I love you. These three simple words are enough to change lives and influence people for a lifetime. Love is a beautiful thing. It is known to be kind, patient, enduring and has helped people overcome tragedies in their life. As grande as love is, it can also be simple – found in the simplest moments of the day, shown in the simplest acts.

It can be hard for people to utter those three magic words – I love you. Believe it or not, it can also be hard for other people to hear them. The good news is that you don’t have to say those three magic words if you don’t want to. But if there is someone in your life, or people (family members and friends) that you truly love, then you have to let them know. So if you can’t say it to them, you better show them.

Reasons Why I Love You So Much

You don’t have to buy a straight up flight ticket to Paris to prove you love them, there are simpler alternatives…and that’s where we come in. We’re here to help by telling you 30 simple ways to show your loved ones you care without saying those three words.

You know what? This list is not only necessary when you don’t want to say I love you. You can also say those words….and reinforce them by your actions – honestly, that is the better option. Afterall, words and actions go hand in hand.

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So without further ado, here are 30 ways to show you love someone:

30 Ways To Show Love Without Saying I Love You

1. Leave a note…if you can’t say it, write it down.

2. Do their chores when they are stressed or busy.

3. Make their parents love you – this goes without saying

4. Ask about something they’re worried about…it shows you care.

5. Cook their favorite meal when they’ve had a bad day.

6. Flirt with them. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s always fun to flirt with your significant others – it shows you’re still attracted to them

7. Give your significant other the praise they deserve when they’ve been putting in the work.

8. Plan a surprise picnic. It’s always fun to spend one on one time, outdoors. You can add people watching to the agenda.

9. Laugh at their jokes. Yes, even the corny ones.

10. Hang with their friends, despite how painful you might find this. Every once in a while won’t kill you.

11. Make or buy little things that make you think of them

12.  Do that manly-man thing (for the ladies) or girly-girl things (for the gentlemen) that they love to do, but you worry makes you look ridiculous. It’ll go a long way.

13. Listen to them. Always. Everyone likes to feel heard.

14. Let down your guard. Let them in when you’re having a bad day. Trust them with your issues. Vulnerability is a gateway to intimacy.

15. Take care of them when they’re sick.

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16. Show gratitude when they do nice things for you.

17. Give physical affection, whether they ask for it or not. Unless they are incredibly uncomfortable with it, especially public displays of affection, then you ask for permission first.

18. Watch out for their best interest.

19. Don’t bother them if they’ve fallen asleep while watching a movie on the couch.

20. Assure them that you’ll always be there for them, no matter how bleak things may seem.

21. Make them a cup of tea… just the way they like it.

22. Never let a fight get out of hand. If it’s something that can be squashed as soon as it begins, then you should. Find amicable ways to talk about things that bother you.

23. Run them a bath if they are tired, or just let them fall asleep.

24. Surprise them with lunch, especially if they’re busy at work.

25. When you’re watching TV, make the effort to snuggle up with them. It’s cute, just do it – you don’t need a reason for this one. It shows you always want to be around them.

26. Help them around the house- without being asked to.

27. Tell them you want them as often as you can.

28. Let them pick the radio station in the car. Trust me, this one goes a long way.

29. Learn to cut your partner some slack. Let know them know that it’s okay to screw up every now and again, but you’ll always be there to help them fix their mistakes.

30. Let them be them. Don’t try to change them, you wouldn’t like it if someone tried to change you.