So you like that girl, but how do you tell her you like her? To tell a girl you like her shouldn’t be that much of a herculean task, but sometimes it can be.

Usually, most girls would get creeped out if a guy suddenly walked up to them and confessed his unflinching affection for them. This may appear weird to the girl because she barely knows you and may simply take you for a psycho or just a rude fellow. On the other hand, if a girl does the same to a guy, he may find it cool that a girl actually finds him attractive, thus inflating his ego. If he happens to be repulsed by it however, then she probably is not good looking or she is just not his type.

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Letting her know how you feel should be like taking a walk in the park, but it is not so with some guys. The truth is, while some guys are smooth and silver-tongued, other guys can be so inexperienced and boring to get their feelings out there. Therefore, as a guy, you will need a carefully thought out plan or strategy to tell a girl you like her without messing things up. But there is hope for you if you fall into the inexperienced category because anyone can get the girl, all it takes is knowing what to say and do at the right time. On this note, here are 7 ways to tell a girl you like her.

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her

Tell a girl you like her

1. Avoid Doing It Randomly: From the introduction of this article, I’m sure you get the reason you should never approach a girl and tell her you like her just out of the blues. This would be a deal breaker and probably ruin any good chance you have at winning her over. Instead, make sure that she knows you. You don’t have to be all close at first but you can start by being friendly and polite with her. When you do this, it would get you out of the creep zone because she now recognizes that you are presumably harmless.

2. Start A Conversation With Her: Now you need to take this serious because it is one way to get to know her better in terms of her name, her major(if she is a student), or her career e.t.c. This is the best way to get her to notice you and for her to see that you two may have more in common than she thought. It might not be the big talks like “how many kids do you want to have,” now that might be too soon. You want to keep it simple and not come along as overly inquisitive, you will get the chance for such deeper questions if you play your cards right.

3. Make Her Your Friend: Before you get to the part of asking her to be your “girlfriend” officially, you need to make her your casual friend just as you would another guy. This would get her to become free with you and let down her walls. As friends, you could offer to help out by putting her through some difficult academic task or any other trivial issue she could be having

4. Spend Time With Her: One quick and tender way to get to the heart of the girl you like is by spending quality time with her. Play with her, make her laugh, tease her if you have to, but don’t be a total jerk. When you do this it will show her that you really care enough about her.

Ways To Tell A Girl You Like Her

Shy guy likes you

5. Get To Know Her Friends: Her friends have a major role to play in the decision she is likely to make about you so try to get friendly with her them. When you do this her friends would like you and probably put in a good word or two for you to help you get the girl.

6. Compliment Her: As with the saying “A woman is moved by what she hears,” so you might want to step your complimentary game up a notch. A woman likes to be told that she is beautiful, she likes to be told that her dress and hair are lovely. Apart from the physical things, tell her she is smart, kind, and has a beautiful heart. In other words, just highlight her internal and external qualities.

7. Ask Her Out: The final step is simply to man up and tell her how you feel. By now she probably likes you enough to want to date you officially so you need to ask her. The truth is, no matter how anxious or afraid you might be of getting turned down, bear in mind that there are other more cute and good looking guys out there waiting to get her to be theirs even without your permission, so you have to take the bold step and tell her exactly how you feel.

In conclusion, if you pay attention by following judiciously the steps and strategies highlighted in this article on how to tell a girl you like her, you can rest assured that your chances of getting her are really high.