Is he the one? Nearly everyone in the circle of relationship has asked a variant of this question at some point in their romantic lifetime. The fear of dating the wrong guy/girl is knee-weakening. And there is also that fear of mistaking platonic friendship for a romantic one and losing a dear friend in the process.

“How do I tell if he/she is just a friend or more than just a friend?” This question with its touch of anxiety has continued to vibrate and attract tons of answers, but here’s what we think will help you know just where you stand with that person.

How To Tell if He or She is More Than Just a Friend

1. If He/She Can’t Do Without You

Well, your friends love and care about you and miss you when you are not there. But if there is this one friend who is always looking out for you, who is worried about you and will go the extra mile to be with you and make you comfortable, then chances are they want more than just friendship with you.

2. If You are Attracted to Them


Sometimes we tend to downplay physical attractions in order not to sound shallow or in order to be seen as seeking the deeper things in a relationship. Physical attraction is real, and it is deep too. If you have that one friend you feel the butterflies in your tummy when they are around you, you definitely know they hold more than the status of friendship in your life.

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3. If You Want Them Only to Yourself 

It happens, you are in a group of five to ten friends but you have that one girl or guy you always feel you want to spend more time with; that one person you feel pangs of jealousy when they seem to be paying someone else more attention? Well, the feeling might not be all that innocent. The fact that you want more of them, mostly with you and just them is a major pointer to the fact that they are not just friends with you.

4. If They Spoil You

If you can get away with doing anything – or nearly anything – with someone who is normally a touchy, no-nonsense person, then that someone is most likely exhibiting the kind of partiality that sets you apart as more than just a friend to him or her. Watch it, someone is nursing a serious crush on you.

5. If You Tell Each Other Everything

I was at the saloon, I saw an old friend, I have a headache, I feel like eating ice cream, I think I love boxing too much, what did you eat this morning, what are you wearing… Talk, talk, talk, anything. If you guys feel free to tell each other everything, then listen, the bell might be ringing romantic tunes. Of course, friends talk about almost everything with each other, but not so much with friends of the opposite sex. There is a subconscious restraint when talking to a friend of the opposite sex who is just a friend to you. But when you begin to lose your grip on the handbrake, then perhaps you are heading south.

Just a friend

6. You are Your Real Self When You are with them

You feel at home with them. Sometimes you can’t explain it but you just know it is not the same feeling with your other friends. You feel at peace with them. You feel secure, you feel valued, respected and admired. And, hold your breath, you feel loved. Well, if you feel this way it is probably because of one way, the romantic way.

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7. If You Just Feel He/She is More Than a Friend

Yes, sometimes you have to listen to your gut feeling. Sometimes there is no other explanation, you just know that this particular friend holds a stake higher than that of friendship in your heart. Love has been variously defined, but no one can exclude the role of instincts in it. If you just feel that he/she means more to you then he/she means more.

Just a Friend

Conclusively, there are no set rules to separate the right sheep from the other flock when it comes to deciding who is a friend, who is a great friend and should remain so and who is a friend but is more than just a friend. Everyone ultimately decides what works for them. We just hope that this list has done some good.