Names are a not just a way of identifying each other although that’s one of the major things they do. Beyond that, a name can form a person’s character more than we think. Names are associated with an identity and if you choose an identity which distributes beauty, here are 150 English names for male and females that still makes waves today

1. Aaron:

This Hebrew name, meaning ‘lofty, exalted’ was once used to describe the position of nobility in the society.

2. Abner:

This moniker is rapidly climbing the popularity charts. Abner means ‘Father is light’.

3. Aidan:

Aidan, meaning ‘fire or born of fire’, entered the mainstream via St. Aidan of Iona, the founder of the monastery on Lindisfarne.

4. Albert:

Albert is currently one of the highest-ranking names in Europe. It’s derived from the German name Adalbert, which means ‘noble’.

5. Alfred:

It seems that Europe is ahead of America in terms of choosing chic baby names. This moniker is sweeping through Sweden, Denmark, and Canada. It means ‘elf counsel’.

6. Alvin:

This is another modernized version of an Old English name which means ‘wise friend’.

7. Ambrose:

Ambrose was once a favorite of British novelists, including P.G. Wodehouse. This name means ‘immortal one’.

8. Anthony:

This Latin name has had several historical namesakes including Antony. It means ‘highly praiseworthy’.

9. Anton:

Anton, inspired by old Latin name, Antonius, would make a lovely name for your son. It means ‘priceless’.

10. Anwyll:

Anwyll is a Welsh name, meaning ‘one who’s loved by all’, which we’re sure your son will be.

11. Apollo:

When your child grows up, he will be excited to share his name with NASA’s space mission. Apollo means ‘strength or father of light’.

12. Aquila:

Do you wish for a name that reflects the love you have for nature? Aquila could be the one for you. It means ‘eagle’.

13. Arlo:

Arlo sounds genuine, unique, and amiable. It means ‘fortified hill’.

14. Armand:

This name has been considered one of the most beautifully romantic names since the first release of Armand Assante. It means ‘soldier’.

15. Arthur:

African-American U.S. Open winner Arthur Ashe, King Arthur, and Arthur Miller – the playwright, are few of the many notable bearers of this name. It means ‘bear’.

16. Asher:

Asher is one of our personal favorites. Meaning ‘happiness’, this moniker will fill your child’s world with laughter and love.

17. Ashton:

We love this name for the prefix ‘ash’. The popularity of this English surname, meaning ‘from the town of Ash’, could be credited to Ashton Kutcher, the Hollywood actor.

18. Atticus:

This name, meaning ‘man of Attica’, holds a special place in the world of fiction. It’s the name of a famous character in “To Kill a Mockingbird’.

19. August:

This summertime month name, meaning ‘great’ is full of warmth and happiness – perfect for an August born baby.

20. Axel:

If you’re a huge Guns ‘N’ Roses fan, you might want to name your son after its leading band member. Axel is a spelling variant of Axl and means ‘father of peace’.

21. Barney:

Honestly, it’s difficult not to conjure the television characters, Barney Stinson and Barney – the dinosaur on hearing this name. Barney means ‘son of comfort’.

22. Basil:

History has witnessed several saints and rulers bearing the name Basil. This Biblical name means ‘regal’.

23. Baxter:

Baxter is a prim and proper English surname, meaning ‘baker’. We love this name for its ‘x’ appeal.

24. Bernard:

Bernard has given rise to a host of trendy and beautiful boy names like Brian, Brandon, and Braden. But nothing can take the place of the original. Branden means ‘hardy or brave’.

25. Bertram:

This name just tugs at our heartstrings. Bertram means ‘bright raven’.

26. Caleb:

A beautiful name with roots going back to the Bible, Caleb means ‘devotion to God’.

27. Campbell:

This name fits well with both the sexes, but sounds masculine to the ears. This Latin name means ‘crooked  mouth’.

28. Carlton:

The biggest plus point of this beautiful boy name is that it can be shortened to super charming Tony or super stylish Carl. Carlton means ‘free men’s town’.

29. Carney:

This North American name, meaning ‘a skillful tradesman’ will inspire your son to work hard to achieve success in whatever career or trade he chooses.

30. Caspian:

One of the most romantic geographical names in our opinion, this is the name of the sea between Europe and Asia.

31. Cecil:

Cecil is derived from the Latin word caecus, which means ‘blind or dim-sighted’. The meaning may not be very appealing, but the name definitely looks and sounds beautiful.

32. Chester:

Chester is a quirky and cuddly name meaning ‘walled town’.

Cute Boy Names With Great Meanings

33. Chris:

Even after ages, this diminutive of Christopher continues to have a stronghold on the baby name charts. It means ‘bearer of Christ’.

34. Christensen:

One of the most beautiful and least common ‘Christ’ name, Christensen means ‘son of Christ’.

35. Clifford:

The geographical name, meaning ‘ford near a slope’ came into regular usage after the 16th century.

36. Clyde:

This Scottish name has a beautiful feel to it, just like the River Clyde running through Glasgow in Scotland.

37. Cooper:

This English occupational name witnessed a rapid growth in 1982 and never looked back since. Cooper means ‘barrel maker’.

38. Cornelius:

This traditional name comes with a long list of nickname options like Kai, Neil, Corey, and Connie. It means ‘horn’.

39. Crosby:

This Irish name, meaning ‘village with crosses’ was borne by a character in “Parenthood’.

40. Cyril:

Cyril is a modern variation of the Greek name Kyrillos, which means ‘lord’. It is found in the Greek Bible, referring to Jesus.

41. Damian:

Damian, meaning ‘to tame’, is usually given to baby boys in Poland, France, and many other European countries.

42. Damon:

This beautiful name has its namesake in Damon Salvatore, the super talented actor. Damon means ‘the one who tames’.

43. Dashiell:

Dashiell is one of the hottest and most beautiful baby boy names right now. It’s the anglicized version of de Chiel, but has an unknown meaning.

44. Dawson:

This is a name that was on the tip of every girl’s tongue in the 90s because of its association with the Titanic protagonist Leonardo DiCaprio. Dawson means ‘son of David’.

45. Dewey:

Dewey is the Welsh variation of David and means ‘beloved’.

46. Dmitri:

Dmitri is the Russian form of the Greek name Demetrius and means ‘earth lover’.

47. Dominic:

This name doesn’t just sounds nice, but has a spiritual connection as well. Dominic means ‘belonging to God’.

48. Duke:

Duke, meaning ‘nobleman’, could be the ideal name for your little prince.

49. Dylan:

In Welsh mythology, Dylan is the name of the God associated with the sea. The name means ‘great wave’.

50. Earl:

Earl isn’t just a beautiful and cute name, but also an aristocratic title. It means ‘warrior or nobleman’.

51. Ebenezer:

It’s a pity that a name as beautiful as Ebenezer is not used much. Ebenezer means ‘rock or stone of help’.

52. Elias:

This name is basically a derivative of Elija, but has the potential to stand on its own. It means ‘Jehovah is God’.

53. Elijah:

A religious name packed with a powerful punch, Elijah means ‘Jehovah is God’.

54. Elmer:

Elmer is a charming, yet quirky name, derived from the Old English name Aedelmaer, which means ‘noble and renowned’.

55. Emilio:

This name will make everyone grab your child’s chubby cheeks. It is a variation of Latin name aemulus and it means ‘rival’.

56. Emmanuel:

Another favorite, Emmanuel means ‘god is with us’ in Latin and Hebrew language.

57. Ephraim:

This traditional name is saturated with culture and history. Ephraim means ‘fruitful’.

58. Ernest:

Its claim to fame is Ernest, the lead of Oscar Wilde’s “Importance of Being Earnest”, and Ernest Hemingway, the American writer. Ernest means ‘resolute’.

59. Ethan:

This name hasn’t looked back ever since the 20th century. Ethan means ‘strong or firm’.

60. Evan:

If you want something mellow and unique for your son, pick Evan, which means ‘God is gracious’.

61. Felix:

What could be better than having a cheerful son? Felix is a Latin name, meaning ‘happy and lucky’.

62. Finley:

Finley is a Scottish royal name, which also belonged to Macbeth’s father. It means ‘white warrior’.

63. Fletcher:

Fletcher is a strong name with a catchy sound. It also comes with the nickname option of Fletch. Fletcher means ‘seller of arrows’.

64. Ford:

Ford is simple, beautiful, and masculine. It’s an Old English surname meaning ‘someone living near a ford’.

65. Gavin:

This English name is strong, elegant, and masculine. It means ‘hawk or battle’.

66. Gilbert:

This Old French name, meaning ‘shining pledge’ reached its highest point in the year 1930.

67. Graham:

This sophisticated and beautiful name has begun catching up in the US. It means ‘gravelly homestead’.

68. Gray:

A handsome name with a straightforward meaning – ‘the gray-haired one’.

69. Gregor:

This Russian diminutive of Gregorius, meaning ‘watchful’, would make an excellent name for your son.

70. Gus:

This beautiful baby boy name gained recognition via the book and movie “The Fault in Our Stars”, in which Gus was the name of the main lead. Gus means ’great’.

71. Harmon:

Harmon is an Irish name with a harmonic feel. It means ‘soldier or warrior’.

72. Harvey:

Harvey, the French version of Herve, was brought to England by the Normans. It means ‘battle worthy’.

73. Heathcliff:

There’s something beautifully mysterious about this rare name. It means ‘heath near a cliff’.

74. Henry:

A favorite of the royalty centuries after centuries, Henry means ‘estate ruler’.

75. Herbert:

If you want a name ending in ‘bert’ except Albert or Robert, you can consider Hebert, which means ‘bright’.

Girls Names That still Make Sense Today

76. Hollyn:

This is a name formed from the combination of Holly and Ann.

77. Javan:

Refers to the one who originally belongs to Greece and is a Hebrew name.

78. Jolee:

This is a French name which means She who is pretty.

79. Jordon:

The one who is originally from Jordan. It also means descending. It is a Hebrew name.

80. Kae:

It is used to refer to the one who lives in or near a fortified place and is a Greek name.

81. Kaitlin:

This Irish name means The one who is pure.

82. Kalan:

The name Kalan was formed out of a combination of two names which are Kae and Lynn. It is a Native American name.

83. Korin:

This refers to the one who is as sweet and pure as a maiden and is a Greek name.

84. Kylie:

The name means a curled stick or a boomerang and is a Native American name.

85. Lashon:

It is used as a prefix and is a combination of the names La and Shawna. It is a Native American name.

86. Meaghan:

Refers to the one who is as pure and precious as a pearl and is a Welsh name.

87. Monteen:

The one who is as strong as a mountain or lives on or near a mountain. It is a French name.

88. Nadeen:

Nadeen means full of hope and is a Native American name.

89. Naveen:

She who is a new being and is a Hindi origin name.

90. Ocean:

The one who is as big-hearted, open, pure and serene as the ocean. It is a Greek name.

91. Olive:

It signifies the one who is likened to an olive tree and is a Latin name.

92. Payten:

This is an Irish name which means the one who is like a noblewoman.

93. Raven:

It refers to the one who is like the raven, or crow, and is an English name.

94. Rayleen:

It is a name which was formed out of a combination of two others which are Ray and Lynn. It is a Native American name.

95. Reagan:

Reagan is an Irish name which means The one who is like a little ruler.

96. Rene:

Peaceful. It is also another variant of the name Irene. It is a Greek name.

97. Robin:

Who is like the bird robin is an English name.

98. Selene:

It refers to the one who is as beautiful, peaceful, pure and serene as the goddess of the moon. It is a Greek name

99. Sharon:

The one who lives in or near a desert plain. A Hebrew name

100. Sherleen:

Sherleen means much loved by all and is a French name.

101. Suzan:

This name means – She who is as pretty and sweet as the rose or the lily flower and is an English name.

102. Taylore:

The one who is like a tailor or a seamstress. An English name.

103. Zion:

It is the symbol of Israel and is a Hebrew name.

Cute Girl Names With Great Meanings

104. Zoe:

It refers to the one who is vibrant and is full of life and is a Greek name.

105. Bailee:

The one who worked as a bailiff. An English name.

106. Allison:

Truthful and noble is an English name.

107. Carelyn:

The one who is little yet strong – an English name.

108. Ellison:

The one who is a child of Ellis – an English name.

109. Julian:

Julian means youthful and is an English name.

110. Karilyn:

It is a name formed out of a combination of Kari and Lynn. It is a Native American name.

111. Madisen:

One who is a good child of Maud – an English name.

112. Abigail:

The term refers to the phrase my father is joyful and is a Hebrew name.

113. Bianca:

The one who is fair in color and – an Italian name.

114. Coralie:

As pure and beautiful as the coral – a French name.

115. Amelia:

The one who is ready to work hard – a German name.

116. Madeleine:

She who is originally from Magdala or from a high tower. It is a French name.

117. Matilda:

Refers to the one who is brave and strong and is always ready for battle. It is a German name.

118. Lillian:

As beautiful and pure as the flower lily – a Latin name.

119. Louisa:

Brave and strong or a renowned warrior. This is Latin name.

120. Viola:

Means the color violet and is a Latin name.

121. Silvia:

The one who lives near the woods or belongs to the woods and is a Latin name.

122. Natalie:

It means the ‘birthday of the lord’ and is a French variation of the Russian name Natalia.

123. Mirabel:

The one who is truly wonderful – a Latin name.

124. Rebecca:

She who is the servant of God – a Hebrew name.

125. Miranda:

The one who is truly marvelous and beautiful in spirit – a Latin name.

126. Rosalind:

As pretty, sweet, pure and beloved as the flower rose. It is a Latin name.

127. Naomi:

One who is pleasant and adorable and is a Hebrew name.

128. Vanessa:

The name is an invention of literature and also refers to a species of butterflies.

129. Susannah:

She who is as pretty and sweet as the flower lily. A Hebrew name.

130. Eloise:

The one who is built wide and is in good health. It is a French name and the English variation of the name Heloise.

131. Gillian:

It means the one who is full of youth and is the feminine version of the name Julian.

132. Annabel:

She who is loving and caring and is the Scottish variation of the name Amabel.

133. Emeline:

The one who is hardworking and industrious. The name is the French variation of the German Amelina.

134. Imogen:

It means the one who is as pure and sweet as a maiden and is a Celtic name.

135. Claudia:

The actual meaning of the name is an enclosure and it is the feminine version of the name Claude.

136. Annora:

It means ‘one who is full of honor and is a Latin name.

137. Clelia:

This is Latin for one who is famous.

138. Elodie:

It signifies the one who is full of foreign or exotic riches and is a French variation of the Greek name Alodia.

139. Lucinda:

This is another variation of the name Lucia. It means one who is as bright as light.

140. Juliet:

She who is full of the youth. It is the English version of the original name from French and is also another version of the name Julia.

Lovely Girls Names

common polish names

141. Leonie:

The one who is as fearless and powerful as the lion and is a Latin name.

142. Clementine:

It refers to the one who is mild in mannerisms and is full of mercy and kindness. The name is the French feminine variation of the name Clement which is from Latin.

143. Georgina:

She who belongs to the farming community and is the feminine version of the name George. It is an English name.

144. Harriet:

The one who is the ruler of an estate. It is the English variation of the original French name Henriette.

145. Joanna:

It means ‘God is gracious’ and is a variation of the name Johanna.

146. Marcella:

The one who is full of courage and strength and is ready to go to war. It is a Latin name.

147. Marguerite:

One who is as pretty and pure as a pearl or a daisy flower. It is a French variation of the name Margaret, which is also the name of a flower.

148. Lilibeth:

It is made up of two different names, which are Lily and Beth.

149. Verena:

It refers to the one who is full of integrity and is a Latin name.

150. Sophia:

The one who is full of wisdom – a Greek name.

151. Linnea:

Who is akin to the lime tree – a Swedish name.

152. Julina:

The name means the one who is Jove’s child and is a Spanish name. It is the feminine version of the name Julian.

153. Amity:

Full of love, peace, warmth and friendship – Latin.

154. Janetta:

It means ‘God has been gracious’ and is the feminine version of the name John.

155. Evony:

She who is good in archery – a French name.

156. Ellory:

The one who is like the alder tree. An old English name.

157. Evelyn:

It refers to hazelnut and is derived from the surname Aveline which is an old French name.

158. Gwendolen:

It means a circle or a white ring and is a Welsh name.

159. Miriam:

The name means the one who was much wished for and is a Hebrew name.

160. Irene:

Full of peace and love – a Greek name.

161. Vivian:

It means to be alive and is taken from the name of Saint Vivian who was a French bishop.

162. Coralie:

As beautiful and pure as a coral and is a French variation of the original Latin name.

163. Anneliese:

It is a name which is a combination of Anna and Liese. It is of both Dutch and German origin.