Since 2015, Huniepop has succeeded in winning hearts all over the world. There aren’t many games like Huniepop which have been as successful in creating a cult-like fan base. Since its debut, it has been met with positive reception and has been compared favorably to fan favorites such as candy crush.

Huniepop is an adult game – a combination of a dating sim and tile matching puzzle game. It follows a character (which could either be male or female) as they interact with different women who have different and distinct personalities. The player interacts with each woman by giving them gifts and talking to them. In doing so, they are awarded ‘Hunie’ which is the in-game currency. The more success the player achieves, the higher the chance of taking the women out on dates, and eventually have sex with them. Sounds fun, right?

However, if you’ve had your fill of Huniepop and are looking for more in the same vein; here are seven games like Huniepop that you’re sure to enjoy.

1. Sengoku Rance

Games Like Huniepop

Sengoku Rance is the answer you’re looking for if you want games like Huniepop. The game follows Rance, a ruthless warrior who is not like many main characters in common games. He is not on a mission, not looking for vengeance or even looking to lay waste to his enemies. Primarily, Sengoku Rance is an ‘adult’ game and as such, the character’s main motivation is sex.

It is particularly noted for having impeccable comic moments every now and again, without having to rely heavily on the R-Rated content of the game.

Definitely worth trying out.

2. Roommates

Games Like Huniepop

This fan favorite game was released in 2014. It is a visual novel game and can be played on platforms such as iOS, Andriod, Windows, OS X and Mac.

This single player game allows you to choose your protagonist: either the quiet and shy Anne or the rebellious Max, depending on the sex you prefer.

It begins from the first day of college and follows the protagonist as they share their house with roommates. It also follows the main character as he/she goes through their day-to-day lives and also during special occasions.

Other characters include Dominic, Roxanne, Isabella, Sally, Butch, Carmen and Sally.

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3. Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

Games Like Huniepop

Yet another sim game on this list. This game was developed by Magic Notion and released in 2014.

The game follows Kitty Powers as she launches a new branch of her matchmaking business. The player works as a matchmaker in the game, responsible for finding the perfect match for different characters. You, the player, are allowed to share one character’s data with another in order to secure a match, you are also allowed to customize the different characters.

Once you find compatible matches you then arrange a date for them and guide them through it, while also playing different mini games in it too.

Kitty Power’s Matchmaker is available on Windows, OS X, and Android and IOS as well.

4. Shira Oka: Second Chances

games like huniepop

Of all games like Huniepop, Shira Oka: Second Chances is one of the most likeable because of its relatability thanks to its high school plot.

The refreshing game features human characters, all of which are essentially good people. The game also involves in-depth story telling and role playing. You also enjoy a host of other mini games to keep you hooked. Its old school visuals contribute to its charming appeal.

Another fun fact about Shira Oka: Second Chances is that there many options available to the player, hundreds of them. Every time the game is played, a new story branch is made available to explore.

5. Dandelion – Wishes Brought To You

games like huniepop

Dandelion is a dating simulation that features a certainly different storyline.

The lead character is a female who has to choose from five different guys to date. Being busy with no time for herself, she is unable to be happy. Then one day, she finds a basket with five cats and rabbits in. Not finding anyone to return or report it to, she kept the basket and then one day, the cats and rabbits turn into guys, which become her love interests.

She has the option of dating any of them and the game ends when she finally chooses one of the men as her paramour.

6. Little Witch Romanesque

Little Witch Romanesque is a collection of strategic mini games. The anime style game has an awesome storyline where the player mentors two young witches. As the player, you teach them new skills, train them and give them tasks and quests when they are ready from all the training.

As expected, the game also contains some adult scenes. But that’s not what makes the game so fun, it’s the little adventures and quests that get the player addicted.

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7. Conception II: Children Of The Seven Stars

Conception II: Children of Seven Stars is a role playing game which was released in 2013.

In the game, the player needs to gain control of a high school student who contains a high amount of ether in his system. The ether permits him to conceive more like him through interactions with his classmates.

This unique plotline begins after the lead character gains admission into a school where they are taught to fight demons. He is able to reproduce more star children like himself by simply touching other female students.

Interesting enough to be considered one of the best games like Huniepop? You’ll have to play and find out.