Have you noticed the behavior of a certain guy in your class , office or neighborhood towards you, enough to ask yourself the rhetoric question “Does He Like Me?” If yes is the answer then read to discover those subtle hints a guy shows when he likes a girl.
Usually, when a guy likes a girl, socially, he is expected to man up and tell her regardless of any anxiety he may feel. Don’t get me wrong, you may agree that it can be quite weird if a guy you barely know, approaches you just out of the blue to tell you he likes you; most times, it would creep you out. But if it’s a guy you see around and are very much aware of, then, you could find it a bit flattering that a guy noticed you.
However, before a guy summons up the courage to you tell you he likes you, there are certain hints-directly and indirectly, that points out that he likes you, here are 7 of them.

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Does He Like Me- Here’s How To Find Out

Does he like me

1. His gaze: Do you catch him gazing at you in such a way that when your eyes meet he look away quickly? Apart from the possibility of him being a stalker, he could possibly like you. In some cases, a more confident guy would probably stare longer at you so you will notice him; but if the guy is on the shy side his gaze would likely be shorter in pace so take note.

2. He seeks an opportunity to get him noticed: When a guy likes you he will look for ways of getting your attention for you to know that he exists. Simple ways he can do this could be by asking to borrow a pen, asking what the teacher said, asking for directions to a place e.t.c. In the end, his main aim will be to get a conversation started in which he might introduce himself and also ask to know your name. By so doing he established a sense of familiarity with you so that the next time you both meet the conversation could be longer.

3. He gets closer: After passing the introductory stage, if he really likes you be sure he will find a way to meet you again and this time the conversation could be longer. Now, at this stage don’t expect him to come full force with the obvious questions. He could just strike up a conversation on trivial matters that gets you talking casually. At this point, you may find that you become friends who like each other’s company without any thing attached “yet.”

4. He teases you: One of the age old ways guys show their affection for a girl they like is by teasing her. It could be random bullying  that is kind of sweet and mischievous at the same time. He could tease about your hair, dress, your admirers and so on,  whilst not being a total jerk. All these  naturally adds to the fun and even gets you both closer than before.

Does he like me

5. He compliments you: The compliments can never be overlooked. If he finds the slightest chance to compliment your best features including physical looks, your dress sense and hair he may just like you. More so, does he tell you how beautiful your heart is, how smart you are or how much of a great company you make. If he takes the time to appreciate your inner beauty in ways that melts your heart then he may just really really like you.
6. He gets close to your friends: Any smart guy who likes you may think it wise to get closer to your friends so they can put in a good word for him. Why this is not aways the case with all guys but it can be a good sign. So if  you notice that  a guy who you suspect likes you is  trying to get on the good side of your friends, then your intuition might just be on point.
7. He asks to take you out on a date: It couldn’t get any more obvious than this, at this point, you both should have gotten really close enough that you enjoy each other’s company. Before now people  might already tag you both an item even before he asks you to be his girl. So if your friendship grows to the level in which he asks to take you out on a date, then best believe he definitely likes you and might just ask you to be his girlfriend officially.

In conclusion, finding out if a guy likes you might not be so hard after all. With the above explained signs you may not  have to ask the “Does he like me” question for too long as you would learn how to detect a man crush from a mile away. Enjoy!