Tinder, founded by Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, Chris Gylczynski, Justin Mateen, Joe Munoz, Dinesh Moorjani, and Whitney Wolfe is a social search mobile application for communication between mutually interested users. It matches users based on their Facebook and Spotify profiles allowing them to chat. Originally developed in Hatch labs and launched in 2012, the app registered about one billion “swipes” per day two years later. The app overtime because of its functionality has been used and referred to as a dating app.

However, as a newbie or a current user who is looking for a date, we understand how difficult it could be to get one. This is why we’ve taken time to help you get that perfect date. In this article, we’ve provided you with ideas on what to say on tinder, how to start a conversation with ladies or men on tinder, what to say to them, statements and lines you can use to keep the conversation rolling. We’ve got you covered!

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What to Say First on Tinder


Just like many other dating sites, Tinder is like a game. To be on top of the game, start my uploading amazing and attractive photos of yourself as profile pictures. Make few sentences about yourself making sure you include some interesting facts about yourself. Remember, you don’t need to put much here because Tinder is mostly about messaging.

When a lady or a guy becomes interested in you after seeing several of your pictures, they swipe right on your photo. The next thing that stands in between you two hooking up is your oldness and ability communicate well with the first things you say.

The first things to say should not be about his or her looks, but the most effective are personal questions and not something you copied. Ask questions based on a personal detail you found out while checking out her pictures and profile – Looking through your mutual Facebook friends if there are any could also help.

  • Ask about the places you recognize which the person visited.
  • Ask questions about something you both have in common.
  • If the person uses a unique product, ask about it.
  • Ask about things about the person has not written on his or her profile.

Those are few questions that could give you a head start on the conversation. However, you need to pay attention carefully to the answers to those questions because from those answers, new conversation topics can be derived to prolong your conversation and gradually get to know each other more. Keep a sense of humor with your questions and conversation. Do not be strict or make it sound like you’re interviewing the person.

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What to Say to a Girl on Tinder


Most men try to strike up a conversation with a lady on Tinder by saying “Hey or “Hi”. There’s totally nothing wrong with that but if that’s all you’ve got up your sleeve and expect the lady to respond and then probably lead the conversation with you, then you’re nothing short of a dreamer!

Here are some strategies you can follow while trying to start a conversation with a girl on Tinder.

  • Make few comments about an observation on her profile and end with a clear question: Look for information on her pictures or profile that you think will really interest her and talk about it. For example, you could make a comment about her Hair – “Ooh Jane, your hair is so long! How long have you been growing it?”, “That’s a gorgeous view, where was the picture taking?” The trick here is to make a comment that is not about her looks because that would definitely be taken as flirting with her, secondly, the statement has to end with a question which will prompt her to respond thereby striking a conversation with you.
  • Find a mutual ground: As she responds to your questions and the conversation is underway, look for a common ground for you both. Emphasize on the things you guys have in common. Remember, do not fake it. Be genuine about this topic to enable you to be fluent with her. It could be about music, photography, or even about her job.
  • Ask her out: After several back and forths, probably not on the same day, when you feel you both have been acquainted with each other to some extent, ask to meet up with her.

What to Say to a Guy on Tinder

It’s not common for ladies to strike up the first conversation when it comes to the opposite sex. However, if you are one of the ladies that agree with this school of thought, you could try to get a guy’s attention on tinder, stalk him very well, get to know more about him, read up information about him probably on other social media platforms too, position your picture in places he will notice you and then wait for his swipe and be ready to say the right things to keep him glued to chatting with you.

  • Respond to his messages but allow him to lead the conversation
  • Ask him questions based on his profile and what he says during the conversation. However, don’t come out too strong.
  • Be respectful
  • Keep it casual until he tries to get serious with you. Do not bring yourself all out when you’re not yet sure what his intentions are.
  • Use some nice pickup lines with some sense of humor to spice up the conversation.