Have you been crushing on someone for a while but can’t figure out if the person likes you back? There are many ways to find out and many of them involve paying attention to different things including body language, physical contact and the amount of attention given to you.

However, the only certain way to be sure someone likes you is to ask. Knowing that it is a difficult question to ask, we’ve compiled a list of things that will give you clues on whether your crush likes you or not especially when the person is a little tough to read.

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7 Ways to Find out if your Crush Likes you

1. Body LanguageCrush

Take time to watch your crush’s body language whenever they are around you. Are they more tensed whenever you’re in the same room with them? Do they appear to look good, maybe have their legs crossed with their shoulders pointed at you simultaneously? Do they look in your direction repeatedly to see if you’re still there or know if you’re looking at them? Small things like this can mean more than they look. If the above questions have their answers as yes, then it’s most likely that your crush is into you too.

Another way to find out is if they like hanging around you often even if you guys don’t talk, looking into your eyes although with a little nervousness (it means they’re paying attention to you). Do they try to show off by telling jokes to make you laugh whenever they’re around you? Do they jump into every opportunity to help you even when you didn’t ask for it? These are signs you need to watch out for. 

2. How Much Info Do They Share With You?

Notice the kind of information they give you. Do they tell you special things about them, what they are doing or like doing, do they tell you secrets about them, their day and what they do. With that, they might be trying to impress you. Do they give you personal information about them especially when you didn’t ask for it? That is a sign of trust or an indirect quest about you because they will expect you to also tell them about yourself. Do they talk to you about their family, their past, ex? Those are topics people usually guard close to their heart. So, telling you these things could definitely be a sign that they’re into you.

3. Physical Contact

You need to pay attention to physical contact with your crush. When someone likes you (especially ladies), they always look for a reason to touch you whether consciously or not. They could place their hands on your shoulder or accidentally bump into you in the hallway. They could also try to wipe something off your face even when it’s not necessary. They could throw random things in front of you to catch your attention, hit you lightly or play pranks on you. Sometimes they resort to using gestures that are not playful or nice when they know that their body language might give them away. These are physical ways to find out if your crush likes you. 

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4. How Often Does S/he Look At You


If you’re in the same lecture room or meeting room with your crush, you need to find out how often they look at you. If you catch them looking at you and then they look away immediately, it means they are nervous and it’s a good sign. Or it could be that they avoid looking at you by all means. This could be a sign that they are trying to keep their crush a secret. Get a friend to watch them for you while you go about your normal activity without looking at them. If they’re constantly looking at you or staring in your direction for minutes at a time, they are really crushing hard on you.

5. Do They Seem To Give You More Attention?

If your crush seems to give you more attention than they give others including their friends, it’s a good sign they really like you. However, if your crush is the shy type or doesn’t want to admit their feelings yet, this may never happen.

6. How Shy Are They Around You?

Find out how shy your crush is when around you especially when talking to you than with other people. If they are usually bold with others but becomes a bit shy, nervous or more attentive around you, it’s a good sign. However, you need to be careful when it comes to shy people because they’re usually shy at all times lest you misread them. So it’s best to balance this sign with other signs before making your conclusions.

7. How Much Respect Do They Accord To You?

If your crush acts like a gentleman or tries to act like a lady to you, it’s often a sign they’re into you. Do they stick up for you in a fight or when someone tries to badmouth you? Do they try to get along with your friends they don’t usually care about? Do they open the door (guys) for you or do things they don’t usually do for other people? Those could be signs that they are into you.

Having listed these 7 ways, it is of great importance that you do not make any conclusion just from one of these signs. You need to balance it with other signs to make sure your predictions are correct before jumping into conclusions.