The French language is said to be one of the world’s most sexiest languages on the planet and so can be said about  French names. Apart from the French language being a sexy language, when it comes to the naming process, there are a number of reasons for which parents choose names. This plethora of reasons could range from things like cool, popular, easy to pronounce, unique, among many others.

However, a good French name goes beyond things like it being cool, nice or whatever. As a parent, it will be good to find names that have great meaning attached to it. It is believed that names affect the development of a child into adult-hood be it positively or negatively. Therefore, the name selection process should be thought through with great care.

Nevertheless, if you are having great difficulty coming up with really good French names, we can help with that. Here are 90 of the best  French names that sound really interesting.

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French Male NamesFrench names

1. BASTIEN: “from Sebaste.”

2. AIMERI: “home-ruler.”

3. CYRILLE: “lord.”

4. DAMIEN: “to tame, to subdue.”

5. EMAURRI: “work-power.”

6. ABSOLON: “father of peace.”

7. ELLIOT: “the Lord is my God.”

8. LOUIS: “famous warrior.”

9. ALVERÉ: “elf counsel.”

10.BEAUMONT: beau means “beautiful” and mont means “hill or mountain” therefore it means “beautiful hill.”

11. LIONEL: “little lion” or “young lion.”

12. BASILE: “king.”

13. JÉRÉMIE: “Jehovah casts forth” or “Jehovah hurls.”

14. CORNEILLE: “of a horn.”

15. ACE: “noble at birth.”

16. CONSTANTIN: “steadfast.”

17. IVON: “yew tree.”

18. HERVÉ: “battle worthy.”

19. BÉNÉDICT: “blessed.”

20. HENRI: “home-ruler.”

21. GUSTAVE: French form of Latin Gustavus, meaning “meditation staff.”

22. FRÉDÉRIC: French form of Latin Fredericus, meaning “peaceful ruler.”

23. LÉANDRE: French form of Latin Leander, meaning “lion-man.”

Cool French Names For BoysFrench names

24. ADRIEN: “from Hadria.”

25. DEVEREUX: “from Evreux.”

26. IRÉNÉ: “peaceful.”

27. FLORENTIN: “blossoming.”

28. ABÉLARD: “noble strength.”

29. LUCIEN: “light.”

30. MOISÉ: “drawn out.”

31. JULIEN: “descended from Jupiter.”

32. DION: “Zeus.”

33. MARCEL: “defense” or “of the sea.”

34. ADNET: “earth” or “red.”

35. NARCISSE: “numbness; sleep.”

36. MICHEL: “who is like God?”

37. ZACHARIE: “whom Jehovah remembered.”

38. ADNOT: “earth” or “red.”

39. VIVIEN: “alive, animated, lively.”

40. FABRICE: “craftsman.”

41. ÉMILE: “rival.”

42. TOUSSAINT: “all saints.”

43. STÉPHANE: “crown.”

44. MAXIME: “the greatest.”

45. GÉRARD:”spear strong.”

French Names For Beautiful GirlsFrench names

46. RÉGINE: French form of Latin Regina, meaning “queen.”

47. GISÈLE: “pledge, hostage, noble offspring.”

48. EMMA: “entire, whole.”

49. ELÉONORE: “foreign; the other.”

50. BATHYLLE: “bold battle.”

51. CADICE: “chief.”

52. ÉLISABETH: “God is my oath.”

53. ACELINE: “little noble one.”

54. BRIGITTE: “exalted one.”

55. FAUSTINE: “lucky.”

56. ÉMILIE: “rival.”

57. ADELPHE: “born of the same womb; sibling.”

58. DOROTHÉE: “gift of God.”

59. MARGUERITE: “pearl.”

60. ÉLISE: “God is my oath.”

61. AVRIL: “to open.”

62. FELICE: “happy” or “lucky.”

63. GENEVIÈVE: “race of women.”

64. MARGAUX: “pearl.”

65. ADÉLAÏDE: “noble sort.”

66. EDWIGE: “contending battle.”

67. OCÉANE: “ocean.”

68. FLEUR: French form of Roman Latin Flora, meaning “flower.”

More French Names For GirlsFrench names

69. ESTELLE: French form of Latin Estella, meaning “star.”

70. DOMINIQUE: “belongs to the lord.”

71. ADÈLE: “noble sort.”

72. BARBE: “foreign; strange.”

73. ÉLOISE: “hale-wide; very healthy and sound.”

74. PÉNÉLOPE: “weaver of cunning.”

75. ROCHELLE: Feminine form of French Roch, meaning “rest.”

76. GUINEVERE: “white and smooth.”

77. MANON: “obstinacy, rebelliousness.”

78. EUPHÉMIE: “Well I speak.”

79. ODETTE: Feminine diminutive form of French Oda, meaning “little wealthy one.”

80. SOPHIE: “wisdom.”

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81. JULIETTE: “descended from Jupiter.”

82. FABIENNE: “like Fabius.”

83. DONATIENNE: “given (by God).”

84. STÉPHANIE: Feminine form of French Stéphane, meaning “crown.”

85. LAUDINE: “praise.”

86. EMMANUELLE: “God is with us.”

87. DORIANE: “of the Dorian tribe.”

88. THÉRÈSE: “harvester.”

89. ELAINE: “torch.”

90. SOLANGE: “religious.”

Hope you found the perfect French name for the child you love. We are quite confident you did. Cheers!