The world is full of cycles, the old always comes back new again. Same methodology applies to names. In recent times, lots of parents have been choosing names popular in years lone gone by. These are old lady names from the 1800s through the mid 1900s which eventually fell out of style. However, these old fashioned names are cool and  are trending again.

These names back then were traditional and familiar names, yet they are new and fresh again. In this article, we’ve beamed our focal light on the female version of these names, Lady names that are trending yet old by nature. Compiled below are some of these names which you may consider cool enough to give to your daughters.

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Old Lady Names That Are Still Trendy

Old lady Names

1. Adeline – an English “form of Adelaide”.

2. Alice – a German old lady name meaning “Noble”.

3. Amelia – a Latin name , “variation of Emily”.

4. Anna – a Latin Name meaning “Full of Grace or Favor”.

5. Annie – a Greek name meaning “Gorgeous, Kindhearted and gentle”

6. Barbara – a feminine form of Greek word Barbaros meaning “Barbarian”

7. Beatrice – a French name meaning “she who makes happy”.

8. Bertha – a German name meaning “Bright one”.

9. Bessie – a diminutive form of Elizabeth, Beatrice.

10. Betty – a diminutive form of Elizabeth

11. Brenda – an English name (Old Nordic) Meaning Torch  and Sword

12. Carol – an English name and a short form on Caroline meaning “Song” or “Hymn

13. Carolyn – a variant of Caroline

14. Cheryl – An English Name meaning “Dear”, “Beloved”, “Friend and Love”

15. Clara – a Latin name meaning “Clear and Bright”.

16. Cynthia – a Greek name and an epithet of the Greek goddess Artemi

17. Deborah – a Hebrew name meaning “bee”

18. Debra – an English variant of Deborah

19. Diane – French name gotten from the latin name Diana noted for “beauty and Swiftness”

20. Donna – an English name meaning “woman” or “lady”

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More Old Lady Names That Are Still Trending

21. Doris – a Greek name meaning “Gift”.

22. Dorothy – English name meaning “Gift of God”.

23. Elizabeth – a Greek name meaning “oath of God” or “God is Satisfaction”.

24. Ella – an English name meaning Beautiful F

25. Emma – an English name derived from old German word for “Whole or “Universal”

26. Ethel – an English name meaning “Noble”.

27. Evelyn – an English name derived from Aveline (French)

28. Florence – an English name meaning “Blossoming in faith”

29. Frances – a Latin name meaning “Free one” or “From France”

30. Gloria – a Latin name meaning “Glory”

31. Grace – an English name meaning “God’s Favor”.

32. Hazel – an English name gotten from “hazel nut tree”.

33. Helen – a Greek Name meaning “Shining Light”.

34. Henrietta – a female form of Henry, an Engish name meaning “Home Ruler”

35. Ida – derived from the Germanic word “id” meaning “labor or work”.

36. Irene – a Greek name meaning “Peace”.

37. Janet – a diminutive of Jane meaning “God is gracious”.

38. Jean – a French name meaning the “God is Gracious”

39. Joyce – an English name meaning “cheerful”.

40. Judith – from the Hebrew name “Yehudit” meaning “woman from Judea

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Other Trendy Old Lady Names 

41. Judy – a short form of Judith

42. Karen – a Greek name meaning “pure”.

43. Kathleen – an derived from the Greek name “Aikaterine”

44. Lilian – Among Latin old lady names, it means “Lily Flower”.

45. Linda – a German name meaning “soft, tender” or “beautiful”

46. Loretta – a Latin name meaning laurel “tree” or “Sweet”

47. Mabel – a Latin name meaning “Beautiful”

48. Margaret – Derived from the Greek word Magarita meaning “Pearl”

49. Marjorie – a Greek name meaning “Pearl’.

50. Marie – a French form of Mary derived from Latin Maria.

51. Martha – an Aramaic name meaning Lady.

52. Mary – a Hebrew name meaning “Wished for child, rebellion, bitter.”

53. Mildred – an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “Gentle Strength”

54. Minnie – a diminutive of Minerva, Wilhelmina.

55. Nancy – a Hebrew name meaning “Grace”

56. Naomi – a Hebrew name meaning “Pleasant”.

57. Nellie – an English name meaning “shining Light, or Most beautiful woman”.

58. Nora – An English and Greek name meaning “Light”

59. Olive/Olivia – a Latin name meaning name “Olive tree”.

60. Pamela – an English name taken to mean “All sweetness”.

61. Patricia – a Latin name meaning “Noble”.

62. Ruth – a Hebrew name meaning “companion, Friend, vision of beauty”.

63. Sandra – a short form of Alexandra or Cassandra meaning “Protector or defender of Man”

64. Sarah – a Hebrew name meaning, “lady, princess, noblewoman”

65. Sharon – a Hebrew name meaning “plain”

66. Shirley – an English name meaning “bright wood”

67. Stella – a Latin name Meaning “Star”.

68. Susan -derived from French, Latin and Greek, meaning “lily”.

69. Virginia – derived from ancient Roman name Virginius meaning “Virgin”.

70. Vivian – derived from the latin name Vivianus meaning “Lively”.