Funny things to say to a girl or a guy you like should really not be such a big deal. Don Rickles once said “Some people say funny things, but I say things funny”.

Finding funny things to say to someone you like can be a big task, the easiest way to the heart of the person you like is to make him/her laugh, of course, you don’t have to be a comedian to do this, you just need to know the right funny things to say at the right time and get the person laughing out loud. When this is done, it triggers something that endears you to him/her and makes it easy to open up and tell you how much they love you.

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Here is a list of funny things you can say to a girl, we hope you’ll find them lovely and interesting

Funny Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

1. “I’m so tired. I spent the whole night looking up at the stars matching each one with a unique reason why I love you. I ran out of stars before I could finish.”

2. “Life without the one I love is like a broken pencil – it is pointless.”

3. “If you hold onto one of my hands, I will be able to conquer the world.”

4. “God is such a show-off. He sent you to make all of the other women in the world jealous.”

5. “I can’t give you the world – you deserve it – but I can promise to give you my world.”

6. “If you let me, I would hold you forever.”

7. “You want to know why I keep telling you how much I love you? I want to make sure that the last thought in your mind is filled with love and happiness.”

8. “You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.”

9. “Girl, you’re a thief that stole my heart away and hangs it in front of me, never letting me forget why I love you so much.”

10. “Our love is a mocha latte. You’re hot like coffee, sweet like sugar and filled with a little extra pep to make it simply perfect.”

11. “To have you for only a few years would kill me. You’re the desire that sparks my life.”

12. “I fall in love every day that I wake up next to you.”

13. “They always said to never give up on your dreams while I was in school. That is why I will never give up on you my dream girl.”

14. “The fires of hell would be better with you than all of the happiness in heaven if you weren’t mine.”

15. “Our love is so strong, the world will still feel it when we’re dead.”

16. “I was going to buy you a flower, and then I realized that you’re far more beautiful than any rose I could pick.”

17. “The doctor took an x-ray of my heart and almost fainted. He asked me what happened with a scared look on his face. I told him don’t worry, I gave my heart to you. That’s why it is missing.”

18. “If life had a pause button, I would be stuck in time with you replaying and pausing every perfect moment we spend together.”

19. “I would be content with my life if it stopped today. I will always know that you have made me the happiest I will ever be.”

20. “When people ask me ‘what’s the best thing that ever happened to you?’ It’s always so easy to tell them how you have made my life complete.”

21. “I never could picture myself growing old until I thought of living the rest of my life with you.”

22. “I never believed in soulmates until I found you. We’re a match made in heaven, and you’re my angel.”

23. “I am getting so mad. I thought that eventually, I wouldn’t get butterflies in my stomach when I saw you, but it is worse today than the day I met you.”

24. “Your smile is sweeter than any ice cream and brighter than any star.”

25. “Hamsters run in wheels all day, and I run after you.”

26. “If you listen to my heart, you’ll be trying to find yourself.”

27. “My heart skips a beat every time you smile at me.”

28. “Your kisses are my addiction. Your hugs are my cure.”

29. “Who needs to be a photographer to be able to picture you and I together until the end of time?”

30. “Are you religious? You’ve been the answers to all of my prayers.”

31. “Will you be mad if I love another girl as much as I love you in 10 years? I was just thinking how much I will love our little girl.”

32. “Who knew I would be an organ donor so early in life? I already gave my heart to you.”

33. “I used to close my eyes and see nothing but darkness, but now I see the bright light of your love.”

34. “You must eat Lucky Charms for breakfast because you’re magically delicious.”

35. “You can’t eat any more cupcakes. If you get any sweeter, you’ll burst into little bits of sugar.”

36. “Are your parents bakers? Because you are sweet as pie!”

37. “Sit down and give those legs a rest. You’ve been running through my mind all day.”

38. “I couldn’t stop thinking of you last night. I just wanted to tell you how happy you have made my life.”

39. “Even when I am having the worst day of my life, I can’t help but smile when I think of you.”

40. “Who knew that love was truly endless? Every day I am with you, I seem to find a way to love you more and more.”

41. “I know that I am just a person and you have met many people before, but to me, you’re the world. There is no one quite like you.”

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Funny Things To Say to Your Crush


42. “I think I am going to need knee surgery. Every day I am with you, I fall for you all over again.”

43. “I am going to call the cops. It must be illegal to be as fine as you are.”

44. “You know how magnets have a magical way of attracting to each other? That is how my heart feels when I am with you. I simply can’t explain the attraction I am feeling.”

45. “Rainbows are supposed to have a treasure at the end of them. So I followed one, and that is the day I found you.”

46. “Every time you laugh, the whole room seems to brighten up and smile.”

47. “How do you look so beautiful all the time? I know it’s not natural because every other girl in the world isn’t half as pretty as you.”

48. “Are you a mind reader? Every time I am having a bad day or just can’t seem to find happiness, you always seem to know what to say to turn my frown upside down.”

49. “Sadness has no place in the world when I am with you. It’s like your smile can rid the world of hunger, and your laughter can cure depression.”

50. “Every time we have to say goodbye to each other, I die a little inside. It’s like I want to shrink myself and stay with you forever.”

51. “I have never felt a love as strong as yours. It has a way of ravishing me every chance it gets.”

52. “You are the only person I can count on. You’re there when I need you most and when you’re not with me, you’re always deep in my heart.”

53. “My best friend asked me to describe you in one word the other day. I was about to say “love” when I said “life” and realized my heart was doing the talking for me.”

54. “I think I have a heart attack every time I am with you. My heart skips beats and races a mile a minute when I feel your touch.”

55. “I have lived two lives. A loveless life before I met you and a complete life after you said “I love you” for the first time.”

56. “My soul has been searching for you my entire life.”

57. “You understand me before I even say a word. I love that about you.”

58. “Who knew that the moment I met you my life would go on a roller-coaster, finally ending up being perfect.”

59. “As long as I am around, you will always have a bed to sleep on – me.”

60. “I am going to set a stopwatch to find out if I can ever stop missing you.”

61. “I am the luckiest man in the world to have you by my side.”

62. “Even though I could live without you, I would be miserable every second of the day.”

63. “Eternity is what I felt when I spent my life looking for the one I love. Now that I have found you, I want to be together for eternity and not a day less.”

64. “I become speechless and breathless every time you walk into the room.”

65. “If I was diabetic, I would be in trouble because you’re so sweet I would go into shock.”

66. “As long as I have arms, you’ll have a place to run to when you’re scared.”

67. “Falling in love is great, but being in love with you is even better.”

68. “Whatever you need, I will provide it. Whenever I need, you must give me love.”

69. “I always heard people say that love makes a person vulnerable. When I am with you, I feel empowered.”

70. “If you’re going to spank me every time I am bad, I am just going to be even worse.”

71. “Love is always going to be scary; love can always go away. I want to be scared forever with you.”

72. “I hate admitting things. I hate wanting things. But I will admit that I’ve never wanted another person the same way I want you.”

73. “I have a million dreams at night, and they all start and end with you.”

74. “Until my dying day, I will find reason after reason to keep you by my side.”

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75. “My soul is like a bird singing to your soul and telling it how much I love you.”

76. “If I were a bird, I would grow the brightest feathers and do the best dance to win your heart.”

77. “I find myself waking up every morning saying your name.”

78. “When I first met you, I saw perfection. When I realized that you had flaws, I fell for you even more.”

79. “Who knew that the one thing that could get me through the day would be your voice?”

Funny Things To Say to Your Boyfriend

80. “Every time I am free, I let my thoughts wander and allow them to go wherever they desire. Every time, they end up thinking about you.”

81. “I would be lost without you. You support me through every difficult day that I have.”

82. “Sometimes words aren’t enough to tell a woman how great she has been. Give me a kiss!”

83. “Loving you and breathing are the same thing. I can’t live without either of you.”

84. “My entire life I was told how “you will just know” when the woman of your dreams walks through the door. I never thought it was true until the day I met you.”

85. “I always hated those people who seemed to be so clingy and attached to each other. Now, I realize that it is the best feeling in the world.”

86. “Every time I see you, it reminds me of the one rose missing from my bouquet.”

87. “If my life was a puzzle, you would be the final piece that makes it complete.”

88. “Your parents must think I am a drunk, but the truth is that I am just intoxicated by you.”

89. “If your beauty was described in time, you would be my eternity.”

90. “There aren’t enough stars in the sky to show you how much you brighten up my day.”

91. “The world’s best painters could gather for a thousand years trying to create the picture perfect woman, and they still wouldn’t be able to capture your beauty.”

92. “When I am old, I will know that I found the one person that I was always meant to be with in my life: You.”

93. “I have thought about this long and hard. Your father must be an alien. There is not another person on the planet that’s like you.”

94. “I must be dreaming. Every time I look into your eyes, I remember the past that was so dark and lonely, and then I see the light in your eyes and realize that was the time before I met you.”

95. “I tried rearranging the alphabet, but for some reason, U and I would never separate.”

96. “I am lost in your eyes. They are as blue as the sky; just as my love for you is as vast as the ocean.”

97. “Your eyes are like a gateway to my heart.”

98. “They say love is kind; they say love is sweet; they say love is unimaginable and indescribable, but they never told me that love is you.”

99. “When I am not with you, I think of you. When I am not thinking of you, I am dreaming of you. When I am not dreaming of you, I will be dead.”

100. “A lot of people are scared of dying or drowning, but I am not scared of either. Instead, I am scared of losing you.”

101. “Some men want glory, and other men want money. Baby, all I want is you by my side.”

102. “You never get tired of saying funny things to me”

I hope you found this pool of funny things to say valuable. Remember, funny things are never funny unless they are said with a little sense of humor.

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