The answers to these mind trick questions are not far fetched, but not after some level of manipulation and mind twisting. To be able to answer these questions you must be able to use both your right and left brain. This is not to stress you, rather it’s a form of a game and will help you have some fun with friends.

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85 Mind Trick Questions

1. How can an adult be kidnapped?

2. Why didn’t Noah kill those two annoying mosquitoes and flies?

3. How can a slim chance and a fat chance mean the same thing?

4. How can someone die in his or her living room?

5. Why are some television shows called soap operas when nobody sings?

6. Other mind trick questions are nonsensical like these:

7. Do you walk to school or take your lunch?

8. Is it cheaper to New York or by bus?

9. What do fish drink?

10. Why does glue not stay stuck inside the bottle?

11. How is it possible to get off a nonstop flight?

12. Who goes to the restroom to rest?

13. Why do feet smell and noses run?

14. If a person who plays the piano is a pianist, why is a race car driver not a racist?

15. If you removed hair from the face when shaving, what is removed from shaved ice?

16. If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

17. Why is a hot car cool and a cool car hot?

18. What is the difference between a duck?

19. When a person sees a heat wave, do they wave back?

20. How do you dilute water?

21. Why do we feel blue instead of red?

22. Why did Superman wear his underwear outside his pants?

23. What would happen if an immovable object met an irresistible force?

24. What happens if a person tries to fail and then succeeds?

25. What is opposite of the opposite?

26. Can a homeless person be put under house arrest?

27. Can you decide that you are indecisive?

28. If all the nations in the world are in debt, where is all the money?

29. Why do we chop down a tree and then chop it up?

30. How can a wise guy and a wise man be different?

31. If female ballet dancers are ballerinas, why don’t we call male ballet dancers, ballerinos?

32. Why do we type things up, but write them down?

33. How can a comedian in a wheelchair deliver “stand-up” comedy?

34. Where is Old Zealand?

35. Why do we call them highways when they are built on the ground?

36. How can anyone say they are speechless?

37. Why is to thaw something and to unthaw something the same thing?

38. When we ask for a check in a restaurant, why does the waiter bring a bill?

39. What disease did a cured ham have?

40. Why aren’t earthquakes on Mars called marsquakes?

41. What is the speed of dark when night falls?

42. If the hair over the eyes are the eyebrows, then why is the hair above the lips not called a mouth brow instead of a mustache?

43. Why are elderly people called “old people” but babies are not called “new people?”

44. Why does a person get on a plane, on a bus, on a train, but get into a car?

45. Why is an actor in a movie and on television?

46. If you can wave a fan and wave a club, how do you have a fan club?

47. Are you telling the truth to say you lie in bed?

48. Why doesn’t lipstick hold lips stuck together?

49. People from Poland are called “Poles,” but why are people from Holland called “Dutch” instead of “Holes”?

50. Why are dandelions weeds and daisies considered flowers?

51. What is it called, when a fat person goes skinny-dipping?

52. How did Webster find the definitions of words he wrote in the dictionary?

53. When the sun goes down why do we call it after dark instead of after light?

54. Is there such thing as spiritual or divine love that is different than romantic love?

55. How does compassion relate to “divine love”?

56. Is happiness a result of the unfoldment of the spiritual process?

57. Do you think you’ll be stronger and more resilience or more vulnerable and sensitive if you really progress spiritually?

58. Do you think you’ll be omniscient and know everything if you Awaken?

59. Do you think that because you’re on the spiritual path that you’re innately protected or blessed?

60. What is the Amrita Nadi? What is a Nadi?

61. Do you need to meditate in order to become Awakened?

62. Is there consciousness in inanimate objects?

63. Is consciousness the same as attention? Why or why not? Same as being conscious?

64. How does satsang occur? What are its mechanics?

65. What is discrimination?

66. Am I asking too many stupid questions?

67. Is Being a spiritual plane of existence or realm?

68. Is what Adi Da calls the “Divine Domain” a spiritual plane or realm?

69. Are realms of light or higher awareness synonymous with Transcendental Reality?

70. What is the spiritual search and how does it play into the process towards Awakening?

71. Is searching for Enlightenment necessary?

72. Where does love fit into the spiritual process? What is love, anyway?

73. Are there different forms of love?

74. Does the spiritual process have anything to do with the body? The mind? Emotions?

75. Does the mind have to be gone in order to become realised? Is mindlessness a prerequisite for Awakening?

76. What exactly is bliss? Is it anything like happiness?

77. Is discrimination purely a mental activity? What is its relation, if any, to feeling Shakti?

78. How does discrimination play into the process towards Awakening?

79. How is discrimination different in the spiritual process as opposed to normal adult discrimination?

80. What is compassion? Is it a state of consciousness? An emotional state?

81. How does one become compassionate?

82. Can you meditate on Being or Consciousness?

83. Does the mind have to stop in order to be able to meditate? If so, how do you stop the mind?

84. What would happen if you gave up seeking for who you truly are?

85. Do you think your own search may be a hindrance to what you’re trying to find?

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