Pokevision is a Pokemon tracker/locator for the mobile game Pokemon Go. Every player wishes they could play the game without moving an inch from home using the Pokevision.

Then disaster struck! The methods used by the developer of PokeVision were cut off, and Niantic and Nintendo requested that PokeVision be shut down!

It was indeed a sad moment and a hard time for Pokemon Go players. After the Pokevision Site stopped working, the players were looking for sites like Pokevision and apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC. There’s nothing to worry about, we’ve got you covered.

Here in this post, we have outlined the top 10 best Pokevision alternatives that actually works best for Pokemon Go. If you haven’t tried them yet, I guess you might have to start catching Pokemon right away.

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Top 10 Pokevision Alternatives

1. Poke Eye

pokevision alternatives

The first best Pokevision alternative is named the PokeEye. Its simple techniques make it the best out of them all. You just need to get to the site of PokeEye and then you will be shown all the nearby exact locations of Pokemon. You’ll neither need to sign up or any nor do any subscriptions in order to use it. It just guides you to enjoy this game. All you have to do is just select the area of the map where you want to search for the Pokemon.

You are also allowed to select a particular radius over the map to find Pokemon and keep a record of the areas already searched. PokeEye enables a player to chat with the nearby people in the selected radius.

2. Pokemon On Map

pokevision alternatives

The second in the list of alternatives is the PokemonOnMap. The site is fast and accurate in finding the exact location of Pokemon in your area. Be it Bulbasaur or Pikachu or any other Pokémon, this site has features efficient enough to find them all for you.

Everything happens in a real-time process on this site which means you get the latest results on this site. Whenever a Pokémon changes its place or stoppage then you can come to know about it quickly.

However, there is no app developed for this site and you would have to regulate the map through the site only. But, you would be glad to know that this site is really quick and efficient in showing the results. They also claim to show you more Pokemon in your area than any other maps. They also show Pokegyms and directions for Pokemon.

PokemonOnMap is a kind of Pokémon tracker which is continuously growing its site to compete with other Pokevision alternatives. You can also use their premium version for better features but you would have to donate some amount of money for that.

3. Pokemon Radar

This Pokemon Radar shows you live positions of Pokémon in your area. Packed with interactive apps, this app is probably one of the best ways to absorb and live the Pokemon Go experience. It is available for both Android and iOS and allows players to capture Pokemon quite fast. Using the Pokemon Radar you can run an individual permanent scan in your area.

Using Poke Radar can be very interesting because it is fast and interactive. They have currently disabled scanning on the site due to the changes in the Niantics API but all other features work smoothly.

4. Poke Find

This is also a popular Pokevision alternative. One of the most important features Poke Find possesses is that it is available as an Android application as well as iOS application and has reached almost millions of downloads. This is mainly helpful in finding the rare Pokemon. Just enter the section of ‘submit sightings’ and you will be provided with those locations where you can find them.

It also shows you the Pokemon Gyms and other stops with potential locations. The expired location of this rare Pokemon slowly disappears from the map. This site works in real time and provides you with the exact and accurate results. It also supplies you with some basic info about the Pokemon. Just go along the map and catch the Pokemon. Using Poke Find saves you a lot of your energy and time and that’s what you want right?

5. Poke VS

First of all, Poke VS is not Pokevision and is not even a sister site of it. This is an entirely different site from Pokevision and has different features. No formalities of signing up are needed and it has functionality similar to other ones of scanning any area you need and track the Pokemon thereafter.

Another interesting aspect of this site is that it can run on autoscan for as long as the scan is active. It detects and saves the scan result, but you can go to scanned locations to check for Pokemon found. It is easy and efficient to use. Although, you need to enter your address.

One of the disadvantages of using this tool is that Pokemon becomes visible soon after their detection and this makes it hard to detect a rare Pokemon rather than ordinary ones.

6. Poke Huntr

You can track the rare Pokemon easily with Poke Huntr. The interesting part is that you won’t find any unimportant stuff in it. It contains a worldwide map. Thus, you will be able to detect Pokemon being in one country and finding in another! It works in real time and helps you to find different species of Pokemon from all around the world.

Using the PokeHuntr, you can the filter on the map according to your search and this makes it possible to have only the Pokemon you are looking for on the map. You can also find Pokegyms and other interesting kinds of stuff on the site.

7. Poke Alert

The next on the list is PokeAlert. This is not particularly a site but an iOS app which is very useful to be used as one of the Pokemon trackers. You can use it for iPhone and iPad easily. PokeAlert is specially designed for those Pokemon which are rare and cannot be found easily.

Being one of the most trusted and popular Pokevision alternatives, PokeAlert is used a lot by Pokémon Go lovers. No matter how much the Pokemon try to hide, if you have this app then you can easily find them.

In fact, the app is actually quite efficient and smart as compared to other Pokevision alternatives. Whenever any rare Pokémon is nearby, you get push notifications from this app. So, now say goodbye to all day long searching because it is the time to turn smart.

The app also has certain filters through which you can only trace rare Pokemon specifically. The app works quite amazing and shows you the timer for which the Pokémon is going to stay at the same spot. Now, you can decide it on your own whether you want to catch it or not.

8. Poke Nest

The Poke Nest is quite different from all the Pokevision alternatives here. Till date, you have been searching for single Pokemon only, but now it is the time to search for the entire nest. By searching for the entire nest you are increasing your chances of finding the rare Pokemon very quickly.

An interesting aspect of Poke Nest is that the map runs in real time and the site is pretty simple to operate. There are no apps featured on this site and you would have to check for the Pokemon on the site only.

The idea and the process are actually very simple. On the left corner of the site, there is an entire list of multiple species of Pokemon. You will get about 150 species in the database. They are listed along with the numbers of them in a nest.

Now, the map will show you where their nests are. Through this process, you get an idea of the area where you are more likely to find a certain kind of Pokémon.

All you have to do is, just click on the name of the Pokémon that you want to catch and the map will track that Pokémon for you.

9. Poke Fast

PokeFast is another one of the best poke vision alternatives. It is a new map scanner meant for Android users. The app claims that users who download PokeFast will not get banned as they do not make any request to Niantic servers.

With PokeFast you do not need to create any accounts for the app to run. The app is very easy and efficient to use. It’s also an interesting app with very fast and accurate detection of Pokemon in your area, really a good alternative to Pokevision.

10. Pokemon Go Desktop Map

Pokemon GO Desktop map is another interesting map for finding Pokemon and a great alternative to Pokevision. The Map lets users run a scanner from their computer.

For you to get it, make sure you click the link corresponding with your operating system under Downloads. Install and open the app. Get your Google Maps key, paste it in, and log in with a non-Pokemon GO Google account.

Users are reporting that they run it on their computer, you can connect via a mobile browser, and get alerts when a Pokemon you are interested in has spawned nearby.

All these alternatives outlined above are our Top 10 picks for the Pokevision alternatives. We hope you are able to found them interesting and helpful while finding and catching the next Pokemon.