Indian last names have distinctive meanings just like any other name in the world, at least this article confirms that. The Indian people who are originally from the Asian continent, have their unique cultural practices and religion.

Indian family names or last names are derived from a variety of systems and naming conventions. Usually, these last names are influenced by either Caste, Profession, region, or religion.

Also, the Indian last names would have been largely alien to foreigners but through the information on the internet, movies and other notable mediums, foreigners now have a pretty good idea of what these names sound and look like.

Most times, you could be an Indian, with a last name you don’t know the meaning of; this is quite common especially in modern times where some names and languages become rarely used or extinct. Other times, one may not know what his or her last name means, probably because one was born in a foreign land with different culture and languages. Notwithstanding, if you happen to fall into the category of people who do not know what their last names mean, or you are just one who is curious to know what Indian last names mean, here are 70 Indian last names and their meanings you can browse through.

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Common Indian Last Names

Indian last names

1. Acharya: It means “priest & teacher”

2. Asan: It means “teacher.”

3. Abbott: It means “one who worship and spread teachings of Sanatan Dharam (Hinduism).”

4. Ahuja: It means “a descendant of Ahu.”

5. Arora: It means “a descendant from Aror, today’s Rohri.”

6. Adiga: It means “priest from North Karnataka.”

7. Ahluwalia: It means “a descendant from Ahlu.”

8. Anand: It means “joy.”

9. Banerjee: It means “teacher from the village of Bandoghat.”

10. Bhat/Butt: It means “priest or Scholar.”

11. Bhattathiri: It means “particular class of Brahmins in Kerala.”

12. Bhattacharya: It means “priest & teacher.”

13. Bandyopadhyay: It means “a respected teacher.”

14. Chattopadhyay: It means “a teacher from the Chatta village in Bengal.”

15. Chopra:   It means “descendants of warrior Chaupat Rai

16. Chaturvedi: It means “one who has learned all the four vedas.”

17. Chandra: It means “shining or moon.”

Beautiful Indian Last Names

Indian last names

18. Chakyar: It means “a performance art.”

19. Devar: It means “God.”

20. Dholia: It means “a clan in Northern India and Pakistan.”

21. Dhar: It means “mountain.”

22. Deshmukh: It means “person who heads a territory or country.”

23. Desai: It means “landlord.”

24. Dhawan: It means “messenger on the field of battle.”

25. Dhirwan: It means “one who worship and spread teachings of Maa Rajrajeswari.”

26. Dubashi: It means “a Translator.”

27. Dwivedi:   It means “one who has learned two vedas.

28. Embranthiri: It means “migrated from Karnataka and settled in Kerala.”

29. Emani: It means “faith.”

30. Gandhi: It means “perfume, perfume seller. In Gujarati the word also means grocer or pharmacist.”

31. Gill: It means “Lake/Moisture/Prosperity.”

32. Iyengar: It means “one who has undergone the 5 purification rituals.”

Good Indian Names

Indian last names

33. Iyer: It means “noble.”

34. Jha: It means “a community of highly cohesive, traditional Brahmins who form part of ancient Vedic Brahmins.”

35. Jain: It means “follower of Jainism. Which is derived from Jina (one who overcomes).”

36. Joshi: It means “practioner of Jyotish or astrology.”

37. Jindal: It means “steel King.”

38. Kakkar: It means “strong.”

39. Kapoor: It means “descendants of Moon.”

40. Kaniyar: It means “those who calculate.”

41. Khanna: It means “sword.”

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42. Khatri: It means “ruler.”

43. Kaviraj: It means “doctor.”

44. Kori: It means “clean.”

45. Kocchar: It means “armour.”

46. Lal: It means “darling, precious, beloved, boy.”

47. Mahajan: It means “literally means big People.”

48. Mahto: It means “head of the village.”

Deep Indian Last Names

Indian last names

49. Nayar: It means “leader, soldier.”

50. Nagarajan: It means “cobra king.”

51. Nai: It means “barber”.

52. Odda: It means “agriculture workers and laborers.

53. Pamireddy: It means “snake killer.”

54. Qassab: It means “butcher”.

55. Rai: It means “king, chief, sovereign.”

56. Sachdev: It means “true, virtuous, good.”

57.Trivedi: “learned in 3 vedas.

58. Undirmare: It means “mice killer.”

59. Velama: It means “agricultural laborers.”

60. Varma: It means “armor”, “protection”.

61. Telaga: It means “agricultural laborers.”

62. Venkatesh: It means “lord, master, husband.”

63. Vellala: It means “agricultural laborers.”

64. Verma: It means “armor, protection.”

65. Waghdare: It means “tiger Catcher.”

66. Warsi: It means “loveable.”

67. Yadav: It means “Clique of krishna”.

68. Zacharias: It means “God has remembered.”

69. Zaveri: It means “jeweler.”

70. Zutshi: It means “friendly by Nature.”