It is surprisingly easy to identify someone with Greek ancestry by their last names. Greek Last names are generally unique (to the rest of the world) and mostly meaningful. But there are some that are quite common. Here are some common Greek last names that you may have come across before. Keep these names in mind because they’ll make it easier in identifying other more unique and less common Greek Last names.

Common Greek Last Names ‘A – E’

1. Adamos – which means “Son Of Adam”

2. Aetós– which means “Eagle”

3. Alexandropouloswhich means “Son Of Alexandros”

4. Alexopoulos – From the personal name Alexios

5. Andino – which means “Manly”

6. Andreou – Derived From The Given Name Andreas

7. Angelis – Variant of Angelos (see below)

8. Angelopoulos – derived from the personal name Angelos (see below)

9. Angelos – which means “Angel”

10. Ariti – which means “Friendly, Approachable, Generous”

11. Artino – Habitational Name For Someone From The City Of Arta In Epirus.

12. Balaska (fem.)– It Is Used By Greeks And Slavic Jews

13. Balaskas – Masculine form of Balaska

14. Chloros – which means “Green”

15. Christodoulopoulos – which means Descendant Of Christ’s Servant”

16. Christoforou – derived from the Greek given name Christophoros.

17. Christoyannopoulos – which means “Descendant Of John And Christ”

18. Chronis – meaning “time, year”

19. Danielopoulos– which means “Son Of Daniel”

20. Danielos – which means “Son Of Daniel Or Daniil”

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21. Diakos – which means “Deacon”

22. Diamandis – which means “Diamonds”

23. Diamantopoulos – which means “Son Of Diamanto”

24. Dimitriadis – which means “Son Of Dimitris”

25. Dimitropoulos – From The Given Name ‘Dimitrios

26. Doukas – which means “Duke”

27. Dukakis  – which means”Son Of The Duke Or Little Duke”

28. Economos – Occupational name for a steward or someone who managed a property

Common Greek Last Names ‘F – N’

29. Filo – Greek derivative of the personal name Filip

30. Frangopoulos  – which means “Descendant Of A Frank”

31. Galanis  – which means ‘Someone With Blue, Pale Eyes’

32. Ganas – Occupational Name For A Coppersmith

33. Gataki – which means “Kitten”

34. Gavril – From the given name Gavril

35. Georgopoulos – surname form of Georgios

36. German – it means “German”. This sometimes denotes an actual immigrant from Germany.

37. Hatzi  – Denoting One Who Has Successfully Completed A Pilgrimage

38. Hatzis – Variant of Hatzi

39. Iraklidis  – which means”Son Of Herakles”

40. Katopodis – It Means “The Guy Who Run Away”

41. Kazan – An Occupational Surname For A Maker Of Cauldrons

42. Konstantinopolites – Given To Someone From Constantinople

43. Konstantinou – derived from the given name Konstantinos.

44. Kouris – Surname For Someone Who Lived In A Forest

45. Kyriakou – Is A Greek Cypriot Surname

46. Laskaris – which means “A Kind Of Soldier”

47. Leos – Surname form Of ‘Leon’

48. Levidis – which means “Son Of Levi”

49. Louis – derived from the given name Louis

50. Loukanis – which means “Sausage” in Greek, Nickname For A Butcher Or Sausage Maker.

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51. Lykaios – gotten from the Greek Word “Lykos” which means Wolf.

52. Manikas – Occupational Name For A Maker Of Handles (e.g. Of Knives)

53. Mandrapilias – Common in Sparta

54. Markopoulos – which means “Son Of Mark”

55. Martinos – gotten from the given Name Martinos which is Martin in English.

56. Masalis often used by people from Cyprus

57. Matsouka – which means “Bat”

58. Matthias – Surname from The Personal Name Matthias or Matthew

59. Matthiou – which means “Son Of Matthias”

60. Michail – Surname from The Archangel Michael

61. Michalidis – which means “Son Of Michael”

62. Mikos – Surname from the Greek Name Equivalent To Nicholas

63. Moralis – The Greek Form Of The Spanish Surname ‘Morales’

64. Nephus – which means “A god’s son who will become god”

65. Nikolaou – which means “Son Of Nikolaos”

66. Nomikos – Which Means “Relating To Law”

Common Greek Last Names ‘O – S’

67. Onasis – Which Means “Lover”

68. Othonos – Derived from the Greek name “Otto”

69. Panagos – which means “All Holy’

70. Pantazis – which means “Always Live” Or “Live Forever”

71. Papachristodoulopoulos – which means “Descendant Of The Priest And Servant Of Christ”

72. Papadiamantopoulos – which means “Descendant Of The Diamond Priest”

73. Papamichael– which means “Son Of Priest Michael”

74. Papatonis– which means “A Bad Ass Man”

75. Papazoglou – which means “Son Of The Priest”

76. Pappas – which means “Priest”

77. Pavlides – which means “Son Of Pavlos”

78. Persopoulos – which means “Descendant Of A Persian”

79. Petrakis derived from the Given Name Petros; Greek version of Peter

80. Remis originates from a Medieval Greek Personal Name, Remis

81. Rosi – Surname form of the female Personal Name Rosa

82. Rousopoulos – which means “Of Russian Descent”

83. Samaras – which means “Saddler”, “Saddle-Maker”

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84. Savas – which means “Sabbath”, “Saturday”

85. Scala – which means “Ladder”, “Steps”, “Wharf”

86. Selinofoto – which means “Moonlight” In Greek

87. Servopoulos – which means “Descendant Of A Serb”

88. Sideris – which means “May The Child Grow Up To Be As Strong As Iron”

89. Stefanopoulos – which means “Son Of Stefan”

90. Stephanopoulos – which means “Son Of Stephan Or Stephen”

Common Greek Last Names ‘T – Z’

91. Thanos – which means “Immortal”

92. Theodoropoulos  – which means “Son Of Theodoros”

93. Tsaoussis – which means “Peacock”

94. Tsitak – which means “God”

95. Vasilakis – surname form of the Greek given name ‘Vasilis’

96. Voulgaropoulos – which means “Descendant Of A Bulgarian”

97. Xiphias – which means “Swordfish”

98. Yiannopoulos – which means “Son Of Yianni”

99. Zafeiriou – which means “Son Of Zafeiris”

100. Zika – A Short Form Of The Personal Name ‘Zikmund’

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