A name is usually a unique identifier of a person, but there’s so much more to African names than just plain old identification. African names are considered as every parent’s first gift to their children. Africa being the second largest continent in the world has various cultures and beliefs which differ among the tribes and nations. One of the easiest ways of identifying someone from Africa is through the names they bear and these names also links them to their tribe or African origin. However, you are going to see some sweet African names and their meanings as you read further.

One of the easiest ways of identifying someone from Africa is through the names they bear and these African names also link them to their tribe or African origin. However, when it comes to African names, you can be sure that there’s more to it than you heard.

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Furthermore, Africans are always regarded as religious people and as such, most of their names are derived from religion or religious events. Whatever inspires them, these sweet African names are always beautiful, exotic and full of meaning.

There’s this belief in Africa that a good name accompanies us for the rest of our lives and that is why African parents are always careful and selective when it comes to naming their children. Find below the list of sweet African names and their meanings.

Sweet African Names And Their Meanings

1. Abayomi (Male/Female) – Born to bring me joy (Yoruba, Nigeria)

    2. Abimbola (Female) – Born to be wealthy (Yoruba, Nigeria)

3. Ade (Male) – Royal (Yoruba, Nigeria)

4. Adebayor (Male) – He came in a joyful time (Yoruba, Nigeria)

5. Akanni (Male) – Our encounter brings possession (Yoruba, Nigeria)

6. Abiola (Male) – Born in wealth/honor (Yoruba, Nigeria)

7. Akanke (Female) – To know her is to love her (Yoruba, Nigeria)

8. Aiyetoro (female) – Peace on earth (Yoruba, Nigeria)

9. Adamma (Female) – Child of beauty (Ibo, Nigeria)

10. Akummirigwe (Female) – The dew of heaven (Ibo, Nigeria)

11. Akumsinachi (Female) –  My wealth is from God (Ibo, Nigeria)

12. Ayize (Male) – Let it happen (Zulu, SOuth Africa)

13. Ayanda (Female) – They augment (Zulu, South Africa)

14. Amahle (Female) – Beautiful one (Zulu, South Africa)

15. Azzam (Male) – Determined; Resolved ( Arabic, Ghana)

16. Addae (Male) – Morning sun (Akan, Ghana)

17. Azhar (Male) – Shining; Luminous (Arabic, Ghana)

18. Abdulrahman (Male) – Servant of the merciful (Arabic)

19. Adom (Male) – Help from God, God’s blessing (Akan Ghana)

20. Ameer/Amir – Prince (Arabic, Ghana)

21. Amin/ Ameen – Trustworthy; faithful (Arabic, Ghana)

22. Aluna (Female) – Come here (Mwera, Kenya)

23. Amani (Male) – Trust; Safety (Swahili)

24. Asya (Female) – Born during the time of grief (Swahili)

25. Atiena (Female) – Guardian of the night (Swahili)

26. Atieno (Male) – Guardian of the night (Swahili)

27. Ayubu (Female) – Patience in suffering (Swahili)

28. Azizi (Male) – Precious (Swahili)

29. Babafemi (Male) – My father loves me ( Yoruba, Nigeria)

30. Bunmi (Female) – My gift (Yoruba, Nigeria)

31. Bolanile (Female) – Wealth of this house ( Yoruba, Nigeria)

32. Baba (Female) – Born on Thursday (Fante, Ghana)

33. Bobo (Male) – born on Tuesday (Fante, Ghana)

34. Bem (Male) – Peace (Tiv, Nigeria)

35. Baderinwa (Female) – Worthy of respect (Yoruba, Nigeria)

36. Bayo (Female) – Joy is found (Yoruba, Nigeria)

37. Barika (Female) – Successful (Yoruba, Nigeria)

38. Bejide (Female) – Born during a rainy season (Yoruba, Nigeria)

39. Bolade (Female) – Honor arrives (Yoruba, Nigeria)

40. Babalo (Male/Female) – Blessing (South Africa)

41. Baruti (Male) – Educator (South Africa)

42. Bhekizizwe (Male) – Looking for nations (Zulu, South Africa)

43. Bhekumbuso (Male) – Looking for the dominion (Zulu, South Africa)

44. Bahati (Female) – Luck (Swahili)

45. Badru (Male) – Born during the full moon (Swahili)

46. Bakari (Female) – Noble promise (Swahili)

47. Baraka (Female) – Blessing; Fortune (Swahili)

48. Barasa (Male) – Meeting people (Swahili)

49. Busar (Male) – Practical wisdom (Swahili)

50. Busara (Female) – Practical wisdom (Swahili)

Meaningful Sweet African Names

51. Chijioke (Male) – God gives talent (Ibo, Nigeria)

52. Chinelo (Female) – Thought of God (Ibo, Nigeria)

53. Chimdalu (Male/Female) – Thank you my God (Ibo, Nigeria)

54. Chimeremeze (Male) – My God made me King (Ibo, Nigeria)

55. Chike (Male) – Power of God (Ibo, Nigeria)

56. Chimbusomma (Female) – My God is so beautiful (Ibo, Nigeria)

57. Chiumbo (Male) – Small child; small creation (Mwera, Kenya)

58. Coblah (Male) – Born on Tuesday (Ewe, Ghana)

59. Kofi (Male) – Born on Friday (Ewe, Ghana)

60. Donkor (Male) – Humble person (Akan, Ghana)

61. Dommie (Male) – Born on Saturday (Ewe, Ghana)

62. Dikeledi (Female) – Tears (South Africa)

63. Demarco (Male) – Warlike (South Africa)

64. Dafina (Female) – Treasure (Swahili)

65. Dalila (Female) – Gentle (Swahili)

66. Darweshi (Male) – Saintly (Swahili)

67. Daudi (Male) – Beloved one (Swahili)

68. Dhamiria (Female) – Thoughtful aim (Swahili)

69. Dayo (Female) – Joy arrives (Yoruba, Nigeria)

70. Daberechi – Lean on God (Ibo, Nigeria)

71. Ehioze (male) – Jealousy is beneath me (Benin, Nigeria)

72. Enomwoyi (Female) – Graceful one (Benin, Nigeria)

73. Echezonachukwu (Male) – Don’t forget God (Ibo, Nigeria)

74. Ekpereamaka (Male/Female) – Prayer is beautiful

75. Femi (Female) – Love me (Yoruba, Nigeria)

76. Folami (Female) – Honor and respect me (Yoruba, Nigeria)

77. Foluke (Female) – Placed in God’s care (Yoruba, Nigeria)

78. Foluke (Male) – Given to God (Yoruba, Nigeria)

79. Feechi (Male/Female) – Worship God

80. Gowon (Male) – Rainmaker (Tiv, Nigeria)

81. Gharam (Female) – Love (Arabic)

82. Hembadoon (Female) – The winner (Tiv, Nigeria)

83. Heshima (Female) – Respect; honor (Swahili)

84. Hani-Ah (Female) – Child of happiness (Arabic, Ghana)

85. Huda (Female) – Right guidance (Arabic)

86. Ibrahim (Male) – Father of multitude (Hausa, Nigeria)

87. Idowu (Male/Female) – First child after twins (Yoruba, Nigeria)

88. Iyapo (Male) – Many trials (Yoruba, Nigeria)

89. Ife (Female) – Love (Yoruba, Nigeria)

90. Isoke (Female) – A wonderful gift from God (Benin, Nigeria)

91. Ikuseghan (Female) – Peace is better than war (Benin, Nigeria)

92. Iverem (Female) – Blessing and favor (Tiv, Nigeria)

93. Izegbe (Female) – Long-awaited child (Benin, Nigeria)

94. Jaja (Male) – Honored one (Ibo, Nigeria)

95. Jeweluchukwuozi (Male) – Be a messenger of God (Ibo, Nigeria)

96. Jumoke (Male/Female) – Loved by everyone (Yoruba, Nigeria)

97. Kareem (Male) – Precious and distinguished (Arabic)

98. Kaseem (Male) – Divided (Arabic)

99. Kontar (Male) – An only child (Akan, Ghana)

100. Kojo (Male) – Born on Monday (Ghanan, Ghana)

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There are thousands of ethnic groups and languages in Africa and these groups always have a unique way of choosing names for their children. These names listed above are just a few Sweet African Names we put together. There are several others out there you might have never heard of.
We hope these sweet African names and their meanings will inspire you when making the choice of name for your children.

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