Words Of Love: 100 Beautiful Sayings To Let Someone Know You Care

Here are some of the most beautiful words of love you can use to express your love and care for that special someone. How strong is your communication with your partner? We have put together these some of the most beautiful sayings which you can use to express your love to those you care most about.

100 Beautiful Words of Love 

1. No matter how the best of professional dictionaries advance in their definitions of love, I just know that none of their words would be qualitative enough to describe my love for you and even yours for me. We are the best!

2. You are my heart when it comes to love. You are my merriment when it comes to fun. You are sure my fulfilment when it comes to talking about the future. I love you.

3. I welcome you into my heart today. I choose you to be my heart desires. I wish you a great ride in there – but mind your steps. You are welcome.

4. I know what love really is when you started showing me. I could have lived all my life celebrating lust and call it love! Thank God I found you.

5. Heartbeats reaches its maxima when love becomes a strange phenomenon. If you ask me how I feel now, I will say that’s exactly the way. Your love is magical.

6. I am not giving you a part of me. I choose to give you all and all. No one else deserves it but you. I love you.

7. Love is a game when it ends with a lower and a winner. Ours is not like that. Ours is an endless tango, which will ever takes two to make. I love you.

8. Like a flame which lights up my path, so is your love. Like a galaxy of stars in the midst of my gross darkness, so is your care. I love you.

9.  Like a tree without leaves is no good for shade, my life without you is far away from reality. You are all I need. I love you.

10. This height of ecstasy your love has brought me is where I choose to stay all my life. Every other place might be better, but a bird in the hand is more than thousands out there in the bush.

11. Even if by privilege lions do rule in the bush, I give you the privilege to reign and rule in my heart like a king. You deserve more my love.

12. No matter how far in life I go, I see me coming back into your arms. We are the two that are joined together by God – we are the inseparable two!

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13.  I once thought about travelling throughout the whole world and I begin to see its reality when I know you to be my whole world. Your love rocks!

14.  I want to make memories with you, such that can be cherished forever. Being mine forever is the key. A deal? I love you.

15.  If there is any value I’ve seen my whole life developing of recent, it’s courtesy of nothing else but your love. Thank God I met you. I love you.

16. If love do have a measure, it must be such that will be so limitless: I tried to measure your love and care and I’ve been sapped each time!

17. A plant without source of water would wither in no time. This is tantamount to a heart having no true love. Glad you are the best for me. I love you.

18. You are so essential to my life, as breathing is essential to life! You are the very one my heart needs.

19. The road to a successful relationship might be rocky. But as Kong as it’s with you, it will be more than a fantastic ride. I am loving my whole life with you.

20. When I’m down, I may be motivated by encouragement. But none of such saves a heart that is broken. Your coming was an all-in-one fix my heart ever longed for. Thanks for being mine. I love you.

21. No matter how the world puts us apart, you will always be in my heart, deep down in my every right thought. I love you.

22. I just want to be where your love would lead me, until the end of time. It is a choice that is worth making. I love you.

23. Love is beautiful, love is cute, love is wonderful and love is glorious. I know all these through your care. You are indeed heaven-sent!

24.  Thought I would have to go back to grade one just to learn the basics of love, but you prove to have more than I would ever need in a relationship teacher. At your service, my love.

25. I saw all about me changing for the better and for the best. I saw my heart beating to the rhythms of bliss. I looked around, and within, for the cause, and I was so glad it’s you. I love you.

26. To love you effortlessly, I choose for you a pedestal. And I declare eternity to be the end of our relationship. Isn’t it worth it? I love you.

27. The worst lie I can ever tell you is that I wrote your name in the sky. I do not have that wherewithal and yet I have all it takes to inscribe you in the centre of my heart. You deserve to be there!

28. My love is such that can wait. It sure can wait for the right time. But it’s not such that can give up the one it dearly loves. I love you.

29. You are my choicest out of available millions. The best I can ever find and rely on is you. None deserves my heart but you. I love you.

30. My heart has waited for this all my life. It has waited for the one who understands what it is to have a perfect heart, and not the one who would break it at will. Glad you are that person.

31. I have seen shame. I have seen hurts. You have no idea what pains my heart has gone through. But an end came to it when I met you. I love you.

32. I want to go with you in this journey of love. I want to remember my past hurts and pains no more. I choose to be wherever your love would go. Would you take my hand?

33. Every day is just like pay day to me. I wake up and sleep with boundless joy filling my heart. What a fulfilment your love has brought.  I love you.

34. I didn’t see this coming. If I knew I could get a love so true like this, I would have smiled and really laughed out my moments of heartbreaks and hurts. Glad this moment came.

35. Love is not just rapturous tickling and loads of glamorous sensations. Love is purely giving. I know this when you came into my life.

36. I want to go down the aisle with you. I want this so fast and I am feeling like I can’t wait. I take a pause and I can clearly see that it’s worth the waiting. Smiles, I love you.

37. If I am given a lifetime to express how lucky I am to have met the lovely you, it just won’t be enough. I love you.

38.  You are kind, cheerful, and yet sociable. You are more than I ever want in a lover. You deserve me. I love you.

39. No matter how hard you try, you won’t get to know how long I want to love you. If you can tell how Kong eternity is, then you will get a clue. I love you dearly.

40. My search for true love that is believed to be scarce ended when I found you. You have always been my prime source of joy since then. I wish this tends to eternity. I love you.

41. This relationship is so eventful. How I wish this has started long time ago: it would have featured more than heaven on earth by now.

42. You are an example of love which is classical. A rare gem to my heart you will forever be. I love you eternally.

43. You are not just a touch of kindness. You are love in its purest form. You are lovely and it’s obvious. I love you.

44. I will stick with you. Under any kind of weather will I stand by you! If you ask why, I’ll say it’s because you deserve it.

45. As long as my heart beats, I can’t call it quit with you. As long as I live, I won’t have no other lover but you. None else deserve me.

46. I have waited for a love like this all my life. It’s such a relief finding the perfect one for me. You will understand this someday.

47. I don’t care how love will be spelt or how it will be defined in the future. I only care about you being my love forever.

48. I don’t want to appreciate what I have after I have lost it, so I am keeping you forever. You are my best and none else fit.

49. I want to love you until you don’t have any idea of how much I do love you. Until then, all I will be doing would only be trial and error. Be expectant.

50.  I got the key to the world of fulfilment the very day I met you. I would only be out of my mind to call it quit with you.

51. As fitness is the key to a healthy lifestyle, a perfect heartbeat is key to a healthy relationship. I am glad I have that. Courtesy of you.

52. I was done chasing shadows when I knew you were the real picture of a helping hand that I need for a life of significance. Thanks for being you.

53. Waking up with a thought of your love is more than winning a battle. Why wouldn’t I, when I can see a glorious future with you in it? I love you.

54. I love you very dearly and that is seen very clearly but missing a moment without you is what I detest so madly. I have really missed you.

55. I will miss those lovely moments we share until I am bound in your arms and we live to part no more. I love you, but I miss you more.

56. The more I see the sun shines and then the stars appear later in the night, the more my heart is torn, knowing that another day is gone without you.

57. I just have to cut off the basics and tell you how I really feel when you are not here. Always feel like I’m lost. I am missing you so much.

58. If 60 seconds make one minute, 72 heartbeats makes one minute too. My heart beats for you that much in a minute. I love you.

59. Far away into the unknown land, wherein endless peace and serenity dwells, is where with you I want to be. It’s worth the ride! I love you.

60. Even if it seems hard, I will choose to risk it all for you. If I don’t, who else will? I love you.

61.  Your love is more than I can write in text messages. It’s more than I can express in sweet words. Your love is sure matchless.

62. Adorable is the word that describes you at present. And I can see that words will begin to fail me to describe in the nearest future.

63. I wouldn’t be here today if not for God that gave a caring hand to me from you. Thank God I met you. I love you.

64. With your love, I see everything turning around for my favour. My worst moments I see turning to merriments. Your love rocks!

65. Your love is more than thrilling to my soul. If it were a food, I sure can’t ever take it all. You are more than sweet. I love you.

66. To talk of dreams, you are the kind that comes true for me. To talk about joy, you are a daily dose for me too. I love you.

67. Your love is more than mere tickling. Your love is what light up my whole world. I love you sweetheart.

68. I miss that cute smile and your fun-filled laughter. I can’t wait to set my eyes on you my love. I am miss you like badly.

69. When it’s here, it’s like heaven on earth, but when it’s away it’s more than killing. This is nothing else but your presence. I have really missed you.

70. The helping hand when I am down is you. The strength when I am weak is none else but you. More than all you’ve done, I still need you forever my love.

71. My glorious future awaits celebrating you because it’s been you all the while. You are more than a darling. Mwah.

72. Not just your beauty and the elegance that comes with it. I prime your heart above them all: for with it, our future can be built to last. I Love You

73. I can see myself scaling high. I can see the future so bright. But when I checked, it’s because you are with me. I wouldn’t let you go, never!

74. I might have deserved this, but I plead for forgiveness. Your absence would do more harm than your scolding me would. Please come back my love.

75. The magical ways of endearing me to you is so enchanting! But not when I am missing you this much. Please understand how I feel.

76. I know you have not fully understood how really I am missing you. If you do, you will be here by now. Tears in my eyes.

77. The breeze might choose to cease, and the sun to cease to shine. All I care is for your eyes to meet mine. Longing to see you.

78. When the going gets tough, I choose to stand by you. Pledging my undying love, I promise to ever stay with you.

79. We won’t be worst of enemies never but I will forever remain the best friend of you. I love you.

80. When your love gives little and even when it gives nothing, I will ever pledge my allegiance to you. I wouldn’t do less because I do love you.

81. I am ever with you with my passion unwavering. Clinging more in love to you and my devotion unswerving. I love you.

82. I didn’t just allow my tongue and lips to blab. When I say I love you, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

83. The day you have the idea of how much I love you is the very day my love would mean nothing to you anymore. Don’t want this to happen!

84. You might not mean everything to me. But you mean a dream come true and destiny fulfilment to me. I love you.

85. Under any kind of weather, come what may, I will stand by you. I love you.

86. Your love is worth being kept forever and it sure a promise I will keep. I love you.

87. I wouldn’t let this joy end. I wouldn’t let this moments of bliss bid its goodbye. I stay forever with you, for I don’t want to lose you.

88. I choose to stay and stand with you forever, because it’s worth it all the way! I love you.

89. Even if all relationships don’t last, I see ours going till eternity. I love you.

90. The day draws near. My boundless joy calls. I bask in endless peace, when I look into my future and I can see you in there. I can’t wait to be with you forever sweetie.

91. This journey is worth it. The road is worth plying. All risks worth taking, as long as the future is great with you. I love you.

92. When there is a will there is also a way. Thanks for your choice of going this path with me. I promise to make it worth it.

93. My lifetime heart, my endless desire, my dearly loved, and my all is none else but you. This is who you will ever be, because no one fits but you.

94. My devotion to you is unwavering. My clinging to you, that unswerving. My love, my life, my pride that is you! Welcome into my future with you.

95. Everything is taking form, the worse is taking shape. The moments of limitations are bidding farewell and it’s because I see you in my future.

96. This love will be until the end of time, because true and undying love is what do bind us. I love you.

97. You have always been my prime source of joy since then. I wish this tends to eternity. I love you.

98. I have talked enough. It’s time for action. Prepared to love you and stop once it’s a day after eternity.

99. One million might be put there but all I want is you. You are the only one I trust my future with. Thanks for being the help my destiny needs.

100.  No other person can ever fit into my agenda of fulfilment but you. I choose to stand by you all my life.

101. Be with me on my journey to destiny fulfilment. Stand by me for you are all I need. Would you?

102. Thanks for being on this path with me. Thank you so much for taking a lifetime decision to be mine. Thanks and thanks for it all. I love you sweet.

103. Thanks for your choice of being called my own. Thanks for the offer to help build my Rome. Thanks for choosing to help my being alone. I love you

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