Being referred to as a basic white girl is not necessarily a bad thing, it simply means you share a lot of habits with a majority of the population…in other words, your habits are common. As much as we’d like to deny it, everyone has certain habits that might be considered ‘basic’; and with the average basic white girl, there are certainly some signs that have come up so much we can’t ignore them any longer.

Here are 7 signs that definitely make you a basic white girl.

1. Leggings

Yes. Leggings.

If you wear leggings as pants, to the gym, to hang out with friends, for a fun night out with the girls…really, if they constitute a substantial amount of your wardrobe, then is the first sign that you just might be basic.

Leggings are indeed fun (and they go so well with your huggs), especially because of the freedom they provide; but having a very versatile wardrobe is also fun and not so basic.

2. Starbucks

Basic white girl

Do you need Starbucks to start your day? Do you have a complicated Starbucks order? Have you ever Instagrammed your Starbucks order? If you ‘can’t even’ imagine how you survived all those years before you started drinking Starbucks, then you might be more basic than you realize.

One true way to know a basic white girl is her love of, or you could say obsession with, Starbucks.

Of course, Starbucks is great, the multimillion dollar company definitely changed the game with its quality and menu options – it’s definitely a fun inclusion to your day. But if you need Starbucks to function before you wholly begin your day, you could do a little more to be less basic.

3. iPhone

Okay, you might be a little skeptical about this one. Afterall, people all around the world use iPhones – not just white girls. However, it is a common denominator among basic white girls; although there are a few Android users sprinkled among them.

You can’t blame anyone for loving iPhones though – they are simply amazing and you can’t blame your standard basic white girl for wanting the best when it comes to the phone she uses to chat, Instagram, Snapchat and swipe right on Tinder.

Steve Jobs would be proud.

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4. Pumpkin Spice Latte

basic white girl

When fall comes around, is pumpkin spice latte your jam?

If yes, then you already know where this is heading. To the basics, there is no need to explain what a pumpkin spice latte is; but to everyone else, a pumpkin spice latter is a coffee drink made with the traditional spice flavors of fall (autumn) – including, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. Steamed milk is added, with espresso and it is topped with whipped cream and the pumpkin pie spice.

This drink has become a beacon for every basic white girl when fall comes around. There’s no shame in that. Enjoy your drink, honey.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Another way to easily identify a BWG (basic white girl) is through her absolute love for Marilyn Monroe. She gets sad that no one really understood Marilyn when she was alive. She feels like she understands Marilyn because, in a way, they’re ‘totally’ alike.

You’d be surprised when you find out that most BWGs obsessed with Marilyn have never seen a Marilyn Monroe movie. Some have, most have not.

What will not surprise you, however, is the fact that the average BWG quotes Marilyn at every opportunity  (occasionally alongside quotes not attributed to Marilyn) – on Facebook, Instagram and in speeches. Basically, at every possible chance.

6. Mean Girls

‘Mean Girls’ was so fetch, wasn’t it?

The average BWG knows almost all the words to Means Girls. They either identify as Regina George, Cady Heron or Gretchen Wieners (very few actually admit that they are Karen Smith). They’ve had to deal with ‘word-vomit’ at one point or another, so Mean Girls is more than just a movie to them, it speaks to them on a fundamental level.

Honestly, Mean Girls is a truly fun movie and it launched a lot of movie careers so there’s no harm in your average Basic White Girl being able to watch it a few hundred times.

Also, on Wednesdays you wear pink.

7. Snapchat

You Snapchat everything!!!

Basic or not, a lot of people enjoy snapchat. Why not? It’s fun and your photos and videos disappear after 24 hours so there’s a lot of safety to it, allowing people to boldly post things they would have been cautious of on other social media platforms.

However, your BWG snapchats EVERYTHING, from how she looks when she wakes up in the morning (flawless), to how she looks after applying makeup, to her Starbucks drink and everything in-between till she goes out with her girls at night.

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At the end of the day, these are not the only identifiers for the basic white girl – but they are certainly the most common. So if you got seven out of seven, we might have some news for you. If you’re not the basic one in your group of friends, then you probably know someone who fits into this category. It’s all fun and game even though it’s scarily accurate.