How To Tell If A Guy Likes You – Tricks You Never Knew

Wondering how to tell if a guy likes you? That’s easy.

You see, some guys are complex, some guys are fun to be with, some are calm while others are just weird. Either way, if you have a crush, or you just want to know how to tell if a guy likes you, we are here for you. Discover some little tricks and clues that will help you detect and man crush from miles away.

Generally, guys are said to be less complex than their female counterparts, at least that’s a general notion. Unlike girls, boys are perceived to be easier to read and demystify. Normally, when a guy likes or fancies a girl, culturally, such a guy is expected to be courageous enough to talk to the girl in order to clear the air and just get it over with. Nevertheless, that’s not always the case with every guy as it can get extremely complicated trying to understand how to tell if a guy likes you.

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Sometimes, a guy could get so nervous that they lose the confidence to approach a girl they like. In this kind of situation, however, they consciously or unconsciously exhibit actions that suggest that they actually like the girl.

So, if a girl notices a boy acting kinda weird towards her, or if she wants to know whether a guy likes her, then here are some tips that show how to tell if a guy likes you.

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How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

1. His Gaze

A guy who likes a girl would stare passionately at the girl. His stare becomes obvious to a fault. A bold and confident guy would gaze at his crush intensely, with the intention of making it obvious to her that he is interested in her. On the other hand, a guy who is shy will throw gazes at intervals at his crush, without wanting to be caught. But often times, if the crush is intense, he is bound to get caught sooner or later. So take note.

2. He Lets you Know

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Now things can’t be more obvious than this sub-heading. Come on, if a guy tells a girl that he likes her, then, he probably does. A guy who does this is apparently a bold and confident guy who knows what he wants. He might also be a douche bag or a hot head, so watch out.

Also, take note of the tone of his voice when he says “I like you.” There are different ways a guy could like a girl. Does he like you in the sexual- I want us to be together way? Is it an “I think you are cool, I want us to be good friends” way? Does he like you in the “I like you like a sister, I want to protect you” kind of way? Either way, it’s all in his voice and the way he says it, if you look closely, you can tell to what direction he likes you.

3. The Questions

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Okay, when you find a guy who looks for ways to ask you numerous questions whether they make sense or not, he might just like you. Now, these questions may not be limited to face to face conversations. He could ask these questions on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram e.t.c.  A guy who does this is just trying to make conversation with the girl he likes, in other to get her attention and fondness, so as to take it to the next level.

Be careful not to think every guy who asks a girl random question likes her. It depends on the frequency and type of questions asked. If he asks you for directions to a place or if asks for the answer to a question, it doesn’t necessarily mean he likes you. Remember it’s all in the frequency and attitude with which he asks you. A guy who is not interested in a girl would not put in so much effort to quiz a girl he doesn’t like. So take note.

4. He Likes what you Like

How To Tell if a guy likes you

If you find a guy who just happens to like 80% or more of what you like, especially after asking you numerous questions, then he might be trying to get in your good books. There are various ways a guy finds out the likes and dislikes of his crush. He could take cues from your conversations together, from your friends, or social media. In other words, if your conversation has a lot of “Me too’s” then that’s a good sign.

5. His Body Language

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Body language is another factor to really consider in how to tell if a guy likes you or not. When a guy leans in towards a girl during a conversation even when he can hear her loud and clear, he probably likes her. In the same vein, a guy who acts cool and tough may also lean back and act like he is not interested even though he is.

6. A Difference in Behaviour

How To Tell if a guy likes you

 A guy who likes a girl most often than not behaves a little different from when he is with his male friends or in a gathering of both males and females. You need to observe him from a distance so as know if he acts differently from when he is with you. Guys who like girls tend to consciously or unconsciously behave slightly different when they are with their crush because they are trying to either prove something, be funnier or act cooler just to get the girl’s attention. However, behaving differently is usually attributed to younger, less experienced guys.

7. The Ignoring Mode

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Be vigilant girls! If that guy is ignoring you, he may like you a little more than he is willing to admit. Though this is not always the case, the “Ignore her mode” is a trick as old as time itself. Men have used this trick to get girls they like for years, especially if such a girl is a highly sought after girl. For instance, if a guy sees that the particular girl he likes is a snub and plays hard to get, especially if she is fancied by other boys, he may be willing to go into the “Ignore her” mode in order not to appear desperate. He will, however, look for the right moment to get the girl’s attention because, by this time, the girl is probably wondering why this particular guy is not going out of his way to woo her. It’s usually in this situation he makes his move and declares his intention.

8. He Wants to Pay for you 

How to tell if a guy likes you

It’s a social expectation that guys be courteous enough to make the lives of the ladies a lot easier and enjoyable. Though things are changing, especially with the rise of modern day feminism and gender equality push, guys may not feel obligated to give kind gestures to any radon lady. Nevertheless, chivalry is not dead. Most guys who are interested in a girl would most likely want to do little things for her, like buying her a drink or paying for the bus fare etc.

Even with stingy guys, being a gentle man in the area of paying for a lady they like, is almost a default. The trick is watching how he is with his friends. It’s either he is a generous guy or not. Generous guys will pay for things whether it’s for friends or not. But if he pays for you most times especially if he just met you, then he might really like you. On the other hand, if he only buys for himself when he is out with friends, but buys for you instead, he is definitely interested in you. But I don’t think you would want to be with a guy who is over all stingy, do you?

9. He Adds You Up On Social Media Platforms

How To Tell if a guy likes you

There are ways to communicate and better pass information these days. This plethora of social media platforms including; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc., makes communication easier. If a guy starts adding up a girl on these platforms, then he is interested in that girl. Of course, a guy may request that a girl accepts his friend request on social media for various reasons. She could be a family member or a course mates or a colleague. If it involves a girl he is not close with, then he might want to get closer to her.

10. He Becomes Jealous and Protective

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Guys are more dominant and territorial in nature. When they like a girl, they consciously become protective of her and wouldn’t want her manhandled. It could be when he is walking with her in a crowd and he positions himself to take the hits rather than let her suffer them. He defends her when he sees another guy trying to force himself on her. He gets jealous if he sees her having fun with another guy (jerk) or laughing at the jokes of another guy (moron). Check it, he definitely is interested in the girl.

11.  The Boyfriend Question

How To Tell if a guy likes you

Do you have a boyfriend? This sort of question is rarely asked by guys who are not interested in you for real. He may not ask directly but he could ask questions like; “Do you stay alone?” “Do you have a room mate?” “Are you seeing anyone at the moment?” These could be a clear sign that he is interested in you.

In conclusion, it is important to realize that boys are not so complex. They are generally easier to read as compared to the ladies. Therefore, how to tell if a guy likes you should be easy as a walk in the park.

There are many ways to develop the unique skill of how to tell if a guy likes you. But, whatever you do, be sure to consider the signs shown in this piece. Happy reading!

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