There are three simple communications devices that every campaign needs: the first one is the message, another has to do with issues that support the message, also, every effective campaign must have an effective slogan. In this article, we are going to address the third on that list – campaign slogans. Campaigns are organized in other to sell the candidate or portray him or her as the best candidates amongst others, giving people every reason why they should vote for that particular candidate. Many strategies are used to actualize this and one of the common and most efficient ones is using a campaign slogan. Different candidates and their political parties come up with their own slogan.

The slogan is usually a short phrase but has the ability to convey the agenda of the candidate or the party to the masses. Whichever slogan the party chooses, the main aim is to draw the attention of the people. Here are some of the best campaign slogans that have been used.

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Funny Campaign Slogans and Slogan Ideas

1. Everyone Says, “Name” for President.

2. Making the World Better Since “Birth Year”. “Name”.

3. Victoria’s Real Secret. She Votes for “Name”.

4. Don’t be a loser, be a chooser

5. I mustache you to vote for me! (with picture of mustache)

6. Vote for me and when parents leave town next weekend party at my house

7. “Name” Does a Student Body Good.

8. Just Do It. Vote for “Name”.

9. Make Someone Happy. Vote for “Name”.

10. “Name”. I’m Good at Looking Busy.

11. I Promise I Will Never Promise Anything. “Name”.

12. I Will Use my New Powers to Change Something. “Name”.

13. Don’t be shy, Give (name) a try

14. Victoria’s real secret: she votes for (name)

15. Vote for me and all of your wildest dreams will come true!

16. Vote for “Name”. I Look Good Don’t I.

17. Vote for “Name”. He is Good at Delegating.

18. I don’t hear voices…. I AM the voice. Vote ( Your Name ) for ( Position )

19. Vote for me to set you free

20. When the going gets tough, I won’t have internal affairs.

21. If you vote for me I promise that I will do something.

22. He’s Not Popular and He’s Not Handsome. So He Has Time for Student Government. “Name”.

23. If You Must Waste Your Vote on Someone, Waste it on “Name”.

24. I Promise I Will Never Promise Anything. “Name”.

25. I Will Use my New Powers to Change Something. “Name”.

26. Make Someone Happy. Vote for “Name”.

27.Pardon Me. Can You Spare a Vote? “Name”.

28. I am nobody.. nobody is perfect.. therefore i am perfect.. vote for _____

29. “Free Drinks On Me” Hang these signs with your picture, on all water fountains.

30. Vote for (Name). If you do, he’ll win.

31. If Bush can do it, God knows I can too!

32. Vote for (Name), she’ll restore the bathroom.

33. I’ve upped my standards. Up yours.

34. My opponent likes Ricky Martin. Vote for me.

35. Vote for (Name)! Sanity is overrated!

36. I know where you live. Vote for (Name)

37. Please Vote For Me…I Already Told My Mom I Won!

38. Vote for (Name) or he’ll cry like a little girl

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Catchy Campaign Slogans

39. Vote for tomorrow.

40. Be the change.

41. Progress you know.

42.Citizen, not politician.

43. Time for change.

44. New leader. New vision. New direction.

45. Secure your future.

46. I win, you win.

47. Take control today or lose it for years tomorrow.

48. Standing up because of you, for YOU.

49. Vote with choice, but let it be only your voice.

50. For our tomorrow, we take action today.

51. Let your decision not be political, but analytical.

52. I don’t promise rapid growth, but growth that is stable.

53. Vote for me, and together we will govern this school/company like father and son!

54. Tell him you’re voting for him. Then, do the smart thing and vote for yourself.

55. Let’s choice a government according your personal values not to a consensus.

56. Flexibility that doesn’t break your budget.

57. We want to be divided by community of opinion not by the states.

58. The Change You Need

59. Choice the political choice you like to be in.

60. We don’t build hope, we build futures.

61. Save the world from the nuclear threat, by the creation of a global government.

62. Today, the school, tomorrow – the world.

63. If you have been waiting for change, it stands right here, in front you.

64. Choose what is right for you, because you can!

65. No war but class war

66. Make love not war

67. Never been had so good

68. Vote for change

69. Give us blood, I will give you freedom!

70. Government of, by, and for the people…not the monied interests

71. Yes we can!

72. Don’t swap horses in midstream

73. Come and take it ٭ Each for all and all for each

74. One people, one empire, one leader

75. Everything within the state, nothing outside the state

76. There’s always a victory to be achieved

77. It’s morning again in America

78. Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow!

79. I propose (to the American people) a new deal

80. The strength and experience to bring real change

81. Change we can believe in

82. No power to the imagination!

83. Bigger cages! Longer chains!

84. God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

85. Labor is not working

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