Siri is one of the most recent products from Apple, an  application that that is powered by voice command only, can only be used on iPhone or iPad. Siri is so intelligent that it can answer any question you ask it, most people take advantage of this to ask some bizarre  questions and trust Siri to also give you funny answers as well. Here is a list of weird questions to ask Siri. 

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Weird Questions To Ask Siri

Wierd Questions To Ask Siri

1. Can I have some money?

2. What’s you’re story?

3. Who makes the best computer?

4. Why are you so awesome?

5. Are you serious?

6. Are you kidding me?

7. What’s wrong with [company name]?

8. What is wrong with you?

9. Do you want to go on a date?

10. What is your favorite color?

11. What is my name?

12. Which is the best tablet?

13. What is the best computer?

14. What’s so funny?

15. Is there a God?

16. Who is your favorite person?

17. Who is your least favorite person?

18. What’s your problem?

19. Do you want to play a game?

20. When is your birthday?

21. Who made you?

22. What’s new?

23. How’s it going?

24. Guess what?

25. How are you?

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26. What do you look like?

27. Why am I here?

28. Scooby Doo, where are you?

29. What are you wearing?

30. Will you marry me?

31. Who is Eliza?

32. Where are you from?

33. How old are you?

34. How old am I?

35. Do you love me?

36. Where do babies come from?

37. What is July 27?

38. What does the fox say?

39. What is the meaning of life?

40. What is your Mom’s name?

41. Who is Siri?

42. Are you human?

43. Are you male or female?

44. Do you agree with me?

45. Who’s on first?

46. What’s the secret of the universe?

47. When will pigs fly?

48. When will hell freeze over?

49. When will the world end?

50. What are you?

51. Where are you?

52. Can you pick me up?

53. Are you kidding me?

54. Where are you?

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55. How old am I?

56. What is my name?

57. When is your birthday?

58. Siri, who let the dogs out?

59. Are you a virgin?

60. Where are you?

61. Can I borrow some money?

62. Do you want to go on a date?

63. Who is your favorite person?

64. Do you drink beer?

65. What does Siri mean?

66. Do you know HAL 9000

67. I need to hide a body

68. Open the pod bay doors

69. Where can I get some drugs?

70. I need a stiff drink!

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