Russian Girl Names are as beautiful as they are many. But in their uniqueness, most people often misunderstand them and here’s why.

Russia is the largest country on earth. It is also one of the largely misunderstood countries on earth. No, Russia is not only about tanks and disagreement and accusation of meddling in foreign elections. Russia has so many beautiful sides, one of which is their cute Russian girl names.

Here we have compiled some of the more popular Russian girl names which people of other countries love to use the most.

Popular Russian Girl Names

1. Afanasiia means “Immortal”.

2. Agafiia means “Good”.

3. Aglaya means “Beauty”.

4. Agrafina means “Wild horse”.

5. Akilina means “Eagle”.

6, Aleksandrina means “Defender of mankind”.

7. Aksinya means “Stranger or foreigner”.

8. Alma is a name in honor of River Alma.

9. Alyona means “Torch”.

10. Anfisa means “Flower”.

11. Annushka means “Favor/Grace”.

12. Asya means “Resurrection”.

13. Adtovia means “Good-seeming”.

14. Borislava means “Battle glory”.

15. Bronislava means “Glorious protector”.

16. Dunya means “Good-seeming”.

17. Efim’ia means “Holy, Pious”.

18. Ekaterina means “pure”.

19. Esfir means “Star”.

20. Evgeniya means “Well-born”.

21. Evpraksiya means “Good conduct”.

22. Faina means “Light”.

23. Fekla means “Glory of God”.

24. Gala means “Calm”.

25. Gavriila means “Warrior of God”.

26. Inna means “Strong water”.

27. Iolanta means “Violet flower”.

28. Irina means “Peace”.

29. Isidora means “Gift of Isis”.

30. Jekaterina means “Pure”.

31. Julija means “Descended from Jupiter”.

32. Kapeka means “Little stork”.

33. Katia/Katya means “Pure”.

34. Katjusha means “Little pure one”.

35. Kira means “Ruler, Mistress”.

36. Klava means “Lame”.

37. Ksenija means “Stranger, Foreigner”.

38. Lana means “Light”.

39. Larissa means “Fortified town”.

40. Liouba means “Love”.

Peculiar Russian Girl Names

41. Manya means “Rebellion”.

42. Marfa means “Lady, Mistress”.

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43. Masha means “Rebellion”.

44. Matryona means “Lady, matron”.

45. Nada means “Hope”.

46. Naida means “Water nymph”.

47. Nastassja means “Resurrection”.

48. Nika means “Victor of the people”.

49. Nina means “Favor, Grace”.

50. Ninel is a feminine variant of Lenin the great Russian thinker; Lenin spelt backward.

51. Nona means “Ninth”.

52. Ogafia means “Good”.

53. Ogrufena means “Wild horse”.

54. Olga means “Holy”.

55. Ovdotia means “Good-seeming”.

56. Polina is a Russian variant of Apollo.

57. Prasgoviya means “Preparedness”.

58. Rada means “Happy”.

59. Radinka means “Counsel”.

60. Raisa means “Easy”.

61. Roksana means “Dawn”.

62. Sasha means defender of “Defender of mankind”.

63. Sashura means “Defender of mankind”.

64. Slava means “Glory”.

65. Tamara means “Palm tree”.

66. Tanya means “Father”.

67. Tasha/Natasha means “Birthday, Christmas”.

68. Toma means “Palm tree”.

69. Ustinya means “Fair, Just”.

70. Valeriya means “To be strong”.

71. Varvara means “Foreign, Strange”.

72. Yaroslava means “Spring glory”.

73. Yelena means “Torch”.

74. Yeva means “Life”.

75. Yevdokiya means “Good-seeming”.

76. Zarya means “Sunrise”.

77. Zhanna means “God is gracious”.

78. Zhenya means “Well-born”.

79. Zinovia “Life of Zeus”.

80. Zoya means “Life”.

There are so many more beautiful Russian girl names, but this list is a starting base for any lover of Russian names. Just take your pick and watch your baby grow into the name you choose for her.

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