Looking for some original and cool superhero names, then you are in the right place where we have loads of super hero names both male and female.  Ever wanted to be refferred to by some superhero name, below we have lots of options to choose from.

Cool SuperHero Names For Guys – Cool Names For Super Heroes

Agent Bob  Elongated Man
Ant-Man ERG-1
Archangel Falcon
Aquaman Firestorm
Atom III Fin Fang Foom
Alex Woolsly Flash Gordon
Alfred Pennyworth Flash I
Ando Masahashi Flash II
Allan Quatermain Flash III
Batman II Flash IV
Beast Boy Franklin Richards
Ben 10 Green Arrow
Big Daddy Gravity
BeakBeast Green Goblin III
Banshee Green
Beta Ray Bill Groot
Blue Beetle II Guardian
Bloodhawk Guy
Captain Planet Gardner
Captain Hindsight Hawkman
Cannonball Ironman
Cameron Hicks Nightcrawler
Deadman Northstar
DL Hawkins Jack Bauer
Doctor Doom  Jade

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Cool SuperHero Team Names

 Alpha Flight Gen 13
All-Star Squadron Heroes for Hire
Birds of Prey Inhumans
Doom Patrol Infinity Inc.
Defenders of the Earth Justice Society Of America
Exiles Justice League
Excalibur Metal Men
Freedom Fighters Metal Men
Fantastic Four Nextwave
Guardians of the Galaxy New Mutants
Gotham City Sirens Power Pack
Green Lantern Corps Seven Soldiers

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Cool Super Hero Names For Girls

 Storm  Zatanna
Teen Titans White Witch
Shadowcat Cat
Tigra Batwoman
Superwoman Catwoman
Batgirl Dream Girl
Wonder Girl Isis
Rampage Destiny
Black Orchid Starlight
Hawkgirl Psylocke
Dragonfly Invisible Woman
Spider-Woman Elektra
Jubilee Wonder Woman
Matilda Wormwood Black Canary
Underworld Supergirl
Mystique Xena
Firestar Cecilia Reyes
Black Widow Scarlet Witch
Miss America Queen of Swords
Huntress Black Widow

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