A name is simply the representation of the virtues which describes your personality. For moms who have given birth and are looking for lovely Hawaiian names for girls and boys, we’ve got you covered.

Hawaii is the 50th and most recent state in the United States of America. It’s also the 8th smallest and 11th least populous state but the 13th most densely populated state in America. Hawaiian cultures are strongly influenced by North American and Asian cultures in addition to theirs.

Hawaii’s picturesque landscape and vibrant culture inspire images of hibiscus flowers, surfing, and white sand beaches. For Hawaiians believe they have an inseparable connection to the universe, land, and sea that is redirected in the unique meanings of their names. Below you’d see a list of lovely Hawaiian names for girls and boys.

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If you want to choose Hawaiian names for girls and boys, names that are distinctive, eloquent, unique, beautiful, and cute for your children, then check out the list below, it won’t disappoint you.

Lovely Hawaiian Names For Boys And Girls

Hawaiian Names

1. Asher (Male) – meaning Blessed, happy and fortunate one.

2. Abelardo (Male) – meaning Noble and strong

3. Aldrich (Male) – meaning One who is wise, brainy, old and rich

4. Axel (Male) – meaning Father of peace

5. Atticus (Male) – meaning Strong and fierce personality.

6. Aurora (Female) – meaning Dawn/A Mythical Roman Goddess.

7. Amelia (Female) – meaning Defender.

8. Aahana (Female) – meaning the First rays of the sun.

9. Amora (Female) – meaning Love.

10. Anika (Female) – meaning Beauty and grace.

11. Benicio (Male) – meaning Blessed

12. Bach (Male) – meaning Beside a stream

13. Bahman (Male) – meaning well spirited

14. Blaze (Male) – meaning Someone who is fierce and strong enough to handle obstructions in life.

15. Bahram (Male) – meaning Winning over resisting people

16. Brianna (Female) – meaning Honor and virtue

17. Bonita (female) – meaning Pretty and cute

18. Bai (Female) – meaning Person of purity

19. Buffy (Female) – meaning God is my oath

20. Brooke (Female) – meaning Gorgeous, pretty, and glamorous.

21. Cassius (Male) – meaning Vain. Those who bear the name worry not in vain and are very optimistic.

22. Caspian (Male) – meaning The sea.

23. Cajetan (Male) – meaning Rejoiced

24. Ceasar (Male) – meaning Head full of hair

25. Cairbre (Male) – meaning One who rides in a chariot

26. Carthy short for Catherine (Female) – meaning Pure

27. Claire (Female) – meaning Clear and bright

28. Charvi (Female) – meaning Beautiful

29. Cairistiona (Female) – meaning Christian woman

30. Caitlin (Female) – meaning Chaste and pure.

31. Deniz (Male) – meaning Sea or waves. it represents the power and beauty of water.

32. Daewon (Male) – meaning Gracious God

33. Duke (Male) – meaning a Noble man or a ruler.

34. Daan (Male) – meaning the Lord is my Judge

35. Dado (Male) – meaning Wealthy guard

36. Dahab (Female) – meaning Gold

37. Dagmar (Female) – meaning Maid of the day

38. Daisy (Female) – meaning Eye of the day

39. Dakini (Female) – meaning Walking in the sky

40. Daphne (Female) – meaning Bay tree

41. Ellis short for Elisha (Male) – meaning God is salvation

42. Earl (Male) – meaning a Noted warrior

43. Eugene (Male) – meaning Well born and noble

44. Eberardo (Male) – meaning Courageous like a boar

45. Edan (Male) – meaning Like a fire

46. Elsa (Female) – meaning Oath of God or God is satisfaction

47. Evelyn (Female) – meaning Life

48. Elakshi (Female) – meaning a Woman with intelligent bright eyes.

49. Ece (Female) – meaning the Queen

50. Edie/Edith (Female) – meaning Fighting to be rich

Hawaiian Names

51. Fabert (Male) – meaning a Bean farmer

52. Finn (Male) – meaning Someone who represents enormous energy and power

53. Faddey (Male) – meaning Gift given by God

54. Fahim (Male) – meaning Scholar; Learned man

55. Faas (Male) – meaning your Fate is good

56. Fairuza (Female) – meaning Woman of Triumph

57. Faria (Female) – meaning someone who is loving, kind and beautiful

58. Farah (Female) – meaning Joy

59. Felicity (Female) – meaning Lucky with good fortune

60. Fatima (Female) – meaning one who abstains

61. Gabriel (Male) – meaning Messenger of God/God is my strength

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62. Gordon (Male) – meaning Great hill

63. Garrett derived from Gerald (Male) – meaning Spear brave

64. Gaius (Male) – meaning To be joyful

65. Giancarlo (Male) – meaning God is gracious

66. Gail (Female) – meaning My father’s delight

67. Grace (Female) – meaning Goodness and generosity

68. Galina (Female) – meaning Woman of serenity

69. Guleen (Female) – meaning Someone with a beautiful smile

70. Gamila (Female) – meaning Gorgeous woman

71. Hector (Male) – meaning Holding fast

72. Hakim (Male) – meaning A wise person

73. Hadwyn (Male) – meaning Someone who will help you get through the tough time.

74. Hesperos (Male) – meaning Personification of the evening star (Venus)

75. Holden (Male) – meaning Gracious

76. Hamsa (Female) – meaning A beautiful person just like the swan

77. Halia (Female) – meaning Remembrance of a loved one

78. Harriett (Female) – meaning Rules for her household

79. Hasna (Female) – meaning Beautiful; the feminine form of Hassan

80. Hattie short for Henrietta – meaning Keeper of the hearth and the ruler of the household

81. Ignatius/Ignacio (Male) – meaning Fiery

82. Irving (Male) – meaning Friend from the sea or white river

83. Ichiro (Male) – meaning First born child

84. Ida (Female) – meaning Hardworking woman

85. Ivy (Female) – meaning Faithfulness

86. Jack (Male) – meaning God is merciful

87. Jasper (Male) – meaning Bringer of treasure

88. Jada (Female) – meaning Gift giver

89. Jessa (Female) – meaning Beholding God and wealth

90. Jacobina (Female) – meaning Following after

91. Kaliq (Male) – meaning The creator or God

92. Kadir (Male) – meaning Valuable

93. Kale (Male) – meaning Strong and manly

94. Kalifa (Female) – meaning Chaste; Holy

95. Kalika (Female) – meaning Rosebud

96. Laszlo (Male) – meaning Someone who rules with glory

97. Lahahana (Male) – meaning Warmth provided by the sun

98. Lacy (Female) – meaning Borne of a hostile invasion

99. Lenore (Female) – meaning Light

100. Laila (Female) – meaning Talkative/ Chatterer

101. Mervyn (Male) – meaning Sea hill

102. Maximus (Male) – meaning Greatest

103. Macauley (Male) – meaning Righteous

104. Mabel (Female) – meaning Adorable

105. Myra (Female) – meaning Someone/Flower that is extraordinary

106. Malia (Female) – meaning Calm and Peaceful

107. Bottom (Male) – meaning Beloved or Uncommon

108. Neil (Male) – meaning Champion

109. Nadia (Female) – meaning Filled with hope

110. Nara (Female) – meaning Contented and happy

111. Natasha (Female) – meaning Born on Christmas day

112. Orville (Male) – meaning Gold town

113. Oldrich/Aldrich (Male) – meaning Old and wise ruler

114. Olivia (Female) – meaning Symbol of peace

115. Oviya (female) – meaning Beautiful painting or a drawing usually given to an artist

116. Payton (Male) – meaning Royal

117. Placido (Male) – meaning Tranquillity

118. Primrose (Female) – meaning First rose

119. Pandora (Female) – meaning All gifted

120. Panteha (Female) – meaning Princess

You feel it’s time to name your baby but you can’t decide? you still got time, so quit worrying. Finding a name for your child just got easier. We’ve got this long list of Hawaiian names for girls and boys waiting for you.

We hope these cute names we have brought together will inspire you to make the right decision when naming your children.

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