About us

…Think You Are Not Able To? …Think Again.

Chartcons.com is a comprehensive resource for building better relationships, improving productivity, efficiency, and communication skills in your day to day living.

We believe that relationships can improve with the right knowledge and through appropriate communication and here at Chartcons, we satisfy your desire for knowledge and personal skill development by bringing you comprehensive communication and inspirational tips as may be applicable in a variety of fields; providing you with effective strategies to adequately express yourself and thrive under any circumstances you may find yourself.

Chartcons.com is the place to be when clueless, curious, or confused because we cater to people of diverse interests who are looking for better ways to communicate and stay connected. We aim to bring you your daily dose of inspiration, all the communication strategies you would ever need, all the business and marketing tips to help you build awesome relationships with people around you, most especially, your loved ones and those that you come across in the day to day running of your business.

Editorial Policy

We want Chartcons to be useful, accurate, and trustworthy and to achieve this, we recruit and work with well-trained and seasoned researchers, writers, editors and reviewers chosen and vetted for subject-matter expertise.

We are deeply committed to making only fair and unbiased reports in every content we publish; therefore, we subject each of our articles through a multi-tier, multi-layered review.

Our team of experienced writers research and write with the reader in mind, with the main goal of providing our users with useful and informative content in a way that is both user-friendly and relevant.

Further to this, an editor (who is an expert in that particular field) is mandated to perform a thorough fact-check of each article, review sources and links for references, quotes, and statistics. In addition, reviewers provide a critical layer of review to ensure the integrity of the content before the article gets published. On the other hand, our statistics and guides are updated from time to time to ensure the information we have is not only current but also accurate.

Our objective is to differentiate ourselves and stand out as number one in the niche we operate in and get known as a trusted and respected platform. In doing this, we don’t lose sight of the need to constantly provide our readers with satisfying, accurate and actionable information that they can always trust.

Please take a look at our Editorial Policy Page for more on our Editorial Ethics & Guidelines


In writing an article, we source materials from a variety of sources and ensure that the information they bear is truthful and factual. We refrain from publishing any piece of information our editorial team has not fully checked and vetted.

Corrections, Updates, and Deletions

We take absolute measure to ensure that the content we publish is accurate when written, however, given how dynamic the digital media space is, if there is a need to make a correction after an article has been published, we don’t hesitate to effect the change no matter how negligible it might be. We are straightforward, very cautious, and are guided by our editorial ethics in the information we publish.

Our team

Tyna Ginikanwa


Tyna is a natural-born problem solver who takes delight in finding common ways around seemingly complex issues. She sees writing as a means of sharing perspectives and any limited free time she can make out is for catching up on with her family, favorite TV shows, and important headlines. Her philosophy is that staying positive in the face of adversity is the easiest way to the winning path.

Eddy Valerii


A natural storyteller and movie enthusiast who would usually be found flipping through Netflix when she is not working. She enjoys striking up meaningful conversations with people and believes that nothing could be better than getting to write and edit for a living, as she is thrilled by the opportunity it provides to learn new things every day.

Adeola Seun


An avid writer for over 8 years with a purpose in mind – I express my thoughts so that others can be inspired to leave their dead weights behind and forge ahead without holding back. Other than writing, he likes to spend his time playing video video games, watching movies, and maintaining a never-ending love/hate relationship with Arsenal.

Sam Daniel


A researcher and content creator who believes that writing fulfills a higher purpose. Sam has a degree in Communications and is passionate about helping people live their lives to the fullest. He has developed a wealth of experience as a reporter and deputy news editor for orientation broadcast studio and finds his inspiration from the people he meets along his journeys.

Chux Obiorah


Chux has a masters degree in engineering from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom with plans to complete an MBA in Journalism, Online media, and Web Technology. Chux believes that a strong human connection is what defines our overall wellbeing and when he is not at work, he is catching up with his young son.

Chiamaka Okoh


Chiamaka is an ardent writer and has written across various channels. The opportunity that writing provides as an avenue to access and share knowledge is what inspires her. She believes that growth means being able to add positive attributes to one's character, even if it is just one trait.

Mex Dez


Mex is a tech enthusiast with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree. His philosophy is that positively conscious, intentional living are one of the necessities for thriving in the modern world. He would usually be looking forward to the next adrenaline-pumping adventure when he is not at work.