If you think saying creepy things to freak your friends or people out is a sure way to cure boredom then you are right.

There are creepy things you can say to people, to someone or to your friends that will make shivers run up and down their spine and keep them awake all night.

But brace yourself for some punching or rebuking, because creepy things aren’t funny at all. Otherwise just say it and run for your life.

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Creepy Things to say to Your Friends

1. Fred, remember that time you died?

2. Help!!! They’re after me!

3. That sound you hear at night. That scratching sound. That’s the rats trying to gain entry into your home.

4. Even toilet paper can be used to kill if you know my secret.

5. I’ll surely miss you when you’re gone.

6. What’s that dark cloud over your head?

7. Every time I poop, it reminds me of you.

8. There’s a man and woman that follow you around, I see them sometimes.

9. Is it weird that I like the sound of screaming?

10. You can’t see them but they’ve been watching us for a long time now.

11. Metal scraping against bone sets my teeth on edge.

12. I wish to organize the first serial killer convention. What do I need to do?

13. The soup is made from tears, thickened by a nice roux.

14. I’m seventeen. But I’ve been seventeen for a long time.

15. I had a dream last night that my eyeball fell out! Tell me what that one’s about!

16. I get so tired of watching. I want to start doing.

17. What if the spiritual world is the job and the living world the vacation?

18. I have always had a strong urge to dig my fingers into a person’s eye sockets.

19. Did you know that I could hear the scratching of her fingernails on the casket lid?

20. What if the spiritual world is the job and the living world the vacation?

21. A sharp knife is necessary to slice through flesh. Otherwise, you’ll shake the whole table.

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Creepy Things To Say To Freak Someone Out

Creepy Things

22. Don’t struggle…I hate it when they struggle too much

23. My eyes bleed because I’ve watched you so intently.

24. Am sorry for what’s about to happen!

25. People come here for pain! For suffering! And I am the one that gives it to them!

26. Even my eyes have eyes.

27. I want to be a grave digger when I grow up.

28. It’s happening again!

29. This whole bag of concrete has to go down your throat.

30. I have been sent here to fulfil the secret wishes you’d never utter out loud.

31. I am the bad guy.

32. I always knew it will end like this.

33. The only thing I can tell you about revenge is that it fulfils a need. What that need is, I can’t say, but every time I exact it on the deserving, I feel good, if only for a moment.

34. You have a beautiful head, it will complete my collection.

35. I’ll swallow your soul!

36. Somebody stop me before I do it again…I can’t help it anymore.

37. I think crutches would look good on you.

38. The skin is the best part.

39. If this is what being on drugs is like, sign me up.

40. Would you mind if I take you to the cemetery to see my parents on our first date?

41. I might have to become you some time.

42. My fantasies are much darker than you think, my dear.

43. What would you do if you ever wake up at midnight to find the dark figure at your window?

44. Have ever eaten the invisible sandwich?

45. You have stolen my heart, but that’s OK.  I have three more in the freezer.

46. We’re grilling a kind of meat I bet you’ve never tried before.

47. Would you let me chew your food for you?

48. I’ve tried to take my own life 73 times. Every time was a failure. And messy.

49. Before I was born here I had a sister. Her and my other mother are so old now. They were fine when the car was on fire but I sure wasn’t.

50. You have no right to your own life and if you try to leave me I’ll kill you so nobody else can have you.

51. Just so you know, I wrote your name on my leg with a box cutter so I’ll always have you near me.

52. Did you enjoy that dinner? I put my blood in it. Now part of me is inside of you.”

53. I wish I could cut off all your hair and knit it into a sweater for me to wear. It would keep me warm.

54. Your lips looked dry while you were sleeping, so I licked them for you.

55. Unfortunately, amputation is a requirement of the job.

56. If I don’t make it through this, tell my wife I want her to be buried alive with me.

57. I don’t want to alarm you, but right now, there’s a skeleton inside you.

58. It doesn’t taste like chicken, you know. People who’ve never tried it always say that. It’s more like beef than anything.

59. Bloodshed is the only choice left for me now. Bad news for you.

60. You’re not hiding anything. You’re just hiding everything.

61. Would you like to sell me your pinky finger?

62. Feel free to scream whenever you want.

63. Person A: Did you know that there are five dead kids buried in your back yard?

64. Person B: As a matter of fact, I did.

65. My job is to get the Devil himself out of trouble if need be!

66. My toenails have made many deep marks into that dead flesh.

67. My sleep wasn’t peaceful, though. I have the sense of emerging from a world of dark, haunted places where I traveled alone.

68. People really think there can never be such things as zombies. I want to prove them wrong.

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Creepy Things To Say To People

Creepy Things

69. No one will ever believe you.

70. You’re next.

71. I’ve always wanted to find out what makes kitty cats tick.

72. Razors have so many interesting uses.

73. We’re not alone!

74. The sound of a shovel digging into the earth makes me shiver with anticipation.

75. Nice skin. May I borrow it?

76. Hi hi hi….Die die die…

77. I want everyone to understand how beautiful an autopsy can really be.

78. What’s the best way to talk to dead people?

79. I think I know you from somewhere, but not with your clothes on.

80. Smells like I need to wash my hair.

81. You smell like a dead body.

82. I have diarrhoea and am about blow.

83. Sometimes, the things you see in the shadows are more than just shadows.

84. The worst thing in the world would be to be eaten alive by chickens.

85. Nothing will give you more of a thrill than tracking a human animal.

86. It’s time to round up all the smart people and open them up; time to find out what makes them tick!

87. My hope is that one day I will be able to say, “I’ve killed a chicken.”

88. As a child, I dragged a dead squirrel home, cut it open and tried to look at its brain.

89. The first time you’re careful. You learn what you need to know to kill and take care of the details.

90. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to meet the Devil.