Fire names are so cool that the bearers of such names are believed to be very vibrant and cheerful. You will agree with me that getting the perfect name that suits your kid can be quit a task, but it has to be done regardless.

Names are said to be powerful and have the ability to  shape the way a child develops through life; so, it is important that as parent, you know and understand the meaning of a name before giving it to your child.

Nevertheless, if you are seriously looking for names that have something to do with fire, light, or spark, you can get such names right here in this article about 70 names that mean fire for boys and girls. Feel free to browse through, we are sure you will find the right name for your newborn. Cheers!

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Boy Names That mean Fire

Fire names

1. Lucian: This name means “light.”

2. Hotaru: This name means “firefly or lightning bug.”

3. Jayvyn: This name means “light spirit.”

4. Flint: This name means “the spark of rife when struck by stones or steel.”

5. Mishal: Mishal is an Arabic name meaning “torch.”

6. Elior: It means “God is light.”

7. Siraj: Arabic meaning  “guiding light.”

8. Ethne: An Irish name which means “fire.”

9. Oran: Cool Gaelic name, Orna means “light.”

10. Roshaun: It means “brilliant light.”

11. Navtej: Hindi name which “new light.”

12. Aalish: A Persian name which means “flame.”

13. Sheridan: Gaelic which means “bright light.”

14. Kai: Scotland name which means “fire.”

15. Joash: This name means “fire of Yahweh.”

16. Ambert: This name means “bright, shining light.”

17. Jomei: This name means “one who spreads light.”

Strong Fire Names For Boys

Fire names

18. Kiran: This name means “ray of light.”

19. Brantley: This name means “wildfire.”

20. Phoenix: “mythical bird that rose from the ashes of the fire that devoured it.”

21. Leor: This means “I have light.”

22. Blaise: French name which means “light.”

23. Udup: It means “moonlight.”

24. Ashbel: This means “an old fire.”

25. Zohar: A Hebrew name which means “light.”

26. Xhaiden:  American name that means “beam of cleansing light.”

27. Calida: Latin name which means “fiery or hot.”

28. Tyson: English name which simply means “fiery tempered.”

29. Arell: Hebrew name which means “light.”

30. Uriel: It means “God is my light.”

31. Chamuel: Hebrew name which means “heat.”

32. Ashkenaz:  This means “fire that spreads.”

33. Usra: Indian name which means “fire.”

34. Ignatius: This means “saintly name meaning “fire.”

35. Zain: Hindi name means “godly light.”

Fire Name For Girls

Names that mean fire

36. Electra: Greek name which means “sparkling, fiery sun.”

37. Shula: Most definitely means “flame.”

38. Anala: Indian name meaning “Fiery.”

39. Twinkle: A beautiful name which means “shine with an unsteady light.”

40. Pele: The Unisex name of the Hawaiian goddess of fire.

41. Roxana: This means “dawn, the first appearance of light.”

42. Nera: This means “light or candle.”

43. Lucy: English name which means “light.”

44. Lita: Lightweight name which means “light.”

45. Lucia: This means “children born as the daylight was breaking.”

46. Saskia: It means “valley of the light.”

47. Ilona: The Hungarian version of Helen which means “light.”

48. Ciana: Italian name meaning “light.”

49. Lucinda: Female name which means “light.”

50. Orli: This short, cute name means “light.”

51. Adara: A Hebrew name which means “fire.”

52. Zia: Fire name which means “light.”

53. Yetta: Another Hebrew name meaning “light.”

More Fire Names For Girls

Fire names 54. Uriela: Fire name which means “light of God.”

55. Fira: An English name that means fiery.

56. Thea: This is the name of the Greek goddess of light.

57. Kalama: A Hawaiian name which means “flaming torch.”

58. Iliana: This means “ray of light.”

59. Helena: It means “shining one and bright.”

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60. Lux: This name means “fire of Legends.”

61. Eliora: This name means “The Lord is my light.”

62. Agnimitra: This is the feminine form of Agni.

63. Hestia: The name of the Greek Goddess of fireside and chastity.

64. Luz: Spanish name which means which means “Lady of the Light.”

65. Brighid: This is a Gaelic name which means “bearer of light.”

66. Aurora: The name of the “Goddess of Dawn.”

67. Azar:  This a good Iranian name which means “Fire.”

68. Noor: This is an exotic Arabic name which means “light.”

69. Fiammetta: A unique girl names which means “fire.”

70. Zora: This is a great name which means “dawn.”