the longest you’ve ever given head?

43. Do you enjoy rough or slow sex?

44. Do you prefer to be on top or bottom?

45. What is your favourite position?

46. Do you like anal?

47. What is your least favourite position?

48. What is the worst sexual experience you’ve ever had?

49. Have you ever had sex outside?

50. Where is the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

51. Have you ever performed oral on someone of the same sex?

52. Have you ever paid for sex?

53. Who was your first partner?

54. Have you ever made a video of yourself?

55. Who is your favourite porn star?

56. What is your favourite type of porn?

57. Would you ever do a 3-some?

58. How do you feel about sex in groups?

59. Would you ever watch your partner have sex with someone else?

60. How many partners have you had at one time?

61. Describe how you orgasim feels?

62. Where is your favourite place to be kissed?

63. Have you ever taken it in the butt or would you?

64. What is the longest time you’ve gone without sex?

65. What is your favourite type of foreplay?

66. Have you done role-playing?

67. What is your role-playing fantasy?

68. What is your “sweet spot”?

69. What is your strangest sexual fantasy?

70. Would you ever have sex for money?

71. How flexible are you?

72. How many orgasms have you had in one sexual encounter?

73. Spit or Swallow?

74. What was your first impression of your spouse?

75. How soon did you realize that you were in love with your partner?

76. Who is your favourite in-law?

77. Who is your least favourite in-law?

78. How many children would you like to have?

79. What is your favourite strip club?

80. Have you ever thought about being a stripper?

81. Do you prefer the lights on or off?

82. Does size matter?

83. Do you prefer to have music in the background, or for it to be be quiet?

84. Do you prefer for your partner to be silent, or do you like moans?

85. Do you like a lot of foreplay?

86. Have you ever thought about marrying someone else?

87. How many relationships have you had before your spouse?

88. What is your partner’s most annoying habit?

89. What is the sweetest thing your spouse has ever done for you?

89. What is your favourite thing about your spouse?

90. What can your spouse do/say to make you do anything?

91. If you had never met your spouse where do you think you would be?

92. What body part of your spouse does you like the most?

93. What is the sexiest thing about your spouse?

94. If you could fix one body part on your spouse, which would it be?

95. Does your spouse act more like their mother or their father?

96. Is your spouse a good dancer?

97. What is your spouse’s favourite colour?

98. What is your spouse’s favourite sport’s team?

99. What was your spouse’s childhood nickname?

100. What could your spouse not go a day without?

101. Would your spouse trade you for a million dollars?

102. What is one lie your spouse tells everyone else, but you know the truth?

103. Have you ever accused you spouse of cheating?

104. How many times have you and your spouse broken up before you got married?

105. Would you leave your spouse if it meant that you would be very rich?

106. What white lie have you told your partner to make sure not to hurt their feelings?

107. What was the best night you have ever had with your spouse?

108. What sexual position do you and your spouse use the most?

109. How many days could you go without your spouse?

110. What personality trait does you least like about your spouse?

111. How soon did you want start a family?

112. What is your favourite song?

113. Who is your favourite Disney character?

114. What is your favourite TV show?

115. What is your pet’s name?

116. What is your shoe size?

117. What is your favourite movie?

118. Who is your favourite singer?

119. Do you like bugs?

120. What is your favourite vegetable?

121. Would you rather be a chicken or duck?

122. Would you rather be a pig or snake?

123. What is your favourite game to play?

124. Do you like doing chores?

125. What is your favourite thing to do on the weekends?

126. Do you know how to dance?

127. Do you know how to cook?

128. Can you speak a different language?

129. What is your favourite thing to do after school?

130. What country would you like to visit with your spouse?

131. Who in your family likes your spouse the least, why?

132. Has your spouse ever done something really embarrassing in public to the point that you did not want to be seen with them?

133. What is your favourite color?

134. What is your favourite animal?

135. What is your favourite food?

136. What is your favourite school subject?

137. Who is your favourite teacher, and why?

138. Are you in any sports?

139. What is your favourite sport?

140. What animal are you scared of?

141. Are you scared of monsters?

142. Do you have an imaginary friend?

143. Who is your best friend?

144. When did you learn how to ride a bike?

145. Can you use a pogo stick?

146. If you could be any animal, which one would you be?

147. What is your favourite place to go out to eat?

148. How people have you slept with on campus?

149. What is your real GPA?

150. What is your least favourite frat on campus?

151. What did you do on your first night of freshman year?

152. Would you ever have sex with one of your professors? If so, which one?

153. Have you ever blacked out from drinking too much?

154. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done while drunk?

155. Who is the best roommate that you have ever had?

156. What is the most annoying thing that your roommate has ever done?

157. Have you ever had sex anywhere on campus?

158. What do you want to be when you grow up?

159. What is your favourite sport in the Olympics?

160. What is the capital of the state that you live in?

161. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

162. If you a million dollars, what would you do with all of your money?

163. If you could dye your hair any colour, what colour would you pick?

164. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

165. Have you ever had sex in your roommate’s bed?

166. Did you smoke or drink before college? Or did you start when you got here?

167. Have you ever been a stripper?

168. Have you ever wanted to have an orgy?

169. Have you used a toy while have sex?

170.What is the longest you’ve had sex in one session?

171. What is most amount of shots that you have taken in one night?

172. Have you ever spent your parent’s money on alcohol?

173. How many freshmen have you slept with?

174. Have you ever taken money from a freshman?

175. Have you ever lied to your parents about if you were in classes or not?

176. Have you ever taken money from your roommate?

177. What is the most annoying thing your roommate does?

178. Have you been in any fights while in school?

179. Have you ever had someone write a paper for you?

180. Have you ever done a sex train?

181. What is the most annoying thing that your mom does?

182. What is the most annoying thing that your dad does?

183. Have you ever snuck anyone into to the house?

184. How many times have you snuck out of the house?

185. What is the best dish that you mom makes for dinner?

186. If you could change any of the house rules, what would it be?

187. Would you rather be a horse or a cow?

188. What is the funniest thing your grandparents have ever said?

189. If you could get rid of one household chore, what would it be?

190. What is your favourite cartoon from your generation?

191. Have you ever slept with your roommate’s bf/gf?

192. Have you ever had sex in your parent’s bed?

193. Would you drop out of school if you were to win the lottery?

194. What is the best party that you’ve ever been to?

195. How many parties have you thrown at your house?

196. Have you ever had a threesome?

197. What is your favourite childhood song?

198. What is your favourite board game to play with your family?

199. If you could put one person in your family on mute for a day, who would it be?

200. At what age did you learn to ride a bike?


201. Yell out the first word that comes to your mind right now

202. Call the pizza place and order 300 sardine pizzas

203. Pound on your chest and act like a gorilla for the next minute

204. Sing everything you say for the next 10 minutes

205. Give a foot massage

206. Say the alphabet backwards in 15 seconds

207. Go to the neighbour’s house and ask for a banana

208. Go up to someone random and ask for a hug

209. Do an impression of your favorite celebrity

210. Close your eyes and send a blind text to a random person

211. Go grab a broom and do your best tango

212. Give a 3 minute stand-up comedy routine

213. Break dance

214. Make up a story about the item to your right

215. Sing the alphabet without moving your mouth

216. Do your best president impression

217. Set your cell phone language to Chinese for the next 10 minutes

218. Act like your favourite Disney character for the rest of the game

219. Sing “Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star” while beat boxing

220. Give a concert with your air guitar

221. Make up a short rap about another player

222. Act like Romeo from “Romeo and Juliet” (pick who you want to be Juliet)

223. Do an impression of someone until another player can guess who you are

224. Say “ya heard meh” after everything you say for the next 5 minutes

225. Act like you do not understand your own language until your next turn (come up with your own language)

226. Use the letters of the name of another player to describe them (ex. SAM : S – Silly ; A – Attractive ; M – Merry)

227. Only use sign language for the next round

228. Do pushups until it’s your turn again

229. Make a poem using the words orange and moose

230. Unbuckle your own belt using your elbows

Good Truth or Dare Questions For The Strong Minded

231. Brush someone else’s teeth

232. Twerk for a minute

233. Belly dance to a country song

234. Make up a country song of the top of your head

235. Get on all fours and act like a dog until your next turn

236. Wear a finger moustache for the next 5 minutes

237. Only use your elbows and knees to go make a sandwich

238. Lick your partner (or person to your left) from their neck all the way to the brim or their underwear

239. Suck on your partner’s belly button for a minute

240. Lick or suck on the nipples of your partner for a minute

241. Unwrap a piece of candy in your mouth

242. Put a wrapped piece of candy in your mouth and then unwrap it with your partner

243. Take off your partner’s underwear using only your teeth

244. Kiss your partner all around their “down-low” area (not the actual part tough)

245. Put your hand down your partner’s pants until the next round

246. Make out with the person to the right of you (if okay with your partner :])

247. With no bottoms, sit on your partner’s man piece until the next round (women)

248. With no bottoms, spoon your partner until the next round

249. Write a Facebook (or other social media) post only using your toes

250. Take a selfie with the toilet and post it online

251. Paint your toenails only using your teeth

252. Get on the table (or in the middle/front) and do a strip tease

253. Tie a cherry stem with your tongue

254. With clothes on (for now) top your partner and start riding

255. Twerk in only your underwear

256. Give a hand job for 3 minutes

257. Make love with your partner for 3 minutes only (must stop after 3 minutes)

258. Take off your partner’s bra (or nearest woman’s) using only your teeth

259. Give a back rub the person to your right

260. Pull up your favourite porn site your phone right now

261. Send a nude to your ex

262. Wear a pair of your partner’s underwear

263. Put a hickey on the inner thigh of the person to your left

264. Give head to the person next to you for 2 full songs

265. Make your partner cum using only your hands

266. Let your partner rub your inner thighs, but don’t let yourself get hard

267. Make a porno in front of the group. You must do everything the group says to do for 10 minutes

268. You must act like the sex slave to the person to your right. Doing whatever they say to do for the next 15 minutes.

269. Go blindfolded into the closet, undress, and redress with items only available in that same closet.

270. Kiss your favourite part of your spouse

271. Do an impression of your favourite in-law

272. Do an impression of your least favourite in-law

273. Sing you and your spouse’s favourite song

274. Do an impression of your spouse

275. Take a strawberry and eat it with your spouse

276. Say something that only your spouse will understand

277. Whisper something in your spouse’s ear that will turn them on

278. Give your spouse a backrub

279. Take off your spouse’s shirt only using your teeth

280. Give your spouse a lapdance

281. Hop in the shower with your spouse, stay in there while two of your favourite songs play

282. Go five minutes without looking at your spouse at all

283. Give your spouse an eskimo kiss

284. Do an impression of your spouse’s best friend

285. Turn your spouse on without touching them

286. Be your spouse’s slave for the next 15 minutes

287. Pour syrup on your spouse and then eat it off of them

288. Make out with your spouse until the next round

289. Sit upside down on your spouse’s lap until the next round

290. Make up a 2 minute song about your spouse

291. Sing to your spouse

292. Give your spouse a foot rub for 3 minutes

293. Blow a raspberry on your spouse’s forehead

294. Brush your spouse’s teeth

295. Take your spouse’s phone and go through all the emails and pictures, but don’t say a word about what you see

296. Walk on your spouse’s back for a minute

297. Do the silliest dance that you can think of

298. Give your partner head for 3 minutes

299. Take and ice cube and run it up and down your partner’s body until it is melted

300. Spray whipped cream (or any other food) all over someone in the group and eat it off of them