100 Popular Korean Girl Names That Are Simply Cute

We bring you list of popular Korean Girl Names you may not have known their meanings before.

Most of all the Korean girl names listed below are inspired by the beauty of nature, morals and uniqueness of humanity as created by the One who is Supreme.

Girls are like treasures; to be protected, and just like flower petals; so delicate, their names tend to depict their nature. Hence we bring you most popular Korean Girl names and their meanings.

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100 Popular Korean Girl Names That Are Simply Cute

Korean Girl Names

1. Haw-Young – A beautiful flower

2. Young – Valient

3. Eui – Righteousness

4. Bora – of purple colour

5. Hei-Ran – Grace and Orchid

6. Young II – Most prosperous of all

7. Hyo-Sonn – One who is filial and gentle

8. Gyeong – The respected one

9. Mee – Beauty

10. Chung-Cha – Noble and Daughter

11. Hyun-Ae – A woman who is loving and clear

12. Jae Hwa – Respect and beauty, One who is rich and prosperous

13. Shik – Planting

14. Yong – Brave and perpetual

15. Jin Kyong – Truth, treasure and brightness

16. Chung-Ae – Righteous love

17. Kyung Mi – Honored and beauty

18. Mi Sun – Beauty and Goodness

19. Min – clever, sharp-minded, quick responding person

20. Yeong – Person with courage

21. Wook – Sunrise

22. So – Smile

23. Areum – Beautiful

24. Whan – Enlargement,  growing always

25. Eun – Silver

26. Seung – Victorious

27. Goo – Completeness

28. Min Jee – Brightness and wisdom

29. Soo Yun – A perfect lotus flower

30. Sung – Successor

31. Nam Kyu – Southern

32. Mi-Ok – Beautiful Pearl

33. Sun Jung – Goodness and noble

34. Choon-Hee – Born in spring

35. Eun-Kyung – graceful gem

36. Yung Mi – Prosperity, eternal and beautiful

37. Soon-Bok – One with a gentle soul

38. So Young – Eternal, beautiful and prosperous

39. Chin-Sun – One who seeks truth and goodness in everything

40. Mun-Hee – An educated and literate girl

41. Hea – grace

42. Jae – Respect

43. Gook – Nation

44. Kyung Soon – Honoured and Mild

45. Cho – Beautiful

46. Hei-Ran – a graceful orchid

47. Myung-Ok – A bright pearl

48. Ha-Neul – Sky

49. Bae – Inspiration

50. Young-Soon – Mild and flowery

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More Korean Girl Names

Korean Girl Names

51. Soo – Long life, excellence

52. Youra – Enough silk

53. Yoora – Enough silk

54. Hana – Flower, favourite

55. Ho-Sook – A clear lake

56. U – Gentle

57. Gi – Brave one

58. Ki – The risen one

59. Ji – Wisdom and Intellect

60. Mi-Cha – A beautiful girl

61. Sook – of pure and natural

62. Mishil – A  beautiful kingdom

63. Mi-hi – Beautiful joy

64. Sang-Hee – Benevolence, pleasure

65. Nari – lily flower

66. Uk – Sunrise

67. Yoon – Consent

68. Jung – Chaste

69. Kwan – Strong girl

70. Sook – Pure and nature

71. Woong – Grand, magnificent

72. Sam – Third in order

73. Soo-Jin – Treasure, excellence and truth

74. Chun Hei – Justice and grace

75. Nam – South

76. Dae – Great one, shining

77. Chul  – Firmness

78. Goo –  Someone who completes you

79. Seo-Yun – Soft, felicitous one

80. Hyun – The intelligent one

81. Jong – silent and chaste

82. Jeong – silent and chaste

83. Iseul – from dew

84. Bong-Cha – the ultimate girl

85. Yun – Lotus flower

86. Seong – Finished

87. Sang – Aways

88. Doh – Accomplishment

89. Ae-Cha – a Loving daughter

90. Moon – Learned, a girl with lots of knowledge

91. Shin – One who Believe

92. Ryung – Brightness

93. Hae – Ocean

94. Hae-Won – graceful garden

95. Yun – melody

96. Haneul – Heaven, sky

97. Joo – Jewel

98. Chin – Precious

99. Bon-Hwa –  Glorious

100. Bong – Mystical Bird

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