Have you ever wondered what some Russian names mean? Or are you looking for a handful of perfect Russian names and their meanings you can consider for your baby? No stress, we have put together over 120 Russian names and their meanings for you to look at.

Most Russian names are derived from other popular names with origins from major parts of Europe which are often Greek. The Russian names are usually deemed complete if the names follow a particular order (the given name, patronymic, and a family name). Several diminutives are often associated with Russsian names. For example for Anastasiya, there is Nastya, Stasya, Tasya, Nastenka, and more.

Russian names and their Meanings

Russian given names are often taken from the names of saints, especially those from Eastern Orthodox tradition. In the last century, the traditional Slavic names have been popularly used.

The usual alphabet of the Russian language which is the Cyrillic alphabet is what  Russian names are normally written in. When they are transliterated, they can result in multiple spellings for a single name depending on the transcription. For example, Дмитрийcan could be presented as Dmitrii, Dmitri, or Dmitriy.

Becuase we know how nerve wracking it might be to get the right meaning to Russian names or if you are a parent looking for the perfect Russian name for your child, here are over 120 Russian Names and their Meanings you should really Consider.

Russian Names and Their Meanings

1. AGNESSE: Variant spelling of Russian Agnessa, meaning “Chaste; Holy.”

2. FAINA (Фаина): Russian name meaning “Light.”

3. ANJA (Аня): Variant spelling of Russian Anya, meaning “Favor; Grace.”

4. ANNUSHKA (Аннушка): Diminutive form of Russian Anya, meaning “Favor; Grace.”

5. ANTONIYA (Антония): Feminine form of Russian Antoniy, meaning “Invaluable.”

6. KATENKA (Катенька): Diminutive form of Russian Ekaterina
and Yekaterina, meaning “Pure.”

7. KATERINA: Short form of Russian Ekaterina meaning “Pure.”

8. LANA: Short form of Russian Svetlana, meaning “Light.”

9. MARIANNA (Марианна): Russian form of Latin Mariana, meaning “Like Marius.”

10. AGLAYA: Variant spelling of Russian Aglaii, meaning “Beauty, Splendor.”

11. AGNESSA (Агне́сса): Russian form of Greek Hagne, meaning “Chaste; Holy.”

12. ASYA (Ася): Pet form of Russian Anastasiya, meaning “Resurrection.”

13. ANASTASSIA: Variant spelling of Russian/Ukrainian Anastasiya, meaning “Resurrection.”

14. ANFISA (Анфи́са): Russian form of Greek Anthousa, meaning “Flower.”

15. ANIA: Variant spelling of Russian Anya, meaning “Favor; Grace.”Compare with another form of Ania.

16. ANUSHKA (Анушка): Variant spelling of Russian Annushka, meaning “Favor; Grace.”

17. ANYA (Аня): Russian form of Latin Anna, meaning “Favor; Grace.”

18. ANZHELA (Анже́ла): Russian form of Latin Angela, meaning “angel, messenger.”

19. ANZHELINA (Анжели́на): Russian form of Latin Angelina, meaning “Angel, Messenger.”

20. APOLLINARIYA (Аполлина́рия): Feminine form of Russian Apollonii, meaning “of Apollo.”

21. ARINA (Арина): Variant spelling of Russian Irina, meaning “Peace.”

22. ARISHA (Ариша): Pet form of Russian Arina, meaning “Peace.”

23. AVDOTIA: Variant spelling of Russian Avdotya, meaning “Good-seeming.”

24. AVDOTYA (Авдотья): Russian form of Latin Eudocia, meaning “Good-seeming.”

25. BOLESLAVA (Болеслава): Feminine form of Slavic Boleslav, meaning “Large glory.”

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26. BORBALA (Борбала): Russian form of Greek Barbara, meaning “Foreign; Strange.”

27. AGRIPENAAGRIPENA: Variant spelling of Russian Agripina, meaning “Wild horse.”

28. MAGDALINA (Магдалина): Russian form of Greek Magdalēnē, meaning “of Magdala.”

29. MATRYONA (Матрона): Russian form of Latin Matrona, meaning “Lady.”

30. NINA: Short form of Russian Annina, meaning “Favor; Grace.” Compare with other forms of Nina.

31. OLGA (Ольга): Feminine form of Russian Oleg, meaning “Dedicated to the gods; Holy.”

32. OLYA: Pet form of Russian Olga, meaning “Dedicated to the gods; Holy.”

33. OVDOTIA: Variant spelling of Russian Ovdotya, meaning “Good-seeming.”

34. OVDOTYA (Овдотья): Variant form of Russian Avdotya, meaning “Good-seeming.”

35. PELAGEYA (Пелагея): Russian form of Greek Pelagia, meaning “of the sea.”

36. POLINA (Полина): Short form of Russian Apollinariya, meaning “of Apollo.”

37. PRASKOVIYA (Параскева): Russian form of Greek Paraskeve, meaning “Preparation.”

38. RADA (Рада): Bulgarian and Russian name derived from the Slavic element rad, meaning “Happy.”

39. RADINKA (Радинка): Russian equivalent of French Radelle, meaning “Counsel.”

40. RAISA (Раи́са): Russian name meaning “Easy, Prepared.” Compare with other forms of Raisa.

41. ROKSANA (Russian: Роксана): Polish and Russian form of Latin Roxana, meaning “Dawn.”

42. ROZA (Ро́за): Russian name meaning “Rose.”

43. SACHA: French form of Russian unisex Sasha, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

44. SASHA (Саша): Unisex pet form of Russian Aleksandr and Aleksandra, both meaning “Defender of mankind.”

45. SASHURA (Сашура): Unisex pet form of Russian Aleksandr and Aleksandra, both meaning “Defender of mankind.”

46. SERAFIMA (Серафима): Feminine form of Russian Serafim, meaning “Burning one” or “Serpent.”

47. KHARITON (Харито́н): Russian form of Greek Chariton, meaning “Grace, Kindness.”

48. KIR (Ки́р): Russian name meaning “Master, Ruler.”

49. KIRILL (Кири́лл): Russian form of English Cyril, meaning “Lord.”

50. KLAVDII (Клавдии): Russian form of Greek Klaudios, meaning “Lame.”

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Male Russian Names and Their Meanings

Russian names and their Meanings

51. SHURA (Шура): Short form of Russian unisex Sashura, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

52. SLAVA (Слава): Russian unisex name meaning “Glory.”

53. KLIMENT (Климент): Russian form of Greek Klementos, meaning “Gentle and merciful.”

54. KOLDAN (Колдан): Russian name meaning “Sting.”

55. KOLMOGOROV (Колмогоров): Russian name meaning “Hill.”

56. KOLODA (Колода): Russian name meaning “Log.”

57. KOLODKA (Колодка): Diminutive form of Russian Koloda (“log”), hence “Little log.”

58. KOLYA (Коля): Pet form of Russian Nikolai, meaning “Victor of the people.”

59. KOLZAK (Колзак): Russian name meaning “Slippery.”

60. KONSTANTIN (Константин): Russian form of Roman Latin Constantine, meaning “Steadfast.”

61. KOSTYA (Костя): Pet form of Russian Konstantin, meaning “Steadfast.”

62. KUZMA (Кузьма): Russian form of Greek Kosmos, meaning “Beauty, Order.”

63. LAVRENTII (Лаврентий): Variant spelling of Russian                 Lavrentiy, meaning “of Laurentum.”

64. LAVRENTIY (Лаврентий): Russian form of Roman Latin Laurentius, meaning “of Laurentum.”

65. LAVRENTY: Variant spelling of Russian Lavrentiy, meaning “of Laurentum.”

66. LAZAR (Russian: Ла́зарь, Serbian: Лазар): Russian and Serbian form of Latin Lazarus, meaning “My God has              helped.”

67. LEONID (Леонид): Russian form of Greek Leonidas, meaning “Lion’s son.”

68. LEONTII: Variant spelling of Russian Leontiy, meaning “Lion-like.”

69. LEONTIY (Леонтий): Russian form of Latin Leontius, meaning “Lion-like.”

70. LEONTY: Variant spelling of Russian Leontiy, meaning “Lion-like.”

71. LUKA: Hawaiian and Russian form of Greek Loukas, meaning “From Lucania.”

72. LYOV: Variant spelling of Russian Lev, meaning “Lion.”

73. MAKAR (Макар): Short form of Russian Makariy, meaning “Blessed.”

74. MAKARI: Variant spelling of Russian Makariy, meaning             “Blessed.”

75. MAKARIY (Макарий): Russian form of Greek Makarios, meaning “Blessed.”

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76. MAKSIM (Максим): Russian name derived from Greek Maksimos, meaning “The greatest.”

77. MAKSIMILIAN (Максимилиа́н): Russian form of Latin Maximilian, meaning “The greatest rival.”

78. MATVEI: Variant spelling of Russian Matvey, meaning “Gift of God.”

79. MATVEY (Матвей): Russian form of Greek Mattathias, meaning “Gift of God.”

80. MAXIM (Максим): Variant spelling of Russian Maksim, meaning “The greatest.”

81. MEFODIY (Мефодий): Russian form of Latin Methodius, meaning “Method.”

82. MELOR (Мэлор): Modern Russian name composed of the first letter of each of the following: Marx, Engels, Lenin, October, Revolution.

83. MIKHAIL (Михаи́л): Russian form of Greek Michaēl, meaning “Who is like God?”

84. MIRON (Мирон): Russian form of Greek Myron, meaning “Myrrh.”

85. MISHA (Миша): Pet form of Russian Mikhail, meaning “Who is like God?”

86. MITROFAN (Мітрафан): Russian form of Greek                        Metrophanes, meaning “Mother-appearing,” probably in the sense “Resembles the mother.”

87. MITYA (Митя): Pet form of Russian Dmitri, meaning “Loves the earth.”

88. MODEST (Модест): Russian form of Roman Latin Modestus, meaning “Moderate, Sober.”

89. MODYA (Модя): Pet form of Russian Modest, meaning “Moderate, Sober.”

90. MOTYA (Мотя): Pet form of Russian Matvey, meaning “Gift of God.”

91. NAUM (Наум): Russian form of Hebrew Nachuwm, meaning “Comfort.”

92. NAZAR (Назар): Russian form of Latin Nazarius, meaning “of Nazareth.” Compare with another form of Nazar.

93. OLEG (Олег): Russian form of Scandinavian Helge, meaning “Dedicated to the gods; Holy.”

94. ONISIM (Онисим): Russian form of Greek Onesimos, meaning “Profitable, Useful.”

95. OSIP (Осип): Russian form of Greek Ioseph, meaning “(God) shall add (another son).”

96. PANKRATI: Variant spelling of Russian Pankratiy, meaning “All power.”

97. PATYA (Патя): Pet form of Russian Ipati, meaning “Most high, Supreme.”

98. AGLAII (Аглаий): Russian form of Greek Aglaia, the myth name of one of the three Graces, meaning “Beauty,

99. PAVEL (Павел): Czech and Russian form of Greek Pavlos, meaning “Small.”

100. SACHA: French form of Russian unisex Sasha, meaning “Defender of mankind.”

More Russian Names

Russian names and their Meanings

101. Milenka: Female name meaning  “My small one.”

102. Natacha: Female Russian form of Natasha meaning “Revealed.”

103. Oksanochka: Male name meaning “praises of God.”

104. Olechka: Female Russian form of Helga meaning “Holy.”

105. Pyotr: Russian form of Peter meaning “Stone.”

106. Sergei: Male name meaning “Exalted one.”

107. Ozera: Male name meaning “Lake.”

108. Orlenda: Female name meaning “Eagle.”

109. Rani: Meaning “Queen.”

110. Rusalka: Female name meaning “Mermaid.”

111. Tanya: Meaning “Fairy queen.”

112. Tania: Meaning “Fairy queen.”

113. Stepania: Female Russian form of Stephanie meaning “Crown.”

114. Timur: Male name meaning “Conqueror.”

115. Tatiana: Female name which Means “To appoint.”

116. Valentin: Male Russian name meaning “Healthy” or “vigorous.”

117. Vladimir: Male Russian name meaning “Ruler of the world.”

118. Vladislav: Male Russian name meaning “Full of glory.”Vladislav: Male Russian name meaning “Full of glory.”

119. Yelena: Female Russian a form of Helen, Jelena meaning “Wicker, Light”

120. Yegor: Male Russian form of George meaning “Earth worker, Farmer.”

In conclusion, most Russian names have a Greek origin. Most of these names are popular names used in major parts of Europe and America, just that they are written and pronounced differently in the Russian community. If you are of Russian heritage, such names should be normal to you, but if you are not, they may appear really strange to you. Nevertheless, if you are interested in finding Russian names for a child or simply looking to learn the meaning or some Russian names, take a look at our list and make your job easier.

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