Finding the perfect opportunity to talk to your crush can seem like an eternity but it’s not impossible. It is important to be confident. Even if you’re shy, just keep in mind that if you don’t make a move, someone else might be a step ahead of you.

Just to help you set the ball rolling, here are some tips on how to man up and go for what you want without fear of being rejected or ridiculed… Thank me later.

Make Eye Contact and Smile


This is more like the first connection between you and your crush, even if you’re shy. If possible, a short courtesy like Hello, Hi, Bye, could make a lot of difference in getting that person to notice or acknowledge you.

There is nothing more powerful than a genuine, acknowledging smile and eye contact.

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Be Yourself

Be yourself when you speak to your crush and let your personality shine through your words. You never know, you might be exactly the kind of person he/she’s looking for.

Refrain from lying or embellishing yourself or whatever you say when speaking to your crush. If you do, they will eventually discover the truth and their good opinion of you will diminish.

Be Nice to your Crush

Be pleasant to your crush and people close to them. Never tease them to get attention unless they know it’s a joke.

Very important, kill the jealous attitude when your crush is communicating with someone else. Since both of you are not yet dating, you have no right to care too much about their personal life. Pretend it doesn’t bother you, otherwise, you can lose your chance before it even starts.

Initiate a Conversation


You can only wait for the slightest opportunity to strike up a conversation with your crush. It doesn’t have to be a long discussion; just asking a question and dropping some compliments will do.

It is also better to prepare in case the conversation gets deeper – have an interesting topic to talk about; expand your knowledge by reading interesting articles and books, be current in music/movies/news etc. Simply find common interests to set common ground.

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Know your Limit

Once the acquaintance is established, try not to overdo it; play it cool, create a mutual interest instead of a one-sided crush. You should avoid giving too much of your attention to your crush all at once, in return, your crush will pursue you as much as you follow them.

Quit the Bad Habit

Being yourself doesn’t include portraying nasty behaviour. Refrain from using foul words or cursing excessively and wagging your tongue at every topic.

Just keep your conversations innocent, clean, but entertaining in a positive way.

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Engage them to Something


This is another way of connecting to them – by working on a project and venture together. Asking them for help, support or idea about something you think they might also be interested in doing. It brings both of you closer if you have a common course.

Use Text

Thanks to social media, befriending people you like can be so much easier. All you need is to text or chat them up and then take the hint from their reply.

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Tell them How you Feel


No more hide and seek games. This is the part where you get real, be sincere and clear about how you feel; don’t get too emotional or passionate about it. Be bold and tell them without stuttering. You can start like this:

“Hey, I have something important to tell you…(pause for few seconds). I really like you a lot…I was hoping we can go out together sometimes.”

Remember to look them in the eye all the while so they’ll know how serious you are. Don’t forget to smile.