There are many English words that are not common. You think you have known it all in the English language? Wait until you come across these words that totally sound weird. Learning is a continuous process, no one knows it all, same with the English language, new words keep coming out every day, hence we need to be updating ourselves with the latest in the English language as they roll out.

With these new words coming out, we will certainly have better ways to express our ideas and describe things. Here are some of the unusual words you might not have come across yet in the English language.

Most Unusual Words You Find in the English Language

Unusual Words

1. Adamant: Unyielding; a very hard substance

2. Adroit: Clever, resourceful

3. Amatory: Sexual

4. Animistic: Quality of recurrence or reversion to earlier form

5. Antic: Clownish, frolicsome

6. Arcadian: Serene

7. Baleful: Deadly, foreboding

8. Bellicose: Quarrelsome (its synonym belligerent can also be a noun)

9. Bilious: Unpleasant, peevish

10. Boorish: Crude, insensitive

11. Calamitous: Disastrous

12. Caustic: Corrosive, sarcastic; a corrosive substance concomitant: accompanying

13. Concomitant: Accompanying

14. Contumacious: Rebellious Cerulean: sky blue

15. Comely: Attractive

16. Corpulent: Obese

17. Crapulous: Immoderate in appetite

18. Defamatory: Maliciously misrepresenting

19. Didactic: Conveying information or moral instruction

20. Dilatory: Causing delay, tardy

21. Dowdy: Shabby, old-fashioned; an unkempt woman

22. Efficacious: Producing a desired effect

23. Effulgent: Brilliantly radiant

24. Egregious: Conspicuous, flagrant

25. Endemic: Prevalent, native, peculiar to an area

26. Equanimous: Even, balanced

27. Execrable: Wretched, detestable

28. Fastidious: Meticulous, overly delicate

29. Feckless: Weak, irresponsible

30. Fecund: Prolific, inventive

31. Friable: Brittle

32. Fulsome: Abundant, overdone, effusive

33. Garrulous: Wordy, talkative

34. Guileless: Naive

35. Gustatory: Having to do with taste or eating

36. Heuristic: Learning through trial-and-error or problem-solving

37. Histrionic: Affected, theatrical

38. Hubristic: Proud, excessively self-confident

39. Incendiary: Inflammatory, spontaneously combustible, hot

40. Insidious: Subtle, seductive, treacherous

41. Insolent: Impudent, contemptuous

42. Intransigent: Uncompromising

43. Inveterate: Habitual, persistent

44. Invidious: Resentful, envious, obnoxious

45. Irksome: Annoying

Most Unusual Words You Have Not Heard In English Language

Unusual Words

46. Jejune: Dull, puerile

47. Jocular: Jesting, playful

48. Judicious: Discreet

49. Lachrymose: Tearful

50. Limpid: Simple, transparent, serene

51. Loquacious: Talkative

52. Luminous: Clear, shining

53. Mannered: Artificial, stilted

54. Mendacious: Deceptive

55. Meretricious: Whorish, superficially appealing, pretentious

56. Minatory: Menacing

57. Mordant: Biting, incisive, pungent

58. Munificent: Lavish, generous

59. Nefarious: Wicked

60. Noxious: Harmful, corrupting

61. Obtuse: Blunt, stupid

62. Parsimonious: Frugal, restrained

63. Pendulous: Suspended, indecisive

64. Pernicious: Injurious, deadly

65. Pervasive: Widespread

66. Petulant: Rude, ill humored

67. Platitudinous: Resembling or full of dull or banal comments

68. Precipitate: Steep, speedy

69. Propitious: Auspicious, advantageous, benevolent

70. Puckish: Impish

Most Unusual Words You Are Yet To Discover In English Language

Unusual Words

71. Querulous: Cranky, whining

72. Quiescent: Inactive, untroublesome

73. Rebarbative: Irritating, repellent

74. Recalcitrant: Resistant, obstinate

75. Redolent: Aromatic, evocative

76. Rhadamanthine: Harshly strict

77. Risible: Laughable

78. Ruminative: Contemplative

79. Sagacious: Wise, discerning

80. Salubrious: Healthful

81. Sartorial: Relating to attire, specially tailored fashions

82. Sclerotic: Hardening

83. Serpentine: Snake-like, winding, tempting or wily

84. Spasmodic: Having to do with or resembling a spasm, excitable, intermittent

85. Strident: Harsh, discordant; obtrusively loud

86. Taciturn: Closemouthed, reticent

87. Tenacious: Persistent, cohesive,

88. Tremulous: Nervous, trembling, timid, sensitive

89. Trenchant: Sharp, penetrating, distinct

90. Turbulent: Restless, tempestuous

91. Turgid: Swollen, pompous

92. Ubiquitous: Pervasive, widespread

93. Uxorious: Inordinately affectionate or compliant with a wife

94. Verdant: Green, unripe

95. Voluble: Glib, given to speaking

96. Voracious: Ravenous, insatiable

97. Wheedling: Flattering

98. Withering: Devastating

99. Zealous: Eager, devoted

100. Tyrotoxism: The poisoning of one with cheese or any other milk product