Are you bored with all those common wifi names that usually pop up each time you put on your device, you can actually make it fun starting with changing yours and getting your neighbours laughing each time they see it. It is is also a way of sending a message to your neighbours especially those that have been trying to hack into your wifi. Its such a funny and crazy way to play around without hurting anyone. Here are some examples of funny WiFi names that you might want to choose from.

Funny WiFi Names

Funny WiFi Network Names – WiFi Names Funny

1. I’m Watching You Now

2. Skynet Global Defense Network

3. Let Me Out Of Your Router

4. Undercover Police Car

5. I’m Cheating on my WiFi

6. InterTubes

7. Mom – Click Here for Internet

8. The Promised LAN

9. NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking

10. Call Me Maybe

11. Hidden Network

12. FBI Surveillance Van

13. DEA Surveillance

14. I’m In Your Closet

15. C:\Virus.exe

16. No Wi-Fi For You

17. My Neighbors Suck!

18. Slow WiFi

19. Optimus Prime

20. WamBamThankYouLan

21. TellMyWiFiLoveHer

22. New England Clam Router

23. Keep it on the Download

24. Please Click For Identity Theft

25. Network Not Found

26. Because a LANnister Never Forgets

27. Occam’s Router

28. Viruses Are Us

29. NotTheDroidsYourLookingFor

30. It Burns When IP

31. I’m Under Your Bed

32. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi

33. IP Freely

34. No Internet Access

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Funny Names For WiFi – Clever WiFi Names

35. NSA Net Secure

36. Get Off My LAN

37. The LAN Before Time

38. Untrusted Network

39. Virus Detected! Do Not Join

40. Malware Repository

41. Access Denied

42. Uncle_Touchys_Game_Room

43. Abraham Linksys

44. IP-UP

45. YerBabyIsReallyUgly

46. John Wilkes Bluetooth

47. Bill Clinternet

48. AllYourBandWidthRbelongToUS

49. Drop it Like a Hotspot

50. Router? I Hardly Knew Her

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Good WiFi Names – Cool WiFi Names

51. Blinksys-182

52. Connect for identity theft

53. Trapped in router send help!

54. My Neighbors Suck

55. Don’t Even

56. Only If You Help Me Pay For It

57. That 70’s Router

58. Abraham Linksys

59. Router? I Hardly Knew Her!

60. Stop using our network, Steve

61. Hey You Kids, Get Off My LAN!

62. International Terrorist Network

63. Deep Thought

64. Will connect for beer

65. FBI Surveillance Van 7

66. PlzBringVodkaToApt1310

67. Sorry, you can’t use this

68. Nope, not this one either

69. We Can Hear You Having Sex

70. No Wi-Fi For You

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